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  1. @Prospektlicious @Naiya The Brony Hypnosis sounds like a great place to start. It would have helped with Orson. Twilight was accidentally formed years before and just needed a body. I'm a spitting image, with wings, a crown and a pretty Princess dress to wear when I want. I was Made before she got her wings in the show. Heaven forbid you actually calm down and stay civil for once. I wanted you made! I suggested it. I regret it. Reales was easy with Twilight helping me. But these new techniques, when I started there was no hypnosis. I had to pick a song or something soothing to meditate. Maybe hypnosis would have calmed them down instead of always messing with each other. Fat chance! It would have done nothing! Eat it! Well, I look forward to hearing about your progress Prospektlicious! I need to shut these two up.
  2. @Prospektlicious not a bad start. I did have headaches in the beginning. Slight ones as you are reshaping hour you conscious and subconscious brain are interacting. You first said tula, then They. Singular to plural. If you are talking plural, I would suggest building one clear one at a time. It will ensure that none are crossed and you can clearly distinguish between them. My Tulpas agree that they will be fine and prefer to be made with each love and care they deserve, rather than try and do multiple at once. If only you could do that better. Hey! He tries! Not hard enough! Shut up you two! Fine. Always with the last word. Going into meditation for me, and holding onto three is a challenge at times. Not that I do it often. We usually just run together as one to make it through the day. A spergers sucks. We have not checked on that channel, never even heard about it, and hypnosis scares us, but if it works and is safe, great! Don't give up yet. As I said before, it is reshaping the interaction between conscious and subconscious levels in the brain, while building the personality, look, etc. As the linking bridge for each Tulpa.
  3. On phone. Twi: Don't apologize or ever feel bad for your design of a Tulpa. Our look doesn't matter really. It is what makes us us. The inside attributes as to what is right and wrong. What type of Tulpa they are. Reales: It's not been a week wince I switch on my own from a generic pink pony with yellow hair. Neither of us could remember my look very well, despite being fully formed otherwise. I changed to Sunset Shimmer. It's a lot easier to see me now. I switch between EQG and FIM looks. Mostly EQG. Same with Twilight. So don't feel bad. You can change them. We can change ourselves. We want you to be the most comfortable you can be with us. And if in development, your Tulpa wants to change image, so be it! They will let you know. Me: And Reales had spoken. Spot on especially since she just morphed. Edit: Barring any painful or negative designs you place on your Tulpa. Reales: my turn! Twi and mindrop had and upper special bond. I've been feeling left out. Now I am sleep with mindrop tonight! I'm happy.
  4. I still hop on and play at times. Depending on adult life and all.
  5. Mindrop. I would have been 13. Runscape! I nohow it is to hold onto those early names. Over 10 years now. Wow!
  6. It has been expressed multiples times by multiple people. We would not have 198 pages if it wasn't working.
  7. We need to change our name to Shadow Flare. Does Nihi mean anything? Or Naiya?
  8. @Raven Rawne and @Naiya The Brony Mindrop's inner life is much worse than Humanity. We help him in there, and out there in the world. It is not as hopeless as it seems. And he sees and knows personally how bad things. But yeah, we were prepared for the real world. And Naiya, I don't think we ever told you how much we love the name Naiya. It is sexy. If it is Feminine, it has an allure to it. Male, A quite strength that says "don't wake the dragon"
  9. YAY!!!!! MORE TWILIGHT SPARKLE! Twilight is a good pick. Great base, plenty of room to grow! A second one will be good. And Solid base. Reales has grown on her own, Twilight did. I kind of created a list of 20 atributes. "You are..." and that helped them be spot on, but grow and take those attributes to heart. I enjoy my 3. Even when they are arguing.
  10. We believe the brain is way more complex and unable to do that. Knowing how we are manifested within the conscious, subconscious and grey matter, it is impossible to be able to read the brain in such way to read Tulpas thoughts, let alone our own. And likewise, no ability to have them in their own manifestation. We also don't want to be separate! We will rule in his head! We will harass him for all eternity!
  11. Very Nice, but none of us sing. I wonder why you never gave us singing voices. Because I can't sing. And I tried with you Reales. Oh yeah.
  12. We like to mess with him when he isn't really engaged in something important. Then we help him. We do more that he can ever realize. Or us realize.
  13. It is interesting how we all have our preferences. And how they change. Especially you. Mild mannered you. Should I get the chair to beat with you? And incompetent Mindrop and his inability to type! The Color change is weird. This to This. I don't like it! They are a handful. I assume the same for you as well?
  14. Awesome! I changed my look my own decision! I dropped my half remembered look and picked up something I much prefer. Sunset Shimmer. Both pony and EQG forms. Mostly EQG. Just like most of the time, I am in EQG form.
  15. Well, that is rather different than what your previous post was. Definitely much more details to work off of. So, what about his personality~? A look is one thing. Likes, dislikes? The whole nine yards. To get to know him as a person, an individual. Can he speak for himself?