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  1. Happy Birthday, Tdroid! I like your drawing!

  2. I have long been a fan of the Elder Scrolls and I felt like drawing the greatest Necromancer in Tamriels history, Mannimarco. Not a great drawing, but it was fun to do. That could have to do with it being a traditional drawing instead of the horrid tablet thing(I am really not liking that thing), but oh well. dA if it doesn't load here.
  3. I have decided to upload the first book in the book series I am writing, called Atenar. It is set in a fantasy universe of my own making. For those interested they can read the prologue(for now that is the only part uploaded) here. The start of the prologue will be included below, hopefully to spark interest. *** He hated meetings like this. They were few and far between, but everyone was followed by months, if not years, of hard work and tough decisions. And loss of lives a voice in the back of his head whispered. “Greetings, my Lord,” a woman wearing the red and golden armor of the royal guard held open the door for him. He was standing in a narrow corridor made out of white stone. Red banners with the black Imperial Lion-crest donned the walls. “The Emperor is waiting for you.” “Thank you, sir knight,” he smiled at her and bowed. The Royal Guard was among the most dedicated knights in the Empire and had been instrumental in stopping the Vashan Crisis a hundred years ago. Back then they were known as the Knights of the Phoenix, but after the legendary bird had disappeared they started to call themselves the Royal Guard and changed their insignia. “High Priest Amiel.” As he entered the Emperor’s council chambers the Emperor himself greeted him. The Emperor wore red and golden robes and an amulet with a large, flawless sapphire. “Hrondar, your Majesty,” Amiel kneeled before him. “May I ask why you have called me here? I do not wish to be rude, but I am very busy with keeping the Order organized.”
  4. Thank you, I am glad you like it. It took me about 2 and a half hours(I'm pretty slow at this) and I used a simple tablet and image editor program. Not a well known one. Your three first points I agree with and I thank you for pointin that out. Easier for me to see the mistake and correct it that way. The last point seems more of a taste issue though. I've seen anthro ranging from nearly human to nearly pony and I don't see a "right" way of doing it. Thank you for your feedback
  5. I got a request from a friend of mine to make an anthro Fluttershy working out, so I gave it a go. Not drawn very much lately, and I am still getting used to the tablet, but I hope it turned out decent. Feedback is appreaciated Link in case it doesn't load here.
  6. It has been a very long time since I have seen the BeyBlade series, but I stumbled across a picture of the BeyBreakers Team and thought I might as well draw my favorite character back in the day, Kai. Feedback is always welcome DeviantART if it doesn't load here.
  7. I was dead for billions of years before I was born and I don't have any traumatized memories from that, so it cannot be so bad. How I die is another matter though, since there are ways I really don't want to happen to me. Anything involving large amounts of pain for one.
  8. You and me both, he seems he is determined to protect what is left of it and what is left of his family. I use the program that comes with the tablet, called Sumo Paint. It has a decent amount of features, though I am not entirely sure how it is compared to photoshop.
  9. Some time ago I saw a great image of a FO:E character and I decided to make a drawing inspired by that drawing. Tried to mix up what tools within the program I use to get a better result, but I don't know how that turned out. However, that is not important. Anyway, let me know what you think.
  10. I think the largest pro for me would be that they seem to be less exlusive and more inclusive than humans overall, which means I might just get better along with others. Also, Pinkie Pie. 'Nuff said. The largest con for me would be my strong allergies to almost all animals with fur, so unless that is fixed my life will be quite difficult. Reduced breathing caused by prolonged expossure isn't something that can be good for me.
  11. I watched the Dark Knight Rises just now and towards the end of the movie I, for some reason, felt like drawing a ponified Norse God. I ended up with Odin, the Lord of Valhalla. So in the lsat 30 or so min of the film I drew this. Feel free to let me know what you think DeviantART for the drawing, in case it doesn't load properly.
  12. I agree with the comment on Sweetie Belle and her hair, I think it is too long. However, this is a request drawing I got on another forum, so I had certain guidelines to follow, long mane for Sweetie Belle being one of them I am very glad that you like my drawing, though I would have to dispute your taste. I am, after all, of no noteworthy talent at this. For now ;P Also, I have a number of drawings on this site already, but all of them can be found in my dA gallery Scootaloo's CM is supposed to be a sonic boom of some kind with a lightning through it, per request for the drawing. The bow is now at the end of her braid(well, a smaller one, but still), also per request. Not trying to be snide here, so sorry if it sounds like that Very glad you like it
  13. I made a CMC drawing and I thought I should share it here. Like most of my artwork it is amateur level work, but it was fairly fun to do. Hope you like it... and don't judge that I just added the background as a last minute thing... DeviantART for the picture, if it doesn't load here.
  14. I'd say go for it, if it is what you want to do. I know how appealing it is, I work towards that too. I may give you a useless piece of advice here, but if you haven't already you should make a few external documents where you write down your plan for the overal story, the characters, important details about the world(if it is an original or modified world), location details and anything else you can think of. As an example, for my Atenar series I have 1 document with the overarching story(for the trilogy), 1 document for each of the parts where I plan the chapters(including details such as who is in it, roughly what happens and any other details like a LotR reference I might have planned) and 1 "reference guide" where I keep the lore(world, characters, mythological aspects etc.). It is really helpfull with establishing a coherent story and character development. And you should probably get a small circle of peer-reviewers, who can give you feedback as you write the chapters, but be very careful who you trust it too. Preferably, include a disclaimer message(sort of a "By opening the document of the email(?) you agree to not use it for personal gains) and save every email so you have proof that you are the original owner should it bcome a dispute. I wish you luck in your writing, T
  15. Well, my "main" creative work is a fantasy realm which is the setting of a series of books I am in the process of writing, but I couldn't tell you where the inspiration comes from. I just plan the overarching story and characters, then the chapter and then I let the characters unfold themsevles along certain railroads.