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  1. w1kk3d

    Brony Magazine

    I saw your other post, I thought that my main topic was just hidden. Thank you! And thanks to everyone else as well. It wouldn't be JUST shipping, in fact I wouldn't say much of ANY except the cover of the magazine, as a joke. It would have top fanfiction, maybe contests, top photos. Basically EQD In a fun PDF style magazine.
  2. I have seen quite a few comments, and have a few writers right now. Maybe two artists, yet one for now. But a couple of us want to make a funny "digital magazine" top stories, interviews. So far the largest argument against is, it'd just be a monthly PDF of EQD. But who would be interested? And more so would anyone enjoy contributing?! If you also wonder where I got this hair brained idea, it was from those funny Playbrony pictures. I noted they stopped making them. I picked it up, made a few myself and they have received a lot of positive comments! But a recurring one is something lik
  3. What's somepony's email for the iOS 5 iMessage!! I barely have to talk to with it. :( i'm halo_trecky@msn.com add me :)

    1. Dragonshy


      Wait. Just an email?

  4. http://www.fimfiction.net/story/18467/Mystery-Mash-Up I wrote a new fanfiction ♥ A Daring Do, Doctor Whooves mash up.
  5. I just got back from seeing The Hunger Games... one of the best films I have ever seen!

    1. Plasmastorm X-15

      Plasmastorm X-15

      LOL My friend won`tshut up about it.

  6. That is a small section of my back yard from about.... 4 hours, or so, ago. But.... Happy Spring!
  7. Alright, so Disney and cult movies seem to be winning. I'll try and have the time pole up by tomorrow. I'm still working out what to put, but I think I have it.
  8. Finally got universe Sandbox working on Twitch.tv! http://www.twitch.tv/w1kk3d

  9. wow.... That's incredible..! YAY SCIENCE!!!
  10. Alright, idk if there is much need to over power the video it'll be nice to watch with the community <3
  11. Brilliant This could really help. I was doing a "stress test" of sorts the other day. with my live stream channel. I'm not sure how a movie would go on mine, but I'll get a few friends to take a look.
  12. lol yeah after that she was a little pissed, but after seeing I was hurt felt bad We broke up a few months after that, she said I was too sarcastic and egotistical
  13. This is actually a funny story! But! When I was snowboarding with my old middle school, I had this sort of "girlfriend" and we were at the top of whatever hill was just above the bunny hill and she asked how she looked in her new snow outfit, I said "well you look like big fat ball of fluff" meant to be cute... she pushed me, and i slid a ways, into a tree and broke my arm and bruised my hip bone and leg. Fun times!
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