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  1. Oh my God I am so so so so so sorry it took me so long! I've had this art ready to be scanned in (yes I got a scanner finally!) for ages but I kept forgetting and I'm SO sorry! But here it is. I decided to draw your OC as a horse, too, just a thing I was trying out at the time. I really hope you like it....Erm...Sorry again. 3
  2. So this is my first time trying to upload with a scanner (and for some reason it doesn't work on tumblr. Any ideas why?) Please critique it, but keep in mind this: I do not draw hands. Hands are my enemy. So don't yell at me for not drawing them. Also I don't want to color it. Here's the drawing:
  3. I live in Illinois with my mom, stepdad, stepsister, and brother. Every other weekend, I spend the weekend at my dad's (like right now). Here, I'm with my dad, stepmom, brother, half-brother, and half-sister. Both half-siblings are adorable since brother is 3 and sister is 3 months. My dad has a big, spacious, two-story house in a not-too-pretty-not-too-ugly neighborhood. My mom has a one-floor, cozier (but more expensive) house in the most beautiful but most confusing to navigate neighborhood (we also have a gigantic backyard). I know what I want to be when I grow up; unfortunately, so does my mother, and we have very different opinions. I believe a job should be something I find fun; she believes a job should be something you like well enough, that earns you an acceptable amount of money. I want to open a bakery; she wants me to become an engineer, doctor, biologist, etc. Not to mention my grandma (who lives all the way in Poland) who actually thinks I want to be a biologist or a pharmacist. My stepsister is my age (well, half a year older - she turned 15 in October and I turn 15 in April), and she's nice most of the time, but kind of "keep-your-hands-off-my-stuff-this-is-mine-that-is-mine-too" (she also likes to give me opinions on how I lead my life: when I shower, how I shower, what I like to wear, what kind of wedding I want and that ruffly dresses do not work with beach weddings, etc.) sometimes; my brother is 10 and is the most annoying being on earth, 'nuff said; my half-brother is 3 and likes to be loud and obnoxious but I can't ever be mad at him because he's too cute; and my half-sister is adorable, but doesn't do much because she's 3 months old. So yeah, that's my family and my life in general. :3
  4. ~Chaotic Luna~'s avatar. Cutest. Thing. Ever. I'm in love with the avatar. Not the user. The avatar. I don't have anything for funniest or coolest.
  5. It all depends. This week I had finals so I tried to go to bed earlier than usual (key word: tried. the earliest I could was 9:30 PM) At my mom's (divorced parents), I have a bedtime, so I'm in bed by 10:30 -.- Even on weekends. At my dad's, I don't, so I go to sleep whenever I like. On Friday I had finals so I was in bed at 10:30 PM, but last night I was not tired at all so I went to bed around 11:30-12:00 PM.
  6. Actually, you do have the correct proportions. The only thing I'd say would be, maybe make the neck thicker and the hair a little less messy. I actually love your art! :3
  7. Before I start critiquing, can I just say that I think what you did is really creative?! You've created your own Mane 6, and you've given them each a name and personality! Way to go~ However there are some things wrong with this (you knew it was coming). I'm guessing her name is Dawn Minuet or something similar, but she looks like she's standing behind the group, excluded. You've not made her big enough. It's a bit messy, too, like you said. And that makes me see only 5/6 expressions, which brings me to my next point. Every singly pony is sticking out her/his tongue. Come on. Couldn't you have given them a little variety? That, and they're all standing in the same position. I have never seen the real Mane Six stand like that, and even if they did, I'm sure they would've had different face expressions. The only one that I see that has a slightly different face expression is Sunset. So give variety! A person does not like to see picture after picture of the same emotion and same position. Now onto the compliments. You've made every hairstyle different, and you've made most of them wear clothes. That's variety. I like it. It gives me something slightly different to look at each time! Not to mention the proportions are right. Yeah, so, I'd like to see this cleaner, maybe? And wouldn't it look cool shaded!
  8. OH MY GOD DERPY. Okay, well, anyway. The art is really cute Especially the scarf. But there's a couple things I'd like to point out, so if it's okay with you, here goes. The general proportions seem correct, but are actually a bit off. The head and torso are fine, so are the back legs. But the front legs are too long. I can see how you got them wrong - bent legs are the hardest - but be careful with them. The only other thing wrong with the proportions is the wing. The eye could be better, because the line with which you drew the outline is a bit wobbly. (Another thing: it's not really wrong, but if you ask me, the scarf is too short!) I like how you shaded the drawing. Not too 3D, so it still had the cartoony feel, but just enough so that it doesn't look completely fake. Good job! The tail and mane are perfect, no work needed there. I just wish you'd added a cloud or something, because right now the drawing is a little...boring. Keep drawing!
