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  1. Skullbuster

    Your reputation on the forums?

    I dont know anymore, ive been here since 2011, I used to be pretty well known, but a lot of the people who knew me from that time either left the forums, the fandom, or became inaccessible. and I havent been active for awhile so I doubt anyone here has even heard of me
  2. Any tips on how I should reinvest my self? I never left the fandom dont get me wrong, but I havent been as into it lately, one thing im going to try is to be more active here, I havent posted here in awhile, or even logged on. thinking about marathoning the show from the beginning. any other ideas?
  3. I am working on an RPG Maker project, that needs a few artists to help me out. A bit about the project its self. The story is set in a dieselpunk style world with fantasy elements mixed in. In this world magic users are rare and kept hidden who fight in the shadows against demons. The story its self follows a street punk who takes revenge on the authoritarian government and eventually discovers demons and helps put a stop to them, along the way he meets a variety of interesting people.. Some details about what I need. My head artist was in the process of putting together an art team, however she has decided to leave to focus on her life and get things together. So the things I need: A character designer, someone who could do well to portray the aesthetics of the 1920's-1940's. Also you will be asked to emulate the former artist's style. Someone who is good with coloring and shading. Someone who can draw backgrounds. And at some point a sprite artist since I want all original assets. Most of the art will be in the form of still images that work as cutscenes. The way the story is told is through dialogue boxes with a character portraits, and still images that show action.
  4. Being on CN would kill MLP, CN currently has a rule with all of its shows being 11 minute shorts, each episode of every show currently on CN is designed to be background noise, quick 11 minute shorts so they can show a lot in a short period of time, its designed to be put on and your children watch it all day long, and lets not forget its sporadic release schedule for its shows, with new episodes being released whenever they feel like it, and often in batches, youll get new episodes uploaded daily, then 2 months later another batch.
  5. Yeah im not a fan of the current style of rap, its stupid, poorly performed and has really lazy writting
  6. So I am in the process of writing an FoE story, i have the first 5 chapters written, but I want to make sure what Im writing is of quality before I continue Here is the story. Any feedback would be appreciated, and if anyone would be willing to help me along as I write it i would really like that
  7. Skullbuster

    OOC Dawn of Pony

    @@Dapper Charmer,@, @@redshell, @@Makazi, Hey guys? what did you stop posting?
  8. Skullbuster

    Private Dawn of Pony

    @@Makazi,@@Dapper Charmer, @@redshell, @, By now, the sun had set and the moon was in the sky, as the air got colder, the large torch in the middle of the clearing was the only source of light and heat near by, the surrounding woods were covered in darkness. The sounds of night animals began to fill the air, the buzzing and chirping of insects, to the occasional howl from a timber wolf
  9. im glad to see one of these was actually made! Back in the day the forums attempted an MLP forums react to season 3 premiere, as you can tell it never really happened
  10. Skullbuster

    OOC Dawn of Pony

    alright every one, now is the time to interact with each other, not just me
  11. Skullbuster

    Private Dawn of Pony

    @@Dapper Charmer, "There is a forest clearing to the north youll know it when you see it" @, @@redshell, "Good, team work, I like it report to the clearing as soon as possible!" @@Makazi, "There is a forest clearing to the east head there young one" "One last thing, when you get to the clearing in the west, you are to tell the group their mission, you must travel to the far north and take a look at the threat that could possibly end us, and if you can, destroy it, if you cant come back and we the tribes will attempt to raise an army to defeat it...which I hope it doesnt come to that because I fear we may destroy our selfs afterwards.." the scribe took a sigh "now go!" After a few hours of travel, each of the party members reach a forest clearing with a torch in the middle to signal the meeting place. It burned brightly in the red orange late evening sky, it would be dark soon
  12. Skullbuster

    Private Dawn of Pony

    @@Makazi, "I just dont know, I just hope this works" the elder said "Fine" the unicorn said "At least take this" he floated out a short sword "Heres a short sword to defend your self in case the pegasus tries to attack you" @, The pegasus warrior "Yes we are, I dont agree with it, but its not up to me. The meeting place is a forest clearing to the south. Take some bronze with you at least some armor." @@redshell, The pegasus turned to Hidden Heart "Are you going too?" @, "Yes, their meeting was during the day time, youll have to get used to acting during the sun hours. Take this cloak when you go" The elder hands him a dark colored cloak
  13. Skullbuster

    OOC Dawn of Pony

    that will do, youll be added on my next post, if you ever have any questions about the world just ask
  14. Skullbuster

    Private Dawn of Pony

    @, "You didnt imagine it, there are different breeds of pony out there, trouble is they hate each other" He conintinued, heading to the mouth of the cave @@Makazi, The elder sighed "I dont know, ive seen the winged ones take out whole villages just for the fun of it, and youll be lucky if a horn head even listens to you" "Answers to what exactly?" The unicorn scribe asked as they headed to the gate
  15. Skullbuster

    OOC Dawn of Pony

    if you edit your character to fit this RP ill let you play the pegasus