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  1. I really enjoyed this special, and the plot, songs and villain were good, I like Wallflower a little more than I like Juniper Montage. Seeing Equestria and pony Sunset was fantastic and I loved seeing Sunset and Princess Celestia forgive each other and reconnect. I also enjoyed seeing Trixie and Sunset's interaction and hope they will continue to be friends in the future, 9/10 special!
  2. MLPFanatic34

    Sunset Shimmer Fan Club

  3. MLPFanatic34

    Sunset Shimmer Fan Club

  4. MLPFanatic34

    S07:E11 - Not Asking for Trouble

    This was a pretty decent episode, I liked seeing Pinkie's relationship with the Yaks and I loved seeing where the Yaks live and what their customs are. Prince Rutherford was hilarious and I enjoyed his interactions with Pinkie. The overall moral was good and I liked seeing how far Pinkie went to try to help the Yaks deal with the snow. 9/10 episode!
  5. MLPFanatic34

    S07:E10 - A Royal Problem

    This is by far my FAVORITE episode of Season 7, Luna and Celestia's relationship and interaction in this episode was fantastic and so well done. Seeing how emotional both were towards their duties and how hard the other one has it was well written and displayed. I enjoyed seeing Luna struggle to follow her sister's role and really feel guilt over ruining a field trip for some young fillies. Celestia struggled doing her sister's job of managing dreams and got a better understanding of the demons Luna battled. I liked seeing Nightmare Moon again and oh man was Daybreaker truly horrifying, especially since it was Starlight's nightmare and throughout it Starlight felt like she had doomed Equestria. Starlight was great in this episode and I liked her interactions with Twilight, who was hilarious as a ballerina figurine. Definitely a fantastic well written episode, 10/10!!!
  6. MLPFanatic34

    Sunset Shimmer Fan Club

  7. MLPFanatic34

    Mega Thread Song Stuck in your Head Right Now

    I have several songs stuck in my head right now, they are Sir Sly's song High, Imagine Dragons - Believer, Paramore - Hard Times, Weezer - Feels Like Summer, New Politics - One of Us, and Dreamers - Sweet Disaster.
  8. MLPFanatic34

    E3 Anticipation Thread

    Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon and Splatoon 2 mainly.
  9. MLPFanatic34

    Mega Thread How are you feeling

    Doing pretty good minus battling an annoying tonsil stone on my right tonsil <_<
  10. MLPFanatic34

    Starlight's progression as a character, going forward?

    I also would like to see Starlight hang out with the mane six more than we've seen her doing, but in terms of what we've seen of her, I don't have a problem with her character.
  11. MLPFanatic34

    S07:E09 - Honest Apple

    This episode was not my favorite out of Season 7, but it was decent. I enjoyed Rarity and Applejack's chemistry and I liked the overall moral of the episode. I enjoyed seeing Hoity Toity and Photo Finish again and I also liked Lily Lace, Starstreak, and Inky Rose. Spike and Pinkie were great this episode as well despite having minor roles. My only issue with the episode is because of Rarity not speaking up about Applejack's honesty, it made Applejack come off as rude and not at all like her character, but other than that a decent episode 8/10.
  12. MLPFanatic34

    S07:E08 - Hard to Say Anything

    I really enjoyed this episode, it was nice to see Big Mac and the CMC in a somewhat starring role together, and I liked how the CMC tried to help Big Mac win the affections of Sugar Belle. Feather Bangs came off as a interesting male dynamic to Big Mac and reminded me a lot of Gaston from Beauty & The Beast just without the arrogance and vain personality that Gaston has. I also loved the three mares that always seemed to follow Feather Bangs, they reminded me of The Bimbettes from Beauty & The Beast. All in all a delightful episode that provided a good moral about simply being yourself around someone you like, 9/10!!