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  1. Collab music with some pals! Come check it out, everyone! And... maybe buy the song... if that's okay with you..

  2. Hello everypony! Please, do make yourself at home! Welcome to my Sound Test! It is here where you'll find all of my (as of now) piano-based work, whether they be remixes and arrangements or original compositions, requests and suggestions or high-octane collaborations! Most of my repertoire is Sonic the Hedgehog based, if that tickles your fancy. For Pony-related stuff, there will be a VizardJeffcolt's Sound Test in the future. I can't launch such a thread without having done MLP music, right? Down below is a list of the things I've completed, works-in-progress, as well as tentative/on-going projects. Music links lead to either YouTube videos or Soundcloud files, with name links leading to the hubs of those people. Don't forget to follow me on either side for immediate updates! Do make yourself at home, but don't break anything. Arrangements [As heard on The Sonic Stadium Music Album 2011!] [As heard on TSSMA'11!] Letter Song (under construction) for talespirit (on deviantART) Compositions Mizani (under construction) for Diyaru4500 (on deviantART) -Introduction/WIP Collaborations High Europe! A Spagonia - Rooftop Run medley w/Freen in Green (under construction) *NEW* Riptide Resort ~ Paradise Remix w/Freen in Green, Azukara, and Milo Neil! Adabat - Jungle Joyride w/Wolfy (under construction) ======== UPDATE: [COLLAB] Riptide Resort ~ Paradise Remix w/Freen in Green, Azukara, and Milo Neil http-~~-// ~DESCRIPTION, LYRICS, LINKS~
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      You're very much welcome, bro! :D Glad to be of service!

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      OI! I was freaking out so much that I forgot to actually say thank you! >o<


      ...Thank you! :P

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      VizardJeffcolt're welcome! XD

  3. Oh, don't mind me, just checking out Sonic-inspired music here of a near one month old topic. Not like there's anything relevant I have to say... ...except the things I said here.
  4. Uploaded a new piano tune! "Above the Storm ~ Sky Troops" is up and available, with CRYSTAL CLEAR PIANO SOUND!
  5. The Gerudo King has never looked so dapper...
  6. From what I managed to find, an old RP of ours involved mafia taking over the region using artificially overpowered Pokémon.
  7. So we're restricted to the Gen I and Gen II Pokémon then? ...actually, there was this one RP that we were trying to do on another forum.. Brb, I'll be doing some interwebs sleuthing.
  8. Look up Skype Test Call when you search for Contacts, and boom! There's a million of 'em. AND NOW I KILLED THE MYSTERY. GOOD NIGHT EVERYPONY.
  9. I've played over 500 hours in Pokémon Sapphire and haven't found a single freaking one...! AUGH! The only non-Gyarados one I encountered was in Diamond. The plague of the sea has never looked so fabulous~!