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  1. Hello everypony! My name is NostalgicPony. This is a reintroduction of myself. I used to be active on this forum yeeeears ago and was sort of a household name with a group of people amongst the debate forum (you know who you are if you are reading this ). I also was part of the British Columbia brony group and went to BronyCAN 2013 but haven't been to the convention since the first year. Life got busy for me after the con with university and work and my activity on the forum dwindled along with my interest with the community. I pretty much lived out what I was before: a furry. Though years
  2. Thanks for adding me as a friend! :>

  3. Thanks for adding me as a friend! :>

  4. NostalgicPony

    NOM or NUM?

  5. My opinion of love is probably going to sound a little different compared to the OP's opinion as well as some of the others: I'm not a believer of " love at first sight " because I believe love comes through getting to know someone personally before jumping to the love aspect. Being Pansexual, I look further into someone in terms of their personality and character to determine if I fall in love with them. I also see that as somewhat of a philosophy of mine for which I follow. I believe love is about openness, trust, and above all, communication, this is goes for all people I know. I wa
  6. Oh no, I never felt left out. I'm sure many Pansexuals engage in LGBT support and find themselves comfortable within the movement. I won't say I'm Bisexual for the sake of convenience though because I have my reasons and the difference between the two attractions. I know there was no intention to exclude other sexualities since the popular opinion is respect for all sexualities.
  7. I'm not LGBT, since I'm Pansexual (Perhaps P should be included in the spectrum haha ) but I completely support people of any sexuality. I have no negative opinion about someones sexuality and instead encourage tolerance and acceptance among all of them.
  8. Either at work, sleep, school, hanging out with friends in town or going on long drives to the bigger cities. Sometimes I'll stop to go rest, eat, read a book or watch something.
  9. Thanks for adding me as a friend! :>

    1. Red Star~

      Red Star~

      No problem! :D Thank you for accepting my friendship!

    2. NostalgicPony


      You're most welcome! :3

  10. I would go, but I just got back from BronyCAN and also Cos & Effect in Vancouver, BC. I do have friends that go with me to Sakura-Con that also go to Kumoricon and I would not mind trying to head down south sometime to go to it.
  11. Looking back at my BronyCAN 2013 memories and talking with my good friends on Skype. Also it was raining, and I love the rain!
  12. My experience was amazing and worth investing, as outlined in this topic. It was convention that I would most definitely go to next year.
  13. Thanks for adding me as a friend! :>

  14. I would like to thank all of the BronyCAN staff and supporters (Feld0, Senn555, others) that took the time and effort to make the convention a success. It was a complete blast and it was my Summer highlight. I would have to say, of all the conventions I've been to this year, this one was the best! It was great meeting with the MLPForum members that went to the convention meetup dinner. We had about fifteen people (although, some people tagged along!) and it was a great time. And Feld0, despite you being so busy and running around all over the place, you did a pretty good job being a volunt
  15. NostalgicPony

    Thanks everypony

    It was great meeting you and those that I have encountered there. It really helped me become less awkward about meeting new people and really making the convention experience a lot more fun and uplifting. I felt like everyone involved was like one, huge family. Continue to be yourself.
  16. ... I think that is my shoe in the lower left of the picture. Dat Feld0.
  17. Got Tabitha St. Germain's signature! <3

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      I'm at BronyCAN right now. O:

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      Homura Akemi

      Awesome! I have Tara and Andrea's!

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      You need to update this thing Nom but Happy Birthday!

  18. NostalgicPony

    BronyCAN Meetup Thread

    Nice meeting you as well Land! You will probably see me again Also I'll be walking around. Look for a guy wearing green/black plaid and a army messenger bag with a ton load of pony buttons and random pins. I'll also have glasses on.
  19. NostalgicPony

    BronyCAN Meetup Thread

    There is a dinner PM conversation going on about dinner... So far the plan is, we will have dinner with the group and Feld0 at around 5/5:30pmish at Boston Pizza apparently.
  20. NostalgicPony


    I don't think tickets are transferable. For a convention that will have less then a 1000 people this year (although, anything could happen) I doubt tickets would sell out that fast, plus reregistration is open for Sunday so there is a good chance they will have lots of space for more people.
  21. I respect people who believe in any religion, and that includes those that choose to believe in the Christian god. I'm not a Christian myself, (I'm a Deist and believe in nature's god) however, I do find a few philosophers in Christianity to be good contributors to the study of natural law and philosophical thought.
  22. NostalgicPony

    I Feel Left Out...

    Quite the trooper! I went to Sakura-Con four times, and a few smaller conventions here and there. BronyCAN will be my first brony con. Trust me, conventions are worth the spend.
  23. NostalgicPony

    BronyCAN Meetup Thread

    Perhaps we could do a group PM convo? I did this earlier with Feld0 and a few others for planning a little dinner meetup in Vancouver and it worked well. Also Skype works. I know I will be taking the Greyhound and then Skytrain to the airport where I will be taking a shuttle to the hotel and should be there on Friday around 2/3pmish. I told some of the staff that I would be more then happy to help do some setup work and to get registration going on Friday so people can get in early. Other than that, I'm pretty much at the hotel where the convention is doing nothing. I know Vancouver br
  24. NostalgicPony

    BronyCAN Meetup Thread

    Same here, we plan on going to check in on Friday in the afternoon. Might help out a little bit for setup but mostly just hanging out.
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