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  1. Masun got up and rifled through the mini bar finding a large assortment of all sorts of alcohol. Masun found some bourbon and poured it in a small glass with ice, filling it all the way to the top. Masun sat back down and waited for everyone to get on the plane. Everyone filed in and sat down in the seats they wanted to sit in. "Everyone put on your seat belts and we will begin our ascent" Felicia said, as she strapped her chest seat belt on. Masun strapped his on, and so did everyone else. The sharp noise of the planes engines being brought to life could be heard for a brief moment before
  2. "Umm. I don't know-" Masun didn't have the answer but luckily at that moment Director Davis filed in and sat down across from Masun. "That would be because I haven't told anyone yet. Let's wait until we are airborne before I do a briefing." Felicia interjected.
  3. The week passed by quickly, everyone trained for the upcoming mission. Friday night came, and all of Fukuro was inside the elevator, even Director Davis was inside the elevator. "Lets get this show on the road, shall we?" Director Davis said as she pushed a few buttons on the elevator panel. The elevator moved up about a floor, but then Masun noticed that the elevator started moving forward, not up. It moved forward for about 30 seconds and then moved upwards once more. The elevator opened on the Area 51 flight strip. The elevaor sticking out of the black top, which looked a bit peculiar, bu
  4. "No, that will be all." Masun said as he turned towards the door. He was about to leave when he felt the familiar vibration of his phone indicating a received text message. Masun noticed that, above all else, somehow Felicia's contact information had been programmed into his phone, so that the received message he was looking at had Felecia's name on it. "How did-?" Masun started, but then began reading the text. Don't worry too much about how I got my contact information in your phone. We have top notch network infiltration and security at Area 51, most of the tips and tricks the NSA uses, t
  5. Masun's eyes grew wide in surprise, that Charles had figured it out, I suppose he is a hunter, and tracking does come with that vocation. So it does require him to be a detective of sorts. I shouldn't have been be too surprised, Masun thought. Masun looked down at his combat boots that came with his captain uniform, he then extended his right arm and grasped the air in front of him, his sword Haruki materializing in his grasp out of black wisps of vampire energy. The sword was in its cherry wood saya, with the cherry blossom branch painted on it. Masun tossed the sword over to Charles who caug
  6. Masun felt like Charles was holding back on something important about his stay with the Yakuza, but Masun decided that was a conversation for another time. "Nah, man. I wasn't too worried about that, just worried about your mental state overall. It's important that we work well as a team, and to work well we need to be able to understand each other. Just trying to understand you better, that's all." Masun said, as he handed the sword back to Charles.
  7. Charles held up the sword, it had a black saya with a blue cord. Masun walked over to Charles and took the katana he was holding, so he could better examine it. Everything looked familiar, in fact, it looked Muramasa style. When Masun awoke from his hibernation the first time, he assumed a new name. And with his new name came a new style of katana forging. While he did keep most of his style from his Masamune days, his newer blades looked more sinister and precise. Ditching the old wavy temper lines, for a new straight temper lines, and not using the nie method as often, the blades looked cold
  8. Masun walked inside Charles room and was immediately greeted with a wide assortment of knickknacks on display hung up all over the walls of Charles' room. Masun's eye was drawn to a particular sword that had a familiar energy to it. The sword was in its saya, and had red cording on the saya, as well has red braided cording on the suka. The suka was decorated with oni faces; an oni face on the kasira-gane, and an oni face in the menuki. From the mouth of the oni on the kasira-gane, was a chain that connected the katana to a weighted steel ball. Masun couldn't put his finger on it, but, he knew
  9. As Masun meditated, he thought about Charles odd behavior. His spacing out combined with his defending of the Yakuza, made Charles seem very suspect. Masun was shook out of the meditation by Charles and decided he would say something. But it must have taken Masun a while for him to fully awaken from his meditation, because, by the time Masun opened his eyes, Charles was already gone. I am not sure where Charles went, but I suppose I will just try his room first. Seems like the best place to find him. Masun thought. And with that Masun began walking through the facility in search of Charles. Ma
  10. Masun knew there was more, much more to it, and he saw the connection between this and the time Charles zoned out at the casino. But Masun was tired, perhaps for the first time in a century. Normally Masun didn't feel tired, if he fell asleep it was due to too much alcohol, not because he felt like sleeping. But this time Masun felt actually tired. "You know, I don't really care right now, I am going to take a nap until we get there. Shake me awake when we arrive." Masun replied. Masun then closed his eyes and entered a meditative sleep that he learned in his years out in the wilderness. A f
  11. "Brush off my... what?" Masun didn't understand the euphemism that Charles used but quickly decided to take offence to it, "Look, pal, I know we only just met each other yesterday, but let me remind you that I am your superior, and I don't take kindly to condescent. Do you understand?" Masun lashed out. He expected some quick witted response from Charles that would further condescend against him, but was surprised when he got no response. "I said do you understand, Charles?" Masun was now looking in the rearview mirror at Charles' eyes but was surprised when instead of finding a humorous expre
  12. "The jingi is a sham. They spout idealistic nonsense to look professional, and maybe on some level, they believe it themselves. But it is really just an adjustable goalpost they move to suit their current needs. Their first rule in the code was, 'No sale or distribuition of illicit drugs' and yet, there I was, on a train full of illicit drugs. The 4th rule in the code deals with many things but , 'No kidnapping' was one of them, and yet, there they were, talking about kidnapping and selling children. The, 'we deal our own justice' act is all cool and noble looking on the outside, but when you
  13. "That's not what I said. I said I killed them because Area 14 told me to kill them, not because they were potential murderers or whatever. I just added that little end bit about them being criminals for the benefit of those listening because they were trash. If you are working for the Yakuza you are either brainwashed to be evil or just plain evil yourself. This was in 1934, and the particular group I was dealing with was the Yamaguchi-gumi, the leader at the time was Yamaguchi Nobura if I remember correctly. At the time they were kidnapping child oddities, it didn't matter what type of oddity
  14. "I didn't kill them for the heroine, I killed them because Area 14 told me to make sure there were no survivors on that train. They were mass murdering drug peddling children trafficking pieces of trash. So they weren't exactly innocents either. Making money out of others' misfortune is the code of every organized crime syndicate." Masun replied.
