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  1. Hello everypony! My name is NostalgicPony. This is a reintroduction of myself. I used to be active on this forum yeeeears ago and was sort of a household name with a group of people amongst the debate forum (you know who you are if you are reading this ). I also was part of the British Columbia brony group and went to BronyCAN 2013 but haven't been to the convention since the first year. Life got busy for me after the con with university and work and my activity on the forum dwindled along with my interest with the community. I pretty much lived out what I was before: a furry. Though years
  2. I miss ya', bruh. Hope you show your face around here again someday. 3:

  3. Thanks for adding me as a friend! :>

  4. Thanks for adding me as a friend! :>

  5. NostalgicPony

    NOM or NUM?

  6. My opinion of love is probably going to sound a little different compared to the OP's opinion as well as some of the others: I'm not a believer of " love at first sight " because I believe love comes through getting to know someone personally before jumping to the love aspect. Being Pansexual, I look further into someone in terms of their personality and character to determine if I fall in love with them. I also see that as somewhat of a philosophy of mine for which I follow. I believe love is about openness, trust, and above all, communication, this is goes for all people I know. I wa
  7. Oh no, I never felt left out. I'm sure many Pansexuals engage in LGBT support and find themselves comfortable within the movement. I won't say I'm Bisexual for the sake of convenience though because I have my reasons and the difference between the two attractions. I know there was no intention to exclude other sexualities since the popular opinion is respect for all sexualities.
  8. I'm not LGBT, since I'm Pansexual (Perhaps P should be included in the spectrum haha ) but I completely support people of any sexuality. I have no negative opinion about someones sexuality and instead encourage tolerance and acceptance among all of them.
  9. Either at work, sleep, school, hanging out with friends in town or going on long drives to the bigger cities. Sometimes I'll stop to go rest, eat, read a book or watch something.
  10. Thanks for adding me as a friend! :>

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      You're most welcome! :3

  11. I would go, but I just got back from BronyCAN and also Cos & Effect in Vancouver, BC. I do have friends that go with me to Sakura-Con that also go to Kumoricon and I would not mind trying to head down south sometime to go to it.
  12. Looking back at my BronyCAN 2013 memories and talking with my good friends on Skype. Also it was raining, and I love the rain!
  13. My experience was amazing and worth investing, as outlined in this topic. It was convention that I would most definitely go to next year.
  14. Thanks for adding me as a friend! :>

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