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  1. Death Clock Pony

    Gaming Dream Pokemon Team?

    this would be my ideal dream team, Aggron Mismagius Druddigon Kyurem Accelgor Galvantula
  2. Could someone please help me I need to figure out how to size a picture to fit the screen on my background?
  3. I myself would make stein real so that he could dissect me.
  4. Death Clock Pony

    Music What's stuck in your head at the moment?
  5. Death Clock Pony

    Would you rather...?

    Date of death so that I can try to prevent it
  6. I myself really think that Ultimecia from Dissidia Final Fantasy was the coolest. I mean she can control time.
  7. Death Clock Pony

    Movies/TV Who else likes Dragon Ball Z?

    I love DBZ and my favorite character would have to be Goku Super Saiyan 5
  8. Death Clock Pony

    Gaming PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

    It would be cooler if it had Ryu (Ninja Gaiden) but it seems like an awesome idea.
  9. Death Clock Pony

    Gaming What difficulty do you usually start at?

    I will usually start on normal and go up. You will almost never see me play a game on easy mode.
  10. Death Clock Pony

    Movies/TV Top 10 Japanese Anime

    Soul Eater Black Rock Shooter Darker Than Black Deadman Wonderland Naruto Shippuden Black Butler Bokusatsu Tenshi Death Note Black Cat Nabari No Ou
  11. Once I walked into my house on Minecraft to get something out of my chest. Then I walked out of my door and before i could even look to the side, a creeper blew up right there and it took half my house with it. I also went down with my house and lost some materials.
  12. I am a teenage boy and I like MLP so I don't like it when people say the show is only for little girls.
  13. Death Clock Pony

    Gaming The Magic the Gathering Thread

    This is a fun card game to play with your friends.
  14. Death Clock Pony

    I'm new here

    Hi, I'm Fluttershy Must Die. My favorite character is Vinyl Scratch. I have two sisters on these forums, Octavia's Cello and Rainbow Cannon. My cousin is littlemisscloudchaser.