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  1. I'm Israeli but currently residing in America so I guess I don't really count. I'm going to come back but by the time I'd be back the show would be over.
  2. http://Askfutashy.tumblr.com NSFW but an amazing tumblr which is hilarious.If there was only 1 tumblr I could visit, I would visit this one. It's original, funny, and generally awesome.
  3. That almost made me weep. This is perfect for mine and other people's argument. It explains why we don't want Derpy removed. I applaud you for finding this awesome video.
  4. I really hope that you're right and I'm wrong. I'm more inclined to believe the Reddit post but your logic also makes sense. Hopefully, my rant will be unnecessary.
  5. The reddit rumor was correct about Twilight Sparkle becoming a alicorn, so I assume that it's correct about Derpy. Plus, in the later episodes of season 3, she's gone just as how the post said. I think that it's pretty much confirmed now that the poster was legit. Also, Derpy being out of the show won't ruin it for me. I just find that Derpy being taken out is like how AtomicBassCannon said.
  6. Hasbro confirmed that Derpy isnt coming back. Not very likely and if it happens, I'll be surprised. Could you post a screenshot of the tweet?
  7. I agree. Do you think that people would sign the petition or if by a miracle, the petition becomes popular, would Hasbro agree with the bronies or with the overly PC people?
  8. Derpy's gone. RIP. Now it's time for a rant. According to Hasbro, they removed her because of complaints about her voice. What's wrong with her voice? She may sound mentally challenged, but what's wrong with that? I volunteer to work with mentally challenged people and they loved Derpy. They could finally have someone on TV who was just like them. MLP treated Derpy respectfully and to remove her is to concede to the overly PC people who think it's offensive. They haven't sat down next to a 5 year old girl with Down's as I have, watching as she wept in happiness to see someone like her on TV. T
  9. Kinda reminds me of the TS in the Futashy tumblr.
  10. Since I was a baby in the womb. Music is very important to me and I love it. I hate the crap they call Top 40 songs and prefer classical and rap.
  11. If you laugh at this, you are a horrible person.
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