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  1. mfw I've read 100+ pages of this thread Some of you guy's opinions man. Pretty something. I actually like doing laundry and dishes.
  2. Mini Wheats. Because it's one of the few cereals that you know when get that special bowl like this you know it's gonna be a good day.
  3. 8.5/10, cause it's a classic and still sounds pretty kick ass.
  4. It would be blank. Because I'd keep telling myself "Yeah I'll get on that tomorrow."
  5. Gears of Halo Duty V


    Handing out candy. I feel like I'm too old to trick-or-treat, so now I must do what is necessary, what is now my duty. Where once I was the taker, now I am the giver.
  6. 6.5/10. Was a solid 8/10 until 0:27, which turned a quirky, airy and super upbeat tune into something a little less satisfying (imo).
  7. 6.5/10. Not too fond of this Eminem song tbh. Though that opening was pretty damn good.
  8. I just finished my Associates of Science and am planning (hopefully) to transfer. If you do not take any AP classes, high school will do jackshit to help you prepare for college. This is somewhat of a universal truth, unfortunately. To be honest, high school in general did little to prepare me. It's funny really. I sorta wish that during your Senior/Junior year, the focus of college would be a topic of greater discussion rather than simply "Don't fuck up your ACT" and "Apply before Christmas" that it is in the states. OT: Difficulty and homework size depends. For example, my Soci
  9. 6/10 It sounds pretty kick ass, but at the same time it doesn't sound like anything special.
  10. Just watch it. Seriously, quit making a big deal out of it and just watch it. Most will tell you it was a solid season, some will tell you it was meh. You won't find out for yourself if you don't watch it, so just do it. Enjoy the episodes you like and grumble over the ones you don't.
  11. Gears of Halo Duty V

    Movies/TV Most obscure cartoon/show ever?

    Bobobo-bo-bo-bobo And we're done here.
  12. Well at least the city decided to send the bill over to the kid.
  13. I would love to help you find every screenshot you need, but sleep is calling and waking up early and all that jazz. However, I would strongly suggest the MLP Wiki. It has tons of screenshots of lots of characters like Twilight Sparkle. It lists the episodes first for you to check out, and shows you tons screenshots from that episode. It is seriously a gold mine. Ok, sorta lied. After a few minutes it's like walking down memory lane looking at these images. Here are some finds. 2 ponies with conflicting expressions. S1 E21. "Over a Barrel" Difference of size between an Alico
  14. "Bro, it's for little girls" Then we hit up Mickey Ds for some drinks. Story of my life.
  15. 5.5/10 The first 1 min and 20 seconds were alright, but it fell off hard right after. If the whole song was like how it started, it would have been pretty damn good given the mood it initially gave.
  16. 6/10 Not my thing, but wasn't terrible. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zsJzJROlITU
  17. That's the thing though. Saying someone is like family is one thing, but having them actually be, literally, someone who belongs to the family line can be something else. When I look at my friends, I consider them to be bros; they be family to me. I've got their back and hopefully they have mine. But none of them are related to me, none know of the problems or the perks of being of my family, because I don't have to expose it to them. None know how uptight or lazy or obnoxious we can be at times, because it doesn't relate to them because it makes no sense to. We're family, but in a casual
  18. I will allow this. But only if they have to go find a magical pick in order for RD to be able to play the best song in the world while fighting against the now evil Assistant Principle who challenges the group to a Rock Off.
  19. I don't understand it. I really don't. I sit here, wondering, trying desperately to grasp the idea that you would willingly put someone down verbally or physically. But I can't fathom doing such things. Don't like something? That's fine. Don't like it. Hate it even, whatever you want. Don't like someone? That's fine, you don't/won't have to like everyone. Block them, ignore them, whatever you feel. But don't be a fucking coward and attack them when they have done nothing to you.
  20. Gears of Halo Duty V

    Food craving

    What is... Orange Chicken? DING DING DING
  21. It's just a title. It means what you want it to mean. For most, it's just that you enjoy some form of MLP. The thing is, people attach too much to a title alone; being a Brony doesn't mean all of a sudden you are more tolerant of things around you (you don't have to be), or that now you are a member of some exclusive group where only those with the title reign (you can like something and not be a part of it). Being a Brony doesn't mean you have to act nice and friendly to everyone you meet or that you don't judge/are not allowed to judge others. Should you try to be more friendly in ou
  22. I think you're looking too far into this. In RoH, Spike "filled in" for Rainbow Dash not because he was her "replacement", but because Twilight was pissed, angry, and just wanted to get the mess over with. Her friends are acting like complete jerks and Rainbow Dash can't be found? Fuck it, lets just try what we have. Who was closest by? Spike. Who kept reminding her of the mess/who was missing? Spike.
  23. I just started Calc II this semester as well and am already procrastinating on homework that needs to be done too. (and after 2 years, sorta missing Highschool) Let's feel these feels together.
  24. 3/10 Just meh. Most definitely not my type, but that's just me.
  25. I got socks They are very comfy. Oh and 2 Benjamins. Those are nice as well.
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