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  1. *Surprise hugs* 

    Miss ya buddy.

  2. Okay, everyone, I'm gone. I wish you all the best, would be happy if some of you hit me up on skype, steam or so (that stuff is on my profile)

  3. It can be fun... Take a look and judge yourself Made some friends here, actually, hope you enjoy your stay.
    1. QuirkyUsername


      You seem like a great person regardless of how little we've actually spoken so requests will be sent but upto you whether you wanna accept them. Sorry to see you leave the forum but it is your decision and I'd love to stay at least semi buddies :) If not good luck on where ever the road may take you *hugs*

    2. Thunderchild


      I replied to your blog.

    3. Friendship_Cannon
  4. Hey, everyone who reads this, you probably will have figured out what I wanna say in this blog (the last one of the few I've made)... And that is: goodbye. I'm going to say farewell to this forum and to this fandom, at least in some sense of the word. I have been thinking about it long enough now, and before I completely lose my faith I better go. As I joined here in Summer 2012 I was pretty down, I had a lot of problems... This place helped me a lot. For the first time I met people who are not judgemental, who didn't hate or look down on me for my dreams and beliefs. I have never been part of any community before, always a bit of an outcast (ohmygosh, so sad ;n; am I rite), so that really was a great thing for me, and I will not forget this. Now, I spent a lot of time here, made friends, watched them dissapear again (kick, ban, leave), had good times, bad ones, made enemies (wouldn't it be boring without?) and tried to be nice and friendly, love and tolerate and all that sh** I thought made me a "Brony" (lol). I can admit that I failed on the long run, though I haven't been the most terrible person around here, and I might have made one person happy for a while, so yea... What I miss as of now is this warm feeling being here and being around you people gave me, I have no real friends on here anymore (sorry if you think so), I talk to noone on a daily basis, I am not a roleplayer (not in that way, in another way I am, if you get it you get a cookie, but 3/4 of you won't ;3) and apparently I am bad at talking to people in general, not to mention that the love and tolerance thing seems like a sad, little joke by now. Basically, I lost everything that made me feel comfortable here in the first place, while I'm doing pretty fine in real life, actually. I don't wanna go into detail about how being a furry changed the behavior of some people towards me... just to the matter of beastiality: You watch ponies. You have pony OCs. You roleplay with them and wish they were real. They date, they marry, some of them have children on here (I am not kidding, hilarious, huh?), and all of those ponies have fur, you know, they are animals? The differences are small, but who am i even telling this? Tolerance is a thing that can't be learned easily it seems, and I am really noone to teach anyone. Another thing is the part of clopping or as a furry, yiffing. I really don't wanna say much about it, if it's disgusting to you stay away from it, but don't just blindly hate on it and the people doing it (or go ahead, you are on your own way). I could end this with how dissapointed I am, but if I would there would be some smart-***es (you know who you are, guys) telling me how perfectly fine everything is, and that I am putting up a drama (okay, I am, I admit -.-). So just: bye. To put a point under this: This Sunday evening I will log out and be gone. If someone feels like staying in contact you can reach me over steam and skype: skype: Skye_Cannon (or try luki-mx-) steam: Selena the Wolfcat Greets, F_C
  5. so tired, but there's a party ahead... and I wanna go :3

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    2. Friendship_Cannon


      it's a goodbye party for my friend who is in the marine, and he will be gone for months... I promised I'd be there

    3. ~Sole~


      Well... I guess you'd better go then. Just have fun, and make sure they have fun too.

    4. Friendship_Cannon


      I am pretty good at that :D

  6. Uhm.. at the moment I'm more towards the other direction xD no ty
  7. meanwhile... a car crash... because f*** my back, and my insurance, and my car :c

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    2. Fluttershyfan94


      Then it isn't your fault, insurances should pay for it. Well at least your rear, but well your insurances should pay for it. This sounds awful, hope everything will be alright.

    3. Nouth


      Good that you're all right.

    4. Friendship_Cannon


      I am fine, but my insurance will ris ethe yearly costs after that.. :c

  8. Give me stuff to throw at people >:3

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    2. Zero


      Here are some bricks, have fun.

    3. Tom_the_Rock


      make cakes and throw them into ppls face :D

    4. Friendship_Cannon


      okay, a xbox, a bunch of bricks and cake, that will do

  9. days fly by, and I don't accomplish even half of what I wanna... if only I could turn time back

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    2. Zygen


      I know what ya mean, i have plenty of days i plan to do something, and laziness and my stupidly bad work ethic get in the way :/.

    3. Obsolete


      Same here. I want to do so many things at the same time, and I end up doing none of it.

    4. Friendship_Cannon


      I am in the weirdest mood, I should be happy with my life, compared to all the people with real problems xD

  10. Oh, sorry, I made one real quick, hope this works now xD I don't know is that is enough info, if something is missing hit me up, okay