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  1. I would only consider the time I spent persuading you to consider an idea a waste, and, believe it or not, there's more factors to my decision to remain here than just your reason for being here (In this case, for self-entertainment, rather than my entertainment.).
  2. Oh, you're a provocative type with the man and even with the man below! Excuse me for taking the time to aknowledge and type up an appropriate response to an important (seeing as how strange my request sounds without explanation) question. I believe my post is quite clear when I stated "periodical" and "documents". Surely, you have read publications labeled as such. Otherwise, you're wasting my time as I have no use for obnoxious pretentiousness outside of its most needed position (With that being.. Shock journalism). And now, we wait.
  3. I do not want to insult anyone in particular, however, I have thought on an anonymous (Fat chance of that now, ha-ha!) periodical which documents and analyzes unpleasant facts between and on the relations of certain users on the forum in, which in a way, can be described as blatant libel by some of our more sensitive users. I assume you are repulsed by my suggestion since it has appeared to come across to you as a manipulative request for proxy harassment. Edit: Spelling
  4. Welcome. You seem interesting. Can you possibly consider a suggestion of mine which is rather seen as libelous in practice?
  5. I predict that the world will end for the 3rd time on the 21st of December, 2014.
  6. Evidently, 2013 wasn't the best year to be an antifascist rapper in Greece if you weren't hoping to be murdered by right wing extremists.
  7. TIL no wars happened from January 1, 1990 to December 31, 1999. Yeah, I adored the days when we could just use a fist and belt to solve our marital and domestic problems, and then those communists started saying that our most effective method was the problem!
  8. The last time I checked, every episode was on YouTube, so try checking there. If you're having problems with YouTube, try Dailymotion.
  9. Happy birthday, weirdo.

  10. It's Guy Hamdon as SheZow in appropriate winter attire. He's my husbando as well as my favorite revolutionary as you can tell from the background image on my profile.
  11. Those hats were fashionable back in the day. Also, do you remember the good ol' days when those newfangled smoke-guzzling metal monsters weren't always clogging up the streets of New York City? No thanks, Henry Ford, my carriage and horses are all I need for quality transportation.
  12. There is nothing wrong with the ridicule itself because it is satire of the mismanagement of the North Korean bureaucracy and not an attempt at marginalizing the suffering of the impoverished citizenry to provoke anger. I wouldn't mind either way, to be honest.
  13. Here's one from Immortal Technique's The 3rd World album. NSFW, obviously.
  14. I have learned the faults of my previous ideological preference and I have since renounced of any variation of Stalinism. I am now a (Groucho)Marxist-(John)Lennonist.

  15. Here's an interesting review of the website from 1999: Edit: I found this chatroom.