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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

    1. Methuselah


      Happy Thankgoodness, everypony!

  2. Merry Birthiversary! 

  3. Thanks a lot and I will try, she simply attacked me for asking a question in her server and then when I asked why she was attacking me she got even angrier and kicked and banned me without saying a word, then when my boyfriend tried to ask her what was going on she jumped on him and kicked and banned him as well, finally she told me she hopes I end my life and that no one will give a f*** if I'm dead.
  4. Depressed, a person I thought was my friend attacked me over a simple question in her server, kicked and banned me and then proceeded to tell me to kill myself and that I deserved to suffer, as well as insult my boyfriend and attack him for trying to ask why I was kicked.
  5. I wonder myself if Cozy Glow is even a filly , OH GOD what if she's like Esther from Orphan where she's really an adult who looks like a child , and yes Cozy Glow's punishment is very fitting considering the crimes she committed and the fact she showed no remorse for her actions and was wanting to continue those same actions elsewhere.
  6. That's a really interesting theory you have PathfinderCS, I read somewhere that some people think the auras the young 6 gave off are new elements, but I don't know if that's true or not, still an interesting thought to have. To be honest I always thought the young 6's elements were exactly what you said, but for reason I think Sandbar's element might be loyalty since his test involved seeing how loyal he is to his friends, and I thought Smolder's element would be honesty since she was honest about liking cute things and being a dragon. I could be wrong though lol
  7. Yeah Magical Mystery Cure should have been a two parter, it's really odd it wasn't.
  8. I'm wondering that too, would be really cool if the human world is where the magic was being sent to.
  9. I forgot to say though I also loved the Season 2 finale, it was our introduction to Queen Chrysalis and damn is she still my favorite villain on the show.
  10. My favorite finale hands down is the Season 6 finale followed by the Season 5 and 8 finale.
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