  9. Hey, this is really cool? Mind if I critique? The first one if completely fine...until you get to the torso and legs. You've made the torso much too small, then probably made the legs based on that, right? So it makes the legs look short, too. So, I'd say make the torso longer and thicker, and then base the legs off of that, and they should look fine. The tail seems a bit small, too. I like the work you did with the armour. He's well protected! It's detailed. See, if you hadn't made the armour detailed, it would have seen stiff and hard to move in. Armour has to have chinks, otherwise the knight can't move, so good job on that. If you shaded the drawing, it would look even better! In the second drawing, the legs and torso are better - in fact the torso is almost perfect - but you've made the legs too short. Simply making them longer would fix that (...duh.) I'm kind of confused about the multi-colored stripe on his chin. Is it a beard? His tail is a bit too straight, too. Look to the above drawing. In this one, his tail is rounded in the places it should be. I do like the shape of his face a lot. I don't know what you're doing with that, but keep doing it! I also love the style of his mane. Really cool! And his tail is the correct size! (Yay!) In this drawing, I believe, his face expression has more personality than in the drawing above it. I like face expression, but it's hard to do, because you really have to play with the eyes and mouth correctly to get the expression you want. Okay, well, that's all, and keep drawing!
  10. That is a really good idea. It's sad nopony else but ~Lawful Pegasister~ has commented on the idea..
  11. I've a question about this whole tulpa thing. A while ago I started then stopped, now I plan on starting again, but with a different character. I'm wondering: after a while, like 10 hours, what if I started reading books to her? In my head? Would it change anything? I don't know why I would want to read books to her. It's just a random question.
  12. Oh goodness. That's a scary, scary pony. But I like him! He seems like the type that Chrysalis would want on her team, but then he would turn out to actually be good and not want to work with her. Anyway, the style you used is really nice. I like that you actually added a background (most people don't). Oracle himself looks very cool, like he hasn't slept in days or something...and the speaking bubble is so detailed that I can almost imagine what his voice would sound like! However, I think the bottoms of the legs are much too big (but maybe that's just your style, I don't know). His front right leg seems to be thick everywhere, not just the bottom, and I doubt you meant for it to look like that. Um, the tail is a bit too bushy, too. Though, again, you probably meant that... Anyway, really nice job, and I hope you keep drawing art because you're really good!
  13. This is really good. Did you use a source? There's not much wrong with this, except that maybe the front legs are too short. I would also say maybe color the ponies, or at least their eyes, because non-colored eyes are....well, just imagine if your eyes were all white except a couple of lines here and there....yeah. Scootaloo's hair looks a bit small on her, too. But that's all. I'd really like seeing this colored~! (Yes, I know you have no drawing tools. But as soon as you get some...^-^)
  14. Oh then I'm sorry! Galaxy and star then, even better! :3 Anyways, good job and I hope I did go as easy on you as I meant....(meaning, I didn't hurt your feelings did I?)
  15. Glad that the melancholy/lonely part is what you wanted, and the not-your-typical-unicorn thing you've got going on is awesome! Groggy is more mule like :3 the design comes from old English unicorns. Groggy has a beard when a tad older too, but I guess maybe I need to change that to having the beard around at all stages of life (that’s another confusing aspect now that I think about it) umm I will try and get the values better next time, thank you ^-^ yha his horn can be a bit hard at times, its meant to be ivory and shade on ivory tents to look more muted and kind of yellowed and high lights tend to not really effect ivory (unless it is glossed with something). Due to this going over board is kind of easy to do so I was too scared of going overboard with it so that instead, it didn’t get the tender love and care it needed v-v As for the neck that’s kind of funny that you say to not be afraid to make it thicker XD cuz I had it thicker but then was worried that it looked wrong so a chickened out and made it thinner. I will stick more to what I had originally next time and see if that works more ^-^ “Besides that, Groggy looks like he's sitting on hair, because his mane is the same color as the shadow under him. Changing the color of either one would fix that.” It is hair. It’s trimmed more straightly than originally (where it’s scruffy from never being brushed) but it is hair. Old English unicorns often have feathering behind their legs, and that is where the design is based on. And apart from that yha Groggy is sitting on air as there was no plan for a background. “The face expression and colors emphasize sadness and loneliness to me” yes! That is what I wanted ^-^ yay. As for the cutie mark, I intend it to be a lantern. Groggy carries a lantern around, it’s meant to be the lantern from Amnesia but I need to get better at drawing lanterns v.v It’s meant to be more of a symbolic cutie mark and I’m working on making the short story for when Groggy received it when walking home.