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  1. The finale left my speechless

  2. School camp tomorrow WOOT :D

  3. Sorry for the random interruption in your profile. Do you have the full link of your avatar? I really like it. It's okay if it's too much trouble finding it. You don't have to...

  4. Request Shop I would like to draw you a picture

    Haha, your artwork isn't crap at all! It's far better than my work at least x) And I really like your drawings ^.^ Is it alright if you can draw my OC Fire Force? I'd love to see what you can do with him!
  5. I said to myself that I would study, turns out that's not happening :V

  6. Gaming Attack on Titan Tribute Game

    I loved the anime ^.^ But the game is just so bloody hard to control for me... My friends were thinking of doing some LAN party or something to play this game, which would be hilarious just to see us all fail x)
  7. There has been so many birthdays in my classes in the past week...not to mention another one tomorrow c: Happy Birthday to everyone I guess haha

    1. Zygen


      I guess alot of babies are born in February ;p,


      My birthdays in April, I dunno how heavily populated that is in terms of birthday months, seems like the first few months of the year and the last few are the most populated, but maybe its just me.

    2. Rainbow Dash Loyalty

      Rainbow Dash Loyalty

      Agreed :P I don't hear about too many birthdays in the middle of the year xP Maybe 1 or 2 a month or so.

  8. The Last of Us DLC: Left Behind. Spoiler Alert!

    I absolutely loved the game and the DLC. And I had the same reaction at first when I first saw that particular scene, but it really is kinda cute in a sort of way. And I just love how they're both just kids who are still able to have fun even in a screwed up, post-apocalyptic world. I honestly wish they made more single player DLCs instead of multiplayer :V
  9. Everyone is just celebrating Valentines Day and then there's just me whose waiting for new Last of Us DLC :)

  10. I just love it when it rains ^.^

    1. Sig Hoovestrong

      Sig Hoovestrong

      Yea, i kind like it to from time to time.

    2. Makmak
  11. Request Shop Simple OC Drawings (CLOSED)

    Is it alright if you could draw my OC Fire Force? (: I'd greatly appreciate it ^.^ And thanks for doing so!
  12. Ponycon AU 2014!

    Yeah, I'm kinda broke myself ;_; But it was totally worth it. I'd much rather meet the voice actress of Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy and the voice actor of Big Mac rather than the voice actor of Shining Armor I really regret not vlogging and taking more photos oh the Con though, it was just such an amazing time! ^.^
  13. Ponycon AU 2014!

    Totally! I might be going to Sydneigh though, so maybe we could arrange something there. Also, I realized you play TF2! Did you see that guys cosplay of the blue spy? It was pretty damn well-done!