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  1. Happy birthday Pain-Rikudo!

  2. Queen is overrated Led Zeppelin is overrated Petrucci is overrated Guthrie Govan is underrated George Benson is underrated Jazz is master race ( Any kind from swing to shout to latin.) Metal is meh I got more but I don't want to get in to detail. And yes Dream Theater is pretty boring.
  3. I have a friend that will probably be willing to do the rap. Send the Lyrics my way and I can send them to him, later if you want we could meet up on Skype to go over it.
  4. I would love to sign up but all my tourney pokes are in 4th gen as I just recently made the transition. Whens the tourney perhaps I can make it by then. Oh , were using a online version? Then sign me up.
  5. I think we are being raided.

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      Throw the cheese!

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      Eat the cookies.



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      Get your gun (or nearest lamp) and show them who boss!

  6. AC/DC gets my vote due to the vocals playing a major role. I also have seen to have missed one of my own match ups . The Snow Patrol song doesn't really work for me
  7. A Schecter Damien Solo 6 Mustang III Fender Amp(dat santa mug) D4 Korg Also have an Epiphone special two . I should probably clean my room.
  8. It looks like Chicago will Dominate Malmsteen. I love both, I nominated Malmsteen but Chicago gets my vote , It looks like Malmsteen won't see round 2 As far as a predicted winner so far I could see Chicago,Dire Straits, PF, Zeppelin , or Maiden taking this. And I see The Doors, and The Beatles as dark Horses.
  9. This is unfortunate , round 4 is a loss because it won't do both bands either justice. A legendary band will wind up losing round 1. However I am going to have to go with Sultans as I said before Mark's tone leaves me in awe. On the other hand Freddie's vocals are probably just as legendary as Knopflers tone.
  10. For game 4, do you mind switching song 6 (sultans of swing) and 1 ( money for nothing) around for Dire Straits? Also my vote will be going towards TD.
  11. I just find it odd as to why it only registered one vote when I saw several members say the voted for Megadeth after the fix. Or everyone is just now approaching it from a strategical perspective
  12. Something is definitely wrong with the polls last I checked Megadeth had 7 and Bon jovi had 5 now it says Megadeth has one and Bon jovi has 7 and 16 members have cast their votes Shame really IMO Mark is a better vocalist than Freddie and runs circles around Brian May on guitar ( Knopflers tone and dynamics are legendary . Dire Straits unfortunately is too underrated to stand up to Queen. Even If I switched it to Dire Straits best song , Queen would still win. =/ However I still Like Queen but it usually saddens me when no one has ever heard of Dire Straits. As Far as favorites? For match 12 I see Satch coming out on top. Match 11 has two completely different genres going at it. Maiden has a very good chance of winning it all , as does Floyd
  13. They work fine for me. Also is the option to switch songs for certain rounds closed now that we see the match ups? I hate this limit.
  14. Ouch ,Queen vs Dire Straits , Its too bad Dire Straits had winning potential with Sultans. I gave them a weak round one song. Also Lol at two of my solo artists going head to head in first round.