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  1. Haven't been on here since forever.

  2. Does anyone here know much about sleeping? I totally missed sleeping tonight. I slept from 1-3 and couldn't go back to sleep... Should I not sleep until my usual time (9 pm) or should I sleep in the day? I need to get my sleeping schedule in order within 4 days.

  3. rip in piece

    1. Xievie
    2. Akemi Homura

      Akemi Homura

      Oh shit you're back!!!

    3. Xievie


      Uhh, no but I'm back... again for the hundreth time lol.

  4. I exaggerate a lot when I talk about myself sometimes in real life. I told someone I was studying German, Japanese, and Russian, but I actually haven't begun. Saying "I want to study" felt like it sounded more impressive than "I plan to study". What about you guys?
  5. http://www.internationalsaimoe.com/voting/ A lot of the decisions were tough, what about you guys? What are your thoughts on the voting? Edit: BALLS! I knew I messed up somewhere with this post! Could someone move it to Media Discussion? Thanks. c:
  6. Xievie

    Gaming Best MMORPG?

    I enjoyed Runescape actually. My favorite MMO when I think about it. The time spent questing and trying to become power, talking with strangers along the way, are memories irreplacable. Though, I think what you are looking for is Vindictus or Dragon Nest. I haven't tried C9, but it looks like Dragon Nest with a less cartoony art style. All of these games came from Korea. They're really hardcore and take some dedication, however. The gameplay is still awesome, I have over a thousand hours put into Vindictus and Dragon Nest. Vindictus and DN felt more different than STO. STO
  7. Xievie

    Movies/TV Attack on Titan

    I enjoyed the anime (not particularly my favorite) and it was worth the watch. Not a fan of the art style, found a lot of the characters boring, and there was too much talking. I enjoyed watching Levi kick some titan ass, however. As much as I disliked many aspects, I'll admit it is a fairly high quality anime. Though, the fandom is just awful, seriously. ESPECIALLY on Tumblr. Apparently there's ship wars in the Titan fandom, and it's gotten so aggressive to the point someone's commit suicide. I'm definitely not touching that fandom.
  8. Does anyone here play "OSU!"?

  9. I don't mind it when I see epic selfies. Ones with the president, ones in space, something very important in the person's life.. But it's pretty stupid to see one on a random day with them saying "just ate cereal". Like damn. Though, I wouldn't mind taking one if I reached a big goal. If my dream was to perform on some well known stage, I'd selfie with the audience in the background, and treasure it. Other than that, I'm a hipster who's sick of this old trend.
  10. Guys help me, I can't stop feeling.

  11. Xievie

    General Media Tumblr: Love or Hate it?

    Tumblr is an amazing and fun place to be as long as you stay away from the crazies. There's a lot of crap going down in the Attack On Titan fandon around there, but if you avoid fandoms it can be fun. Non-anime blogs can be boring. I personally use it to look at cute anime girls and discuss new episodes.
  12. As much as I hate Nexon, a lot of NexonNA's games are really fun. Vindictus (Mabinogi Heroes), Dragon Nest, Mabinogi, etc. They've proved to me that Korea can beat the crap out of America in terms of videogame mechanics. You know, we're really unoriginal in America, all we get are FPS games that we've already seen enough of cause we have no inspiration. I guess TF2 had good entertainment value, but I never gave it another chance after burning out on it the first time. Runescape is also a great game. The only problem is that they are changing it way too much. I hate the hotbar they ad
  13. I feel like eating crepes for some reason.

  14. Isn't pony made into humans still just humans? If I made a human into a pony, he'd still be a pony. Everything but the person changes. If I had a pony OC that you've never heard about, then made it into a human, would you actually care? When humanized pony art is made, it's usually made because they care about the actual character, not the fact that they are ponies. I wouldn't see what's wrong with it, but I still wouldn't care for it.
  15. Well said. Thanks for bringing up these news, I'm a fan of a lot of the Nexon games (but not Nexon) but never got a shot at DFO, so this is actually great news!
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