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  1. Merry Christmas! It's been desided so by Discord's fanclub! Enjoy!

  2. Well sometimes I find other plush makers I like through ebay listings. I got Lyra and Bon Bon from an ebay seller called Magicalmoomoo... Bon Bon was an ebay listing, but I commissioned Lyra through her deviantart page.. also, the deviantart member called SpaceVoyager is really good ~ Im next on her commission list for youg Cadence and Private Pansy Fluttershy with removable outfit
  3. Yes I am, and thanks. I love your name - I have a facebook account called Princess Pony! XD
  4. I spent about $400 on t-shirts and hoodies... a few thousand on plushies... my Daring Do alone cost $700, Lyra was $455, Private Pansy Fluttershy $475, Young Princess Cadence $350, another $350 for a custom pony, and I got about 15 others - most cost about $200 each, some more and some less. maybe $100 - $200 on other random pony stuff... SOMEBODY HELP ME!! I DONT HAVE A JOB AND IM NOT RICH!!