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    Everyone thinks that a child doesn't know the value of money ... But, they do, they see it as a piece of paper, not something controlling, or something that corrupts people.

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  1. I have no idea why, but this is making me laugh, I'm just going to put this on repeat:

    1. AppleDashFan


      Because pinkie pie hahahaha. She is infectious.

  2. I think that would be utterly amazing. Also, after watching the show like when it is like that, "I'M TRIPPING UP MAN, I'M TRIPPING UP MAN!"
  3. Wouldn't we just get used to that, then that would be normal after a couple of days for that :3 I always used to think what would happen if zombies took over, wouldn't they just procreate, and later evolve into regular humans, or they would just die off.
  4. That's messed up. Why wouldn't you spladoodle inside Button's Mom.
  5. I want to spladoodle inside Button's Mom.
  6. I love the new Logo so much bleghelegegeglegelgeghl.

  7. I liked Toxic, I don't hate her other songs, just dislike them a little bit. I remember, I had this game a few years back where I could drum it or something on some little drum controller. It was the best game ever, you could even play the theme of DBZ Also, I like the background of the song 'Rise and Shine' (Blood On The Dance Floor) Which, some of their songs get well deserved hate, but that one is pretty good excluding the vocals.
  8. I'm am saying that it is too broad a term because of the artists not the type of music. People can add a bass to anything, slap the label dubstep to it and people will love it, it is broad because of all the people who make dubstep, not the types. Anywho, I leave you with this
  9. I like dubstep, I make it occasionally for fun, it is not my favorite, not because it is not good, but because dubstep is too broad a term, you can fit terrible artists in the genre of dubstep, hell, someone could crash pans together and put a bass with it and call it dubstep. What I am trying to say is I don't like dubstep as a favorite because to is WAY too broad a term and applies to anyone who calls their music dubstep.
  10. Do not scare me like that, I thought that another member was going, don't just do that, I was reading then I was all 'Aaaaw' now I am all 'Zoop, stahp trolling'
  11. Look back on this! Look back on it! You foretold an episode! QUICK, say more things like a BG Pony episode! But make sure you say you don't want one, or else we won't get it. (I honestly do not know what I am saying :3)
  12. I can't believe no one has said anything yet, YOU MADE A GOD DANG GAME!!! Don't see many people who can say that, sadly I don't have any Apple™ products, I will have to borrow my friends IPod soon. But come on this guy deserves recognition!
  13. Very good considering you used a mouse, I am used to drawing with paper but I have one of those clunky drawing tablets somewhere. Very nice drawing, very nice.
  14. Opera is best browser :3

    1. Commander Urdnot
    2. Shiki


      I prefer chrome, but Opera is a close second. I don't like the way the tabs look on it. :v That's pretty much the only thing stopping me from using that, instead.