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  1. WOOOOO CHRISTMAS PONY. 8D Her name is Noel, and she is indeed on sale. ^^ If you're interested, check it out!
  2. Okay, here's some more ponies (and a not-a-pony) for you guys! As the title states, this is Empathy. She's what you get when I sit down and paint out every single negative emotion I'm feeling at the moment. Aggie is a symbol of my college and all the school spirit it has. She's a pony I picked up at a dollar store mainly for that gorgeous mane. This is not a pony. This is Discord. Yep. I found a dragon model that looked really similar to Discord, so I got it and painted it. I like how it turned out, even if the horns are inaccurate. Bumping up the thread for an annnouncement. I'm going to be selling some custom ponies on eBay here in a bit. Why? Because my college funds are getting low, I've no time for a job this year, and I've got all these custom ponies clogging up my dorm room so why not? So far, I've got a Christmasy pony (Noel) and a draconequus-inspired pony (Chaos) that I'll be selling. I know, what is up with me and all these custom Discords?! xP Anyway, if you're interested, keep an eye on this thread. I'll post pictures of the on-sale ponies as soon as I can. ^^
  3. know, having rewatched Dragonshy...I must say that I now ship Fluttershy/the red dragon (I heard somewhere that his fanon name was Basil, so I'm just going to call him that). I mean, when Fluttershy REALLY started chewing out Basil, he seemed to get really shy and nervous. Yes, that could be because someone was chewing him out. But the way he was talking seemed to imply that he's kind of shy and such (the only reason he attacked the ponies was because he was grumpy...I mean, wouldn't YOU be if a bunch of girls kept waking you up, stealing your crap, and kicking you in the face?). And the fact that Fluttershy backed off from 'screaming mad' to 'gentle but firm statement' to 'aw there there, poor baby' while speaking to Basil screamed 'sympathy and caring.' ...okay, yes, it's a very sketchy ship with no real evidence to back it up. But I think it's adorable, so there. xD
  4. HOLY CRAP. I just drank CLOUDY WATER. I AM GOING TO DIE. D8 /hypochondriac moment

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    2. LyraHeartstrings


      Seme... never mind... Did you accidentally put milk in your water?

    3. faervczxdaghna


      It was probably small air bubbles or something of similar nature.

    4. LyraHeartstrings


      or just REALLY dirty water...

  5. Painting a pony specifically for selling purposes. This'll be an interesting experiment.

    1. Twilight Sparkle ✨

      Twilight Sparkle ✨

      Looking forward to it. You planning to sell it here?

  6. L4D one and two. A little bit of TF2. Some Portal 2. And that's about it.
  7.'s already Sunday?!

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    2. Fillyshy


      Good thing I have no school tomorrow. ^_^

    3. Miffy


      Bad thing i have school tommorow :(

    4. Goodra


      Eeyup, and I still have a project to complete, shouldn't be hard tho.

  8. Went shopping. Bought three dollar-store ponies for customizing and a dragon model for Discording.

  9. Going to the SCUBA shop today! 8D

  10. Biology of Marine Mammals is not only my favorite class this semester, but it's the only one that doesn't cause me excrutiating pain and/or boredom. But yeah. Marine Mammals is an awesome class. The professor's really good at teaching the subject matter, the lab TA is really sweet (and works at the same dolphin hospital I do, fancy that), and I'm really interested in the stuff they're teaching. Which is weird, cuz the last time I've been obsessed with dolphins was when I was seven. O_o
  11. And if you have a Kindle, this book is free! 8D If you don't have a kindle, I say download the free PC version and give it a whirl. Anyway, it's called Machoponi: A Prance with Death. It's so weird, and so epic. I can't really describe it, honestly. Of course, were this a Friendship is Magic fanfic, it would be rated grimdark. It's got gore and a little bit of shenanigans on the sexual side (not a clopfic, though, thank God). And plus, it's just...weird. So you may or may not like it. At least give it a shot, though. ^^
  12. I think I just discovered the best book ever. It's called "Machoponi: A Prance with Death."

  13. I'd love a pony cake for my birthday. A red velvet cheesecake with ponies on top. That would be heavenly. But I can guarantee you that the only people in my family who'd be okay with it are my two younger nieces. So I'll just look at all the gorgeous pony cake pictures. ^^
  14. All I hope is that the episode is scary. Like, really scary. Not lame-o jump-scares. But like, lots of psychological horror with healthy doses of fridge horrors mixed in. You know, like the season premiere. ^^