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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. Merry Birthiversary! 

  3. It's been 8 years huh? I stopped watch a few years back for various reasons but I never stopped loving what the show did for me. Like many who watched the show, being social was an uphill battle but the experiences I've gained from viewing and participating in welcoming community strengthened me as a person. I went from hoodie wearing inoffensjve wall flower to the take charge leader that I am today. I just want to express my thanks, to all the people i've met and friends made.

  4. Luna:A woman with glittering hair who suddenly appeared in the La Veda Republic when the battle with the gods began. She fought the gods with a giant lance and her heroism and mysterious origins led some to worship her as a messiah. This ended when she spoke. Luna was very foul-mouthed. What she said was so terrible that it was never recorded in the history books.

  5. Wasn't Trixie-ism a thing for a time? People (hopefully) pretended to eat nothing but peanut butter crackers and pinecones. Good times.
  6. Insert title Insert Joke

  7. Very unfortunate that people have yet to respond to this thread but that may be due to the misspelled title and lack of information for those who don't know about Brave Frontier. This mobile game is superb in it's art style, game play mechanics and the fact that it is free. My personal information is: Friend Code:5181009914 Team: Gold Queen Rina, Black Lotus Lunaris, Twin Arms Rickel, Head Chef Lancia, And Death Idol Kikuri. Lv: 76 Arena Rank: Sage For those who don't know what Brave Frontier is, Click the links below. http://m.youtube.com/?hl=en-GB&gl=GB#/watch? v=qQhe1A65xkghttp://bravefrontierglobal.wikia.com/wiki/Brave_Frontier_Wiki
  8. It would seem that in most cases an individual is first attracted to the personality of the pony which would then turn into a physical attraction in order to acquire the pony as a companion. If one wasn't able to engage in "physical" activities with said pony then they would settle with a purely platonic relationship with the pony that has their desired personality traits.
  9. How quickly bored doodles can become a semi complicated formula for calculating variance in time based on speed.

  10. Crepuscule Coruscate: most sophisticated way to say Twilight Sparkle ever.

  11. XrosOver


    This adds other onto the list of people who have infinitely more talent than me. It looks great.
  12. Stop the presses! This massage is terrible.

    1. Panne


      *Blasts airhorn* Okay the presses have been stopped...

  13. Two things. 1. NO Sparity (Spike x Rarity) shipping plot lines. 2. Hasbro using the show completely marketing tool even though that is the corporate goal of the show.
  14. With recent events, I should have invested money in the hype train.