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  1. Rush Bros is out on Steam and OUYA!

  2. Rush Bros comes out on steam May 24th!

  3. Oh my god, thread revive. I finally re-recorded all the tracks and got them done after my laziness and busyness. I hope you (finally) Enjoy. MP3s:
  4. Rush Bros needs your help! Please take ten seconds to Upvote the game here:

  5. First off, thank you all for your kind words and support! Right now, he is 96% green light, and only needs 4% more votes. (That's about 115 people) Please, spread the link around and help us get another awesome game on steam!
  6. Hey, Hey, Hey! I'm VioletLinked! I make games and sometimes Portal 2 maps! One of my maps was once on the front page! I like making hard maps that challenge people and present Portal 2 in a new way, so, after a few requests here and there on my YouTube channel and steam, I bring you a successor to my 'I Wanna Build a Portal Map' series, The Gauntlet of Evil! The Gauntlet of Evil is a challenging map for either one or two players. You can download it here: (subscribe to the map on it's steam page, and boot up Portal 2!) Here's the bonus! If you record yourself beating the map (instructions below) you can win the featured hat, which is this one right now: Recording rules n' stuff: You must do it in one run. You must make it to the door, go up to it, and then run back and kill yourself. It must be a youtube video. The video description should link to this map's steam workshop page. A link to the video must be posted in the comments below. I'm VioletLinked!
  7. Hey guys, Violet here with a small request. My friend Ian Boswell has been designing his game 'Rush Bros' for the past year. It is a Racing / Platforming hybrid which takes your MP3 collection and lets you race along to it in real time. Your music changes the traps and environments in real-time. No age-long loading screens analyzing your track. It's instant. You can switch between your music on the fly. The game is multiplayer and single player. You can get a demo here: If you up vote the game on steam, Ian has promised free DLC packs. Please support Indie developers everywhere.
  8. Hi guys! Violet here again for another holiday stream! This time, we have an open schedule, so what ever you want me to do, I'll do it. Whether it be Boshy or Slenderman, Street Fighter or Marvel, I'll do it. So, post below on stuff you'd like me to do or just say so in the stream's chat! I'll be streaming on my twitch channel here: ...or If you'd like, I'm also streaming on My steam is the 6th stream from the top labeled 'Violet's Stream'. Ian and others may also be streaming, who knows! I hope you invite your friends to watch another awesome stream as we count down to the new year! The stream will start tomorrow night, 12/31/12, somewhere around 8 o' clock CST. Follow me on twitter for constant updates on it and test streams here: I'll probably update this post and other stuff when the stream starts, too. Streaming! Link: or Hope you come watch! Movies, Games, and much more! You pick what I play as we count down to 2013! Happy New Year! STREAM IS OVER! TUNA WITH BACON CRASHED THE STREAM LOL
  9. Sounds interesting. I might be able to help. I can do the shadow Bolts and/or the Royal guards. My skype: VioletLinked email: EDIT: VA thing attached. VioletLinkedVAThing.mp3
  10. I draw with a tablet using a device known as a 'tablet pen'. This revolutionary piece of technology allows me to glide my cursor across my screen and draw without the need of a pencil or a mouse. In other sorts, I just got a Bamboo splash too! I'm currently using PaintTool SAI and it works flawlessly. As stated by other people above, it will take some getting used to. Just take your time- Doodle every now and then to teach yourself how to draw on a tablet.
  11. A Logitech mic. I do not personally have one, but what I have heard they are really good for their price tag. Also. Logitech doesn't only make good products, they support them. Once, my cat chewed threw a audio cord for my speakers, and Logitech gave me a whole new set with no questions and no warranty discussion. These guys rock.
  12. I can somewhat do a Big Mac and Pinkie dot Mov voice. Name and/or Nickname : Violet Age : 15 Skype : VioletLinked Mic : Yes. Past experience : I make games. I code n' stuff. I do art stuff too. Anything else : My e-mail is
  13. Megaman, Tails, Ryu, Ken, Sonic, Roll, Bomberman, Fio from Metal Slug (She's already in KoF), Snake, Raiden, Rayman, Ezio, etc, etc. Lots of characters.
  14. Hasbro has already had it funded, so it WILL happen, no doubt. I'm guessing we will get to Season 8 at max. Let's see how long the gravy train can roll on.