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  1. Rainbow Dash Loyalty

    Gaming Attack on Titan Tribute Game

    I loved the anime ^.^ But the game is just so bloody hard to control for me... My friends were thinking of doing some LAN party or something to play this game, which would be hilarious just to see us all fail x)
  2. Rainbow Dash Loyalty

    The Last of Us DLC: Left Behind. Spoiler Alert!

    I absolutely loved the game and the DLC. And I had the same reaction at first when I first saw that particular scene, but it really is kinda cute in a sort of way. And I just love how they're both just kids who are still able to have fun even in a screwed up, post-apocalyptic world. I honestly wish they made more single player DLCs instead of multiplayer :V
  3. Rainbow Dash Loyalty

    Ponycon AU 2014!

    Yeah, I'm kinda broke myself ;_; But it was totally worth it. I'd much rather meet the voice actress of Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy and the voice actor of Big Mac rather than the voice actor of Shining Armor I really regret not vlogging and taking more photos oh the Con though, it was just such an amazing time! ^.^
  4. Rainbow Dash Loyalty

    Ponycon AU 2014!

    Totally! I might be going to Sydneigh though, so maybe we could arrange something there. Also, I realized you play TF2! Did you see that guys cosplay of the blue spy? It was pretty damn well-done!
  5. Rainbow Dash Loyalty

    Ponycon AU 2014!

    I went as well! Had a great time there ^.^ It was so awesome to meet Andrea Libman and Peter New, I'm already missing the con already T.T
  6. Rainbow Dash Loyalty

    Gaming Best Multiplayer Game?

    You should definitely try out New Super Mario Bros. or Rayman Origins/Legends! It's not exactly some extreme video game with intense explosions and guns all out blazing, but it's definitely really fun platform to play with friends. There are also some fighting games like Super Smash Bros or Playstation All Stars Battle Royale, which is also worth a try if you need any entertaining games for a small party or something!
  7. Rainbow Dash Loyalty



    I'm just waiting for the midnight fireworks on TV :V
  8. Rainbow Dash Loyalty

    Mega Thread Rate the Avatar of the User Above You!

    Looks badass o: Plus its a bigger sized avatar ;3 10/10
  9. Rainbow Dash Loyalty

    what should have been flutter shys ability in episode 6.

    I was happy with the power she had already ;P It's not like she gets angry all the time, and when she does...it's bloody awesome. Any other power I could think of is some sort of laser vision every time she does her 'stare' or something.
  10. Rainbow Dash Loyalty

    S04:E04 - Daring Don't

    This episode...wow... I can't explain how much I loved this episode! ^.^ I just loved seeing RD and DD adventuring together, it really was a dream come to life to meet your favorite hero, especially knowing that the stories weren't fictional And this is only the beginning of Season 4! I can't wait to see all the rest!
  11. Rainbow Dash Loyalty

    Surrogate Scootalove Day

    Jesus, this moment melted my heart into liquid ;-; It was so beautifully cute
  12. Rainbow Dash Loyalty

    Why are people such jerks on the internet?

    Because you can be anyone on the internet, whether you're a really nice person online when you're really an asshole in real life or if you're a douchebag online and actually a victim of being bullied in reality. I can sort of understand why people do it, but I don't know why they do it, if people can just reflect on themselves and see what they're actually doing then they should realize how much of a dick they are. It could be for their own selfish entertainment, which is incredibly dick-headed for a person to enjoy themselves by watching someone else suffer. I hate it when people like that get away with it as well, they can practically do anything on the internet without feeling shame so they can keep doing what they're doing...It's pathetic and pitiful...
  13. Rainbow Dash Loyalty

    Has Discord changed in the Season 4 Premiere?

    His personality hasn't changed, and I love it. I was hoping he wouldn't be a goody-two shoes and make everything too easy. I like what the writers did to him. He's still his old self, just as humorous as before, but now he doesn't abuse his power to create his own chaos (Or at least when nobody is looking xP).
  14. Rainbow Dash Loyalty

    How will you prepare for S4?

    Well I'm just going over a friends house for the night with a bunch of other friends :3 We're all just going to stay awake until 2am because that's when it airs >.< (Damn time zones) And after that we're going to watch the Doctor Who anniversary movie thing xP Although I haven't seen Doctor Who before, I'll be glad to watch it with my mates.
  15. Rainbow Dash Loyalty

    Create the most unpopular idea for a episode ever.

    An episode to make everyone in the fandom disappointed? Easy ;P Show all the mane 6 characters have a relationship with another pony and make the whole episode about romance and dating