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  1. Well. This. Is. Interesting. Apologies for low-quality pic For those not in the know, a new animated television series has come up on the HUB, titled SheZow. Still in its first season, taking its first steps, this brave little cartoon has already stirred up much controversy amongst parental watchdog groups of American broadcasting. The show's main focus is on a twelve-year-old male protagonist, Guy Hamdon, a mischievous, fun-loving tween who is something like a toned-down rendering of Johnny Test (by which I mean he's considerably less annoying) and who likes typical "boyish" things that a lot of preteens take interest in--video games, skateboarding, those kinds of things. He and his in-charge sister Kelly discover a power ring which Kelly immediately identifies as two things: belonging to their recently deceased Aunt Agnes, and being the ring of the legendary superheroine Shezow, who their aunt previously was. It seems that assuming the role of Shezow has been a facet of the Hamdon family lineage for quite some time. Left to right: Maz, Guy, and Kelly Unlike his sister, Guy does not know his family history very well and puts the ring on, meaning to make a joke of its supposed power. It is then that he is transformed--not into a male superhero, as the usual workings go, but into Shezow herself. The ring was designed to be worn by a woman and retains a female crimefighter design regardless of the gender of its wearer. Needless to say, Guy is not amused, but is informed by a rather irritated Kelly (who had been intent on becoming the next Shezow, apparently) that he cannot remove the ring. Once designated as the new Shezow, you are it. No giving it away, no picking a different fate. Woops. Guy accepts this fate, and with the help of Kelly and his joker best friend as well as self-appointed sidekick Maz, helps kick crime's butt in his hometown of Megadale as Shezow. "You go girl!" Wait, wait, wait, hold the bus. A superhero on a kids' network television show...who crossdresses? Yes. Yes he/she is. It is plain as day why this show would cause so much controversy for angsty parents from the start when you look at its premise and humor derivative (transvestism is funny!). I won't even link any articles to the commotion; just open up Google and search "shezow." What surprised me the most, in this regard, was the fact that the HUB would chance airing something like this, seeing as how it usually tries to avoid controversial subject matter. Naturally I had to see what was up, as I was drawn in by the character design of Shezow and the synopsis of the show. What I saw was exactly what was promised...by the Wikipedia article, not by the surrounding drama. The show is no barrier-breaker or herald of change to our social mindset. What it is, is a fun-filled, pun-filled action show for kids. Except it's not just for kids (those words familiar?). In the first two episodes alone there are movie references, bait-and-switch cuss censors, and jokes that you might miss altogether if you're in the intended 6 to 11 target range. Shezow using her SHE-S.P. to train with her lipstick lightsaber. Yep. From the get-go, the opening is fast-paced, fast-sung and fueled by electric guitars, although for being so fast it is somewhat extensive. It's actually kind of campy, and promises humor and kick-butt action to come. I'm still trying to learn the lyrics. The opening episode is, of course, going to feel a little rough--a little cliche'd--when taking it in, but here and there you start to see the developments of a show which might just go beyond itself in terms of what it's trying to accomplish. (Which is...what? To make you laugh? Sure. To show that girls are as tough as guys? You could say that. It isn't quite clear yet.) Glorious amounts of puns are made, some clever, some awful, and Maz is someone who seems to enjoy them in particular. Surprised, I found myself laughing and enjoying them also, as each of the characters makes witty observations and snarky digs on one another. One running gag that you must quickly become accustomed to, however, is the characters' constant use of the pronoun "she" in making jokes and word play. "She-larious!" "She-riffic." "She-yeah!" This grew on me, but may not do so for others. In fact, some may find it downright insulting to the female gender. The episodes are set up to be fifteen minutes each, two in each half-hour broadcasting block, and are cut in and out of commercial breaks by an amped little segment of the main theme that acts as both an intro and outro and features Shezow beating up in-show villains. This is something I fear may become annoying in the future, but no worries for now. One more thing: When Guy changes into Shezow, his gender doesn't change, only his costume. No bodily female attributes other than longer hair and eyelashes, no voice change, just a boy kicking ass in women's clothing with some pretty rad gadgets and super-abilities. And you know what? That's just damn funny to me! Just thought I'd clear it up. Thus far, I like this show for what it is, and for being so bold but not intentionally ambitious. I noticed elements of some other shows I've seen embedded in SheZow, particularly one show, the 2007 Nickelodeon cartoon El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera, which I absolutely loved. Similarities besides the fact that they're both superhero kids shows include super-ness running in the family, objects which transform our heroes into their super-personas, sidekick best friends, and main characters who are punks with hearts of gold and who make bad choices as well as good ones (since nobody's perfect). Even the humor of the shows seems to match. I was quite thrilled to find SheZow similar to El Tigre, and it further ensured my viewership. So, to wrap up this (give-it-a-)spin review, I'm finding myself fond of the quirks and antics of SheZow. So fond, I changed my profile pic to match my interest. It's not the best of cartoons, it certainly doesn't delve as deep as Friendship is Magic, and you may have better things to watch. But if you're keeping your eyes open for a new cartoon, check this out. It's tacky, but in a good way, a way that sticks with you, and this review has not covered all there is to know. I'd hate to see it go simply because of its suggestive premise.
  2. Alright, this is killing me. What kind of hairstyle does Scootaloo have? What era? Can it be described or classified?

