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  1. Simcity11100

    General Chat Thread

    So my co driver and I have 4 boxes of candy and 1 box of m&m's that got rejected so we're stuck with about 600 dollars or so of candy.
  2. 7 year old account.

  3. Simcity11100

    Luna Fan Club

    but of course, there is never enough, not for luna that is.
  4. seeing as dragon land has dragons and forum mascot, I'll have to vote for them; just can't take the risk with that one.
  5. very glad that trottingham is here to stay, and before half time no less, we'll be seeing you in the semi finals most likely.
  6. I'll vote for trottingham, I like my bat ponies.
  7. I vote for empire; if it had been doctor whooves with derpy than I would've voted for the other team.
  8. I'll vote for what used to be my favorite pony, but we'll see how this ends.
  9. did a mlp style dragon breathing gray flames this time; hopefully you guys like it since it was a while when I last drew something. also forgot what flames the mlp dragons breathed so it might be out of style there, done with the mouse as usual.
  10. "this song makes me feel like there are spiders crawling out of my butt"
  11. still love listening to this metallica song
  12. Simcity11100

    Gaming beamng things and stuff

    My car (Nova C500 R) raced in the failrace community build challenge for beam, check it out: don't forget to watch the other episodes he uploaded of this.
  13. Simcity11100

    Gaming beamng things and stuff

    So it's been a few days since the update, I've made some race car like cars just to mess around on beam and had a bit of fun, what does everyone else think of it?
  14. Neither, I don't believe in an opinion being factual.
  15. @WiddershinsWell there is Dragon: The Game but there isn't much to do on there and there is also I of the dragon, I is a part of the name, but again there isn't much to do in it either or at least that's what I heard when I went looking through these two back in 2014. Most of the time when it's a dragon it's either the antagonist and can't be played or a mount, but unless you are making the game, you don't really get a choice of what the game is about, what characters there are, and how it's made. I do wish there was more dragon games just like you, but what can we do. I'm not sure if
  16. Simcity11100

    Gaming beamng things and stuff

    Improved my time however I believe it can be quicker, it'll be tough though considering how bad the controller is.
  17. Here we can discuss many things that are beamng such as the automation and beamng crossover or videos about the game in general. I'll start by saying that the crossover is exciting to see and that I'm attempting to go as fast as I can on the super car rally scenario. My controller gets no fb and the analog sticks only need half input about to go full throttle/steering so it's really difficult but here is my quickest attempt: Sorry about quality, not much I can do about it since youtube compression isn't the best.
  18. This is what happens when you have a loud minority and a quiet majority, the minority will get to change things and the majority sit around and complain about it to themselves. I don't think I really need to point out that there has always been gender neutral alternatives to boy/girl scouts but I suppose that this is where things will be headed towards from now on so long as the minority continue to be louder than the majority. I do remember when I went camping with our troop, there was this one troop that was gender neutral at the camp we went to and I was actually kind of jealous and w
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