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  1. the manga (which i havent read) started around 1976 but the film i saw and cherish is called: The Fantastic Adventures of Unico this was aired in 1983 in America and a few years before in Japan (of course)

    1. False Perception

      False Perception

      'Tis a lie. Thy backside is whole and ungobbled! -FiM

      'Tis a lie. I was only having a taste! -FiW

  3. I looked really hard to find a place to put this topic but I cant really fit it somewhere... I guess the best place would be under Anime but then again maybe not... this was a really old Japanese cartoon that was dubbed and aired in English. My family recorded it off the TV (maybe Disney?) on a VHS and was really and truely one of my all time favorite cartoons films(?) Does anypony rememeber the tiny Unicorn Unico? there were about 2 or 3 films but I only had the first one. The story touched my heart and i guess connects to my love of Ponies to this day. Can I have a disscussion thread about the Animated films of Unico? Who was your favorite character? what language did you hear it in? Do you think Unico was Male or Female? What if Unico visited Equestria? (I've already messed up where to put topics so I hope this one is ok)
  4. Um.. i once saw on the LOL servers a person named: FrozenFarts and IcyToots and i sat there thinking how could a fart be frozen? at the laughter of my friends.
  5. sorry i am still new and dont know where to put thing... my friends have been telling me to post anything and i did a take form the "Ranting Swede" from Sheep in the Big City, with a little MLP love thrown in. I am truly sorry but it is all lies and sarcasim... forgive me im sorry, i dont know where things go... I AM REALLY AND TRUELY SORRY. really and truely truely truel truely truely truely .... i think i lost track some where... any ways i mean what i say.
  6. So the other day i brought home a brand new phone and it came with a new state of the art ANSWERING MACHINE! So i proceeded to set it up and made sure it was all hooked up properly and that all the lights were on indicating that it was functioning properly. So then i asked it, "When will the 3rd season of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic come out?" and it just sat there. So then i thought, "well maybe that was too difficult a question" so i then asked it, "What kind of cutie mark do you think Apple Bloom will get when she finally gets her cutie mark?" and it just sat there. Well i thought again that it may have been to hard of a question so I asked the easiest thing i could think of, "what color is Rainbow dash?" and it just sat there! IF I WANTED A SIT THERE AND REMAIN SILENT MACHINE I WOULD HAVE ASKED THE SALES CLERK FOR A MACHINE THAT CANT ANSWER ANY OF MY QUESTIONS! LIKE A TOASTER! An answering machine should be able to answer simple questions. I took it back and asked for a full refund, beware fellow Bronies for there are products out there that dont do what the market claims they should. DONT GET TRICKED LIKE ME! Thank you~
  7. yes i have, sadly i have yet to completly watch the entire series THANK YA'LL SO MUCH. i know there are plenty of other ponies you can talk to, thank you for making me feel welcome.And sorry for the late response... still learning how things work here. poyo~
  8. My favorite pokemon have shifted since the coming of the 5th generation... but here is my Ideal (favorite) team... 1.JigglyPuff 2.Tsutarja and all its evolutions. ( I think Snivy's japanese name sounds dreamier!) 3. Absol 4. Charizard. ( to fly on a fire dragon wannabe) 5. Gardevoir ( can she be abit of a tomboy?) 6. Lucario ( cuz i like the blue aura) So no water pokemon for me... im stuck on dry land... lol
  9. My name on LoL is: wobbuffet2 Im in the: NA region I'll gladly support anyone who wants to play with me....
  10. Did ya hear! the old band from the FREECREDITREPORT commecials are back!

  11. Hello everyone... I am Bloodberry and I am a Brony. *flinch* Ahh... ok um I'm not used to forums and stuff and I tend to get really nervous when I think about what can and what should be put on here. (is my spelling ok?) I dont do all that much but I do like Pokemon and League of Legends...(other than MLP:FIM of course) oh and Kirby of course! and my favorite pony is AppleJack. Thats it for my introduction so I'll leave it at that. Thank ya'll and the bronies who decided to put this forum together. よろしくおにがいします and a "Pas y bein" to everypony. *fer those of ya that dont know, my topic title is Kirby talk fer: "Lets get along!" *open hug*