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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. At least in my Opinion. I have noticed a similar thing on furry based dating sites, while "normal" dating sites, or rather ones with no spesific target have a bot problem, niche dating sites are absolutely placed with bots, as well as horrid business practices. One that didn't charge or did so honestly and didn't use bots would be fine by me.
  3. Might be easer than what i do now, and probably pays better.
  4. It will still attract there targeted audience as well as there non targeted one.
  5. I found some of the cg examples super adorable. But apparently (By reading the other comments) the world would blow up if they used cg. To be honest cg would be a risk, and they risk and loose nothing by using the normal art style.
  6. I am you're average young, dumb single marine. Weather it says that way remains to be seen.
  7. Bisexuial, granted that is a little dicy in the military atm.
  8. his is very old, not as old as the sound though.
  9. I think it will, just because the show actually has substance.
  10. My opinion is a little biased as the furry fandom took me in in a passive way, witch helped a lot. But there are good furs and bad furs and its the same every where you go, weather its the Marines, common, furries or random people you see walking by. There normal people, and for the most part good people. All there is to be said rely.
  11. My goal in life is to buy, own and drive a tank. 22000 dollars, 8000 for shipping and ill need about 1000 to mod it to be street legal. ) I Have it all planed out and the first thing i am gonna do is paint rainbow dash on the side and a furry on the other. So, in short rock on dude, if it aint against the law and docent hurt any one the go a head. Any one who judges is just stuck up.
  12. That mostly stops at boot camp and more so after itb (Infantry training battalion) After that it varies, some sergeants like to check literally every where and others just make sure it is clean. We call it Field day (I mop with straight bleach, mine is clean)
  13. Like i want to walk off in to the sand and feel the zen.
  14. A black hole , or the sun. Standing on the brink of a whole in time and space or setting foot on the ball of plasma the breathes warmth and life in to our planet, i couldn't choose between the two.