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  2. Happy birthday, bro! Hope you have a good double event day with your dad's side. Your sister misses you!

    1. Octavia's Cellozoid

      Octavia's Cellozoid

      Party_Cannon does too, but the sister who posted this misses you more >:)

  3. this would be my ideal dream team, Aggron Mismagius Druddigon Kyurem Accelgor Galvantula
  4. Could someone please help me I need to figure out how to size a picture to fit the screen on my background?
  5. Date of death so that I can try to prevent it
  6. I myself really think that Ultimecia from Dissidia Final Fantasy was the coolest. I mean she can control time.
  7. I love DBZ and my favorite character would have to be Goku Super Saiyan 5
  8. It would be cooler if it had Ryu (Ninja Gaiden) but it seems like an awesome idea.
  9. I will usually start on normal and go up. You will almost never see me play a game on easy mode.
  10. Soul Eater Black Rock Shooter Darker Than Black Deadman Wonderland Naruto Shippuden Black Butler Bokusatsu Tenshi Death Note Black Cat Nabari No Ou
  11. Once I walked into my house on Minecraft to get something out of my chest. Then I walked out of my door and before i could even look to the side, a creeper blew up right there and it took half my house with it. I also went down with my house and lost some materials.