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  1. I think that what has made this show so great is the fact that it has grown on its own with the freedom to be what it is, and not be tied to a single demographic. So while I do enjoy the fandom nods and slight acknowledgements, they haven't changed the show one bit for our sake other than that. Looking at it in terms of the fandom nods just devalues the product as a whole. I liked the movie because it had an interesting plot, a good moral (and the best lessons often need to be taught over and over again), and because the characters were interesting and engaging. Looking at it for any other rea
  2. @, I'm with you there. Somebody needs a halfway decent War RP, it's been far too long. But everyone ends up the same.
  3. @, Ampharos said that he was going to post later and this was still most definitely a Thing. So sit tight, we're mostly waiting on him.
  4. So, what the hell? This still happening? Did everyone just up and quit all at once? Who are we waiting on?
  5. Despondent, and without the ability to do her glasswork, Light Eye sighed and began absent-mindedly sketching out stained glass designs on a piece of paper. To most people it would be just another couple of days without using her special talent, but to her it was just another day without being able to express herself in the the best possible way. About halfway through, she just slumped, not sleeping but head on the table, groaning quietly.
  6. @, I've been subtly moving it away from direct physicality. Also trying to do some interactions with other ponies as well, quit giving these too so much time alone to to get into trouble. I don't think we're in too much danger of going too far. I also think we should introduce so conflict, and Light Eye should be excellent at bringing people to proximity.
  7. @@Ampharos, @, Light Eye, while slightly downcast, nodded her head. "Yes, of course." She walked to a desk near the middle of the class. It was interesting that he had window making as his special talent as well, that was certainly the first time it had happened to her. It would be nice to have somebody who could show her any advanced skills she had not learned yet, or maybe critique her creation abilities. Without realizing it, she had sat next to Whirl Wake. "Oh, hello Whirl!" she said, turning to him. "How are you doing Enjoying the first day of classes?"
  8. @@Ampharos, Light Eye looked at him, almost pleadingly. "Please sir, you have to understand. This is my passion. I can make you perfect windows, exquisite mirrors, create fantastic and glorious works of art, but I can't do that unless I'm allowed to do my glass work." She angled to show him her cutie mark. "As you can see, this is the special something that I'm good at, but I haven't been able to do it in quite a while. It's hard to get materials, location, and time to create mirrors, but mine are the best you will ever see in all of Equestria."
  9. @, Light Eye sighed, but still pulled up a mostly sincere smile for Steeleye. "Of course. You're right, I'm sorry, I'm just... distracted." Once they entered the Art room, her eyes were glancing, looking all over. She knew it was wasn't the most polite thing to do, but she strayed off and began circling the class room, searching." @@Ampharos, "Excuse me!" she aimed a question at the stallion who she rather safely assumed was the teacher here. "Do you have a mirror and window press? Do you have staining for window? Frame-building stations?" She asked a lot of questions as she looked a
  10. @, Light Eye blushed as she realized she was going the wrong way. "Um... right. Yes, I shall try and hold my tongue, but I can't promise not to defend you if it becomes too antagonistic. After all, it is clear that I am the stronger of the two of us and should, say, a necromantic book of sorts attack, I would clearly be the one to save us." "As for the picture, I appreciate the offer, but art class is the only place I can operate my special skill. It's there that I will be working on mirror and window-making, if they have the tools for it, and I can't spare a second. Maybe thinks will
  11. @, ((It's after class now, so we can continue. Sorry about the delay.)) Light Eye thought about what he had said. "Well," she started, a bit hesitantly, thinking about it. "Yes, I can see how she would be upset. But that doesn't mean that she was justified in starting a personal crusade against you, or that it was right of her call you out in front of the class. Urgh. I'll just have to keep my head down in her class, lest I say something that I might regret." She as steamed about this and began walking to art class in the wrong direction.
  12. @ @@Ampharos Actually, it would PROBABLY just be more beneficial if you guys just act as though my post doesn't happen until the end of class. If you don't have any objection, I'd like to do that.
  13. @@Ampharos, Alright, my mistake. I'll correct my post right away. Sorry about the confusion. I'm pretty sure art is next...
  14. @ Light Eye trotted up to Steeleye once class was over. "Herr Steeleye, are you okay? You seem rather put off, and the teacher's conduct," she glanced around and made sure Lilac Melody wasn't paying attention, "was extraordinarily rude. I think it was rather unfair, and this time there's really no excuse. Even if you two have had bad blood in prior seasons that doesn't excuse her calling you out in front of the class, no matter what you did!"
  15. @, It's not us being lazy, @Ampharos is the teacher and I do believe we're waiting on him to advance the plot. If there was anything I could've done I would've done it a while back.
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