  15. Masun looked at his phone which displayed the time, it was now 02:21, which meant it would be time to go to sleep once more here soon. I didn't realize we were there for so long, it's almost time to sleep again, Masun thought. Masun heard Charles' reply, but didn't realize it was a joke until Auria said something. "I never used a train set before, but I did slaughter a bunch of yakuza on a train once. It was the yakuza's train and they were transporting huge amounts of heroine. I think I killed about three hundred people that day. Does that count?" Masun replied.
  16. "I don't really have a hobby. I suppose it was gambling. But now it is more along the lines of drinking myself into a delirium and/or cleaning my sword that I named after my dead girlfriend, which is coincidental the cause of my drinking myself into a delirium" Masun replied
  17. Masun followed the others and got into the back-seat passenger side, right behind Franky. Masun noticed Franky was already asleep, So whatever he is, he still needs sleep. Good to know. Masun thought to himself. "This ride is going to take about an hour, seeing as we are around 80 miles away from the base. We could waste the time talking about things." Masun suggested.
  18. "Yeah, what Charles said. We should probably be heading back ourselves, here soon too. Hopefully we haven't drawn any unwanted attention to ourselves with what we have been talking about. I hope no one heard us, we really don't need The Hunters to set up shop permanently so close to us." Masun said, taking another drink.
  19. "The problem with any sort of interaction between us and them, is that they will find out that us oddities are here, and that would give them an extra reason to stay, for even longer. If we interrogate them, they can go back and tell their boss that we interrogated them. If we interrogate and kill one of them, their subordinates will find out one of their own is missing and then report it to their boss. All of this will eventually lead to even more of a problem. No, I say we leave them be, eventually they will move on. I had to use normal human strength and reflexes to take out the thugs that
  20. "If you take a look around, you can see that a lot of these gamblers at this casino are wearing similar looking black leather jackets, some of them aren't wearing the jackets but they have a similar sinister look to them that a lot of the others do. Well, these people are all part of The Hunters gang. A gang of normal people who hunt oddities. They are well versed in the occult and the weaknesses of the occult, like Charles here. And it is quite ironic when you think about it, because by slandered classification, The Hunters are oddities too, simply because the posses the knowledge of the occu
  21. "Well, you would still be classified on the oddity chart, under Full-Human oddity. You possess occult knowledge, as in the different strengths and weaknesses of different occult races." Tally whispered "So you still are 'special'" She said out loud. Masun finished his drink and got up to go get another round. Going up to the bar, he leaned over it, next to where Charles was sitting, and asked, "Can I get a Mojito and a strawberry milkshake" "Sure, but you are paying for these ones." Tally said. Masun put his debit card down in front of Tally. "Keep the card here, I am sure I will be orde
  22. Tally cracked open a bottle of water and took a drink, and then placed it under the bar. "I don't know, but I guess I do have a question to ask you. What 'special skill' do you possess? I don't see any traits that tip me off as to what you can 'do'" Tally replied, taking a sip of a water bottle she had under the bar.
  23. Tally poured together the necissary ingredients for a blood and sand cocktail in a highball glass, and slid the orange looking drink to the Australian. "You were literally asking me to list off drinks that have scotch and/or whiskey in them, which number in the thousands. Don't be a smartass"
  24. Tally raised an eyebrow. "No, we don't have anything with scotch or whiskey, here. I'm afraid absinthe is the only alcohol we serve. But seriously, maybe you can narrow that down for me?" Tally replied with as much sarcasm as a tone of voice could possible carry.
  25. "I'll let you in on a little secret. There is no real way to bring someone back from the dead without divine powers. My skills don't actually bring people back from the dead." Tally paused to think how to phrase her next sentence. She widened her eyes in an expression of enlightenment, and then grabbed a pint glass. She filled it up with water. "So let's say the pint glass represents a body, and the water represents the mind or soul. Whatever you want to call it. When someone dies..." Tally poured the pint down a small drain that surrounded the bar on her side, which is meant to collect drinks
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