    1. Tia Is Best Pony

      Tia Is Best Pony

      50s mens curlback?

    2. Power of Dashie

      Power of Dashie

      I didn't know manes = human hairstyles.

  3. See, the trick is to buy candy AFTER Easter, when everything's half-off.

  4. And what did I tell ya bout leaving them macadamia nut cookies out, M.B.? You can't do that around me; it's not fair to me, and it's not fair to the people who have to suffer the consequence of a cookieless platter.
  5. ...Shhhooot. I, uh... I thought those cookies were for everyone. Sorry man, I, uh... Woops. H-Hiya, Jack, I'm John-- Wait, I mean... Aw man. I'm Jack Durango, and you're brand new here, right? So, welcome, stay as long as you like, come up with some interesting things to talk about and, um, sorry about the cookies. There just wasn't enough to go around, I suppose.
  6. One zero-- uh, der, that's... T-Twenty-three buckets of oats on the wall, twenty-three buckets of oats! Take one down, pass it around, you got twenty-two buckets of oats on the wall! (This WILL be finished.)
  7. Jurassic Park 3D!! Yes! Yes! HOH MY GAWD!

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    2. Harmonic Revelations

      Harmonic Revelations

      3D is a major gimmick.

    3. Radiance64


      Who's Major Gimmick? :/

    4. Jack Durango

      Jack Durango

      @46BBS Well he's one grade above Captain Con, of course!

      @HarmonicRevelations Nevermind the 3d, it's JURASSIC PARK! And I get to see it in theaters!

  8. Does anyone else think of Luna when they look at the moon?

    1. Leatherbehlt


      I think of Octavia and Celestia when I look at the moon.

    2. WhiteLightning
  9. Oh my gat that sound like-a so coor. I cannot wait to read all abow it. I want to have da supah-dupah anime fun time with da Twiright Sparkre and dah Apprejack and Fruttershye and all dem. Du yes so good by me.
  10. Hey, can we get a link to that Wired.com article? Yeah man, people look at us in all sorts of different ways. There's no doubt the media plays a big role in governing our thoughts and opinions on subjects as unique and isolated as the brony fandom. If you're not a part of it or something similar to it, it's going to strike you as odd. Also, I think somebody's reaction comes according to what kind of person they are. Open-minded people tend to respond with nonchalance and open-mindedness; narrow-minded people, prejudice and narrow-mindedness. Well, for anyone who cares to look up more about the fandom, they'll know the truth, and discover that like most anything it has good points and bad points. And those television shows that portray us negatively...I wouldn't get all bent out of shape about them. Anybody who watches it is going to forget what the episode was about the next day as they plop their ass down on the couch, tired from work, and their glazed eyes roll on to the next mildly interesting T.V. program.
  11. Can someone tell me what the Chunky Monkey is? Answers have ranged from a flavor of ice cream to a provocative dance move for heavyset folk.

    1. Creamy Arty

      Creamy Arty

      It's a flavor of Ben & Jerry's brand ice cream.

    2. Jack Durango

      Jack Durango

      @Artemis Do you suppose the term "Chunky Monkey" could be applied to a variety of objects and situations?

  12. What's happenin' Lily Love? Come right in! So glad you could join us this evening. I'm Jack Durango. As you know, you're on the largest and finest Pony forums website the Internet has to offer. It can be overwhelming at first, but you'll settle in and find out where your favorite topics of discussion are. Or, maybe you're in to things other than just talking the day away? There's plenty to do here -w- You've probably familiarized yourself with the rules and such, so now, alls ya gotta do is start postin' and profilin', and meet the established members of MLP Forums. Have fun, and pony responsibly! Quick Tip: A great way to meet people with whom you can connect is by telling about your interests See ya around!
  13. Recently bought a Honda TRX450ER with manual clutch, high-performance camshaft, and liquid-cooled 4-stroke engine. In short, this thing's a f***ing monster.

    1. Vaporeon


      Just hope it doesn't transform into a giant robot. If it does then hope it's an Autobot.

    2. Shiki


      I call it a car with stuff.

    3. Leatherbehlt


      I just call it sexy.

  14. You should spend your entire two works at the forums on hours.

    1. Creamy Arty

      Creamy Arty

      I already have.

    2. Jack Durango

      Jack Durango

      Oops. Meant for this to be a reply to another post. Thought I clicked 'Add Comment'... @Artemis But...but how?

    3. Jack Durango

      Jack Durango

      "Post", lol. Meant status update.