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    i like playing xbox and well watching ponies haha, im interested in making friends as i dont have many i cann really talk to... or care to listen Lol i like to draw and start art projects... barely finishing them most of the time hehe

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  1. This is something I did while extremely bored, It is just for fun, nothing serious, i just thought i would post it for kicks If the storyline is too in depth just let me know and I will be happy to explain it in full. Enjoy.
  2. So here is my attempt at a rainbow dash mascot outfit... some alterations are still needed, was thinking about making more... but I'm a pretty shy person and would like peoples opinion first. NOTE: This was my first attempt at making a costume ever! took about a week to make... kind of rushed.
  3. Haha that might be crazy enough to work! that would also be extrordinarily creepy... I LOVE IT Lol
  4. Very cute story behind it, and as for my opinion on the drawing it is pretty well done, fronts of pnies can be kind of confusing haha only criticism i have is there is something off about the eyes.... hard to say what thought.... But WELL DONE SIR!
  5. so ummm i have no idea why i did this? i was extremely bored and couldnt sleep... and now that i have started i want to edit it more and make it fancy! but.... it is very late and i have no tablet only a mouse D: but hey tell me if you think i should keep going... maybe few more mane 6? maybe few more video game heroes? comander shepard ? Bah! remember it is like 3 am where i am and it isnt supposed to be that detailed but would really love feed back and if you hate it.... i can tolerate that and would love to know why
  6. So here is just some doodles i did out of pure boredomness i hope you like, NOTE: they are rough on purpose haha certain parts will be touched up and made into a comic soon, which leads to the question of what part will become a comic? Hint! what do you guys think of scootaloo and Gilda? Bah! cant tell who my fave filly is... Obviosly Diamond Tiara
  7. your style is amazingly cute, so many naws to be had, i love pinkie pie is so adorable!!! keep this up i cant wait to see more
  8. Okay so here Twilight is completed ...about ten file conversions later that is -.- the original was corrupted so you get lower quality Lol still... better then nothing i spose
  9. Haha wow thankyou so much and dont worry there are plenty more still to come
  10. these are just some pictures i drew up quickly because i was bored and had nothing else to really do would love to hear your thoughts on my boredom Rainbow being protective This was one of my first sketches of rainbow dash I was trying out a new style :S Twilight with a bit of spark... Pun intended So tell me what you think?
  11. very Nice! I would never be able to draw zecora, youve just earned yourself a brohoof good sir
  12. I really like her mane! but seriously... good job that is really good for only 56 minutes... quite accurate
  13. THEY ARE AMAZING! i love the "Im in" one especially it is adorable, i would be lying if i said i wouldnt wear that to a club :3
  14. This is great if you are going for individuality (which is the best!) But if you are going show acurate then just a few minor touch ups are needed all of which have already been pointed out above so i would be wasting my time hehe But seriously i think its pretty awesome.