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  1. Advanced Warfare is my favorite CoD of this gen. Infinite Warfare feels like Blops 3 but faster. I have a lot to say really. I actually feel the bulk of the games issues could be solved with longer time to kill. I'm not bothered by the space thing. CoD has never done space combat, at least, not a central focus. The maps are hit or miss. They kind of remind me of Modern Warfare 3 which was very cluttered and corridor-based but great for twitch shooting. Right now it's looking to be my #3 shooter. With Overwatch #1 and Modern Warfare Remastered as #2 and my go to CoD this ye
  2. Snails. He was behind everything this whole time. He's actually the reincarnation of Grogar and this will be revealed in the series finale where they launch an attack on Snail's Black Citadel after he blows up Canterlot.
  3. Episodes that don't show any new environments. I find those boring to look at. This show is nicest when it surprises us.
  4. Tirek I see as irredeemable or nonnegotiable. Far more take charge and outwardly cruel. I consider Chrysalis a very evil character. I never saw her do her thing "just for her hive". She got sick enjoyment out of her actions. But I can see someone striking up a mutual agreement with her, and I actually can picture her honoring it if it works in her favor. Tirek I don't see having such honor.
  5. The Ponieses don't likes our hoofses ratings. They ignore our crunchables. Our tasty little crunchables. Ruins it in sauces and stews. We hates it.
  6. I always saw Pinkie as a being that transcends the laws of physics as ponies know it. She has some kind of magic beyond ponies understanding, and they just sort of accept it.
  7. Sexually predatory I assumed. She's aromatic though. I can't see her doing the thing for emotional bonding. At least reciprocally.
  8. Chris-chan is the ultimate Internet's failure of social Darwinism. I feel kind of bad for him as I genuinely think he doesn't understand or care how dire his situation is.
  9. Perhaps she could try to repair things with Silver Spoon, only to learn how hard it can be to repair a fractured relationship. It's even impossible sometime, even if you are truly sorry. It's a harsh lesson to learn, and worth exploring because a lot of the kids who grew up with this show are now in high school... A place where this scenario happens a lot.
  10. She lives in a cheap apartment and asks Celestia to pay her rent like all the other Marxists.
  11. I'd love Sea Ponies. They were popular in past gens, to me it's a missed opportunity, both as toys and plot not to explore the oceans and their culture. I mean we got the breezies. If this show ends and we never see G4s Sea Ponies I'm gonna be bummed. Think of the story potential. The fanfics from a whole other ocean world explored.
  12. Most are. Well. Is this a cliche stock character or does it have to be applicable to a real life group of people? Cartoons have a habit of being made of stereotypes as the character traits are often exaggerated for humorous effect. Snips and Snails are 1-dimensional morons, Applejack oozes every country gal stereotype. The reality is, to leave an impression and make people remember a character, you have to exaggerate. If they acted realistic (most being Joe Everypony with minor quirks) it would not be as endearing. It would just be a bland stew of unremarkability.
  13. I never had the privilege of eating those. I should have seized my chance. I just assumed they'd exist in the future.
  14. Hurricane Fluttershy to me represents all of this shows strengths in 23 minutes. Heart, humor, characterization. It's also a good first episode to show people.
  15. It would be funny if Discord did play a joke where the Mane 6 were in a stable making horse noises and batting away their flies with their tails.
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