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  1. Well I noticed it but never really look at it with detail. But I mean now that you point it out.....I guess it looks a little out of place, but I mean it doesn't bother me too much :3
  2. Hmmmm, he'd kinda stand out in a place where there's lots of bright colors. So, maybe he'd be some really creepy janitor guy. YES. NOW HE CAN REALLY BE JANITOR
  3. kirbyboi

    Visual Art Ash Holding Pikachu (drawing)

    http://pikadash14.deviantart.com/ Thanks so much for the comment! And thanks to ALL of you for the comments, it really means a lot to me, and I'm glad you guys all like it. I'm sorry I couldn't respond to you all sooner!! Just wanted to give a big thanks to you all! The drawing took around 1-2 hours to do. It was tough, but thankfully I eventually managed to do it Again, thanks you guys, and I might post some pony art soon!!
  4. I think losing to Chrysalis was her biggest failure. Mainly because as a Queen, you always have to be on-guard and prepared to defend your people. So, losing to someone like Chrysalis must've been very embarassing and shameful to everyone, especially considering her power as ruler.
  5. Well, I've been using deviantart for a couple weeks now, and decided to post some artwork. So I ended up drawing a Pokemon drawing. It took a while to draw, but I hope you all like it! Worked really hard on it.
  6. Well, I don't think their CREEPY, but I do wish they were more movie accurate. I mean, I know its a toy-line, so they have to make them all girly and monster-high looking, but I mean being more accurate with the movie would've been great. I would also like to see them make a Flash Sentry! Then again..... OH GOD WHAT WILL HE LOOK LIKE I might buy one for the heck of it. But those dolls are so similar to Monster High! And last time I checked, Rainbow Dash and the others weren't too fond of lipstick XP. But yeah I might buy one at some pojnt
  7. No. I really don't think she became the damsel in distress. Yeah, she loves Flash. Everyone falls in love at one point. But does that make us weak? No. Flash did have to help her at some parts, but think about it: she used the elements of harmony HERSELF (along with her friends) to beat Sunset Shimmer. Notice how she also nearly wrestling sunset shimmer to get her crown back. Plus, she doesn't need help ALL the time. Knowing twilight, she likes to handle things herself a lot. Plus, if anything, I think Twilight beame STRONGER as a princess, and I believe that she will become even more
  8. No, I really don't think Equetria is on Earth. It may have Earth-like QUALITIES, but I believe that Equestria is located in another place, universe, ect. The best explanation would be that Equestria is simply in a totally different place, but they have the same landforms and looks as Earth. They also have similar cultures to Earth, and just happen to be candy-colored ponies who speak good english. :3
  9. I think the love plot was a bit 'thrown in there, but other than that I actually think it's pretty cute how Twilight and Flash Sentry were together. I was actually hoping to see Flash Sentry in season four. I mean in my opinion as a character he was pretty good, and relly deserved more than just the movie. But I really didn't mind them being together. It's too bad the writers couldnt have included him into the actual show as well. After all, he IS a royal guard for Celestia. Wouldn't be surprised if Twilight happened to run into him in the real show ;3
  10. I don't mind spike being a dog, I think it fit him very well! But that would also be cool if he were a human. I mean in a way him, Appleloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo are technically the same age I'm guessing. So if he were human it'd be cute to see them all together :3 But I mean as a dog he's cool too! I actually liked it, it was fun, adorable, and just fit him well.
  11. Haha yeah I agree, as a person who wears glasses, I can really see where your getting at! Depending on who/how the person wears them, it looks good! Twilight with glasses could work too and when Rarity wears her glasses I think it looks good! I mean, I don't mind glasses......you could look pretty or cool with them on too! X3
  12. No, I honestly think it's the right amount of moderating not too much, not too little. Way better than most mods you see on other forums. This forum is one of the best I've been on. And I think the mods do a great job at moderating and keeping this forum and fun and safe environment. So thanks you guys~~~!!! Your awesome!!!
  14. True, they DO have a lot in common....and Twilight is the time period between night and day, so....I dunno, really. But who knows, maybe she could be related to them by niece or something. I mean, Prince Blueblood was somehow related to Celestia, and he was only a unicorn, not an alicorn. Twilight EARNED her wings, she din't have them from the start. But maybe there's a SMALL chance, but I kinda doubt it. But....who knows?
  15. Yeah, some people misunderstand the term But here's my opinion on what the definition means. I think that a brony is someone who is a fan/watches the show MLP:FiM (both male and female) who are above the targeted age of the audience. But I mean, I guess little kids could count as bronies I guess, but it depends :3 I mean there's numerous definitions for one...who knows, maybe the term will be added into the dictionary one day!!! But for now I think that's the most reasonable/simple way to put it.
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