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  1. I remember you... you should come back sometime, happy birthday. ^_^

  2. Grattis på födelsedagen! :)

  3. I'm happy the RP isn't dead, and that I actually got the notifications this time xD I'll try to stay active when it comes to life again! ^^
  4. (OOC: Hey, why haven't I gotten any notifications that this RP has been updated? Sorry guys, I'll try to keep up better) Alice tried to get her eyes to stop being so blurry while the man was talking, she could barely make up what he said, but she thought that Candlemon could always repeat it if it was important to know everything. What she heard was about their power and their battles. "Great... Next time I will figure out something better than to act as a weird sight disturber, my hands hurts...". She suddenly felt something in her hand. Looking down she managed to figure out it was the crest the man was talking about. Shrugging slightly, she put it around her neck. Later when they had decided to head towards the beach, Alice walked in silence with Candlemon next to her. "Are you okay? You have been awfully quiet since the fight" "Hmm?... Oh sorry, I'm fine" Her words didn't not ease her partners worries though, but Candlemon stopped asking.
  5. "I heard it too" Candlemon answered Kuramon, also looking around for the source of the voice. Alice followed the example and looked around too, but the head movement made her dizzy resulting in her putting her hands up to her head - which made her flinch a little. She had been careful when she had comforted Sakura, but this time she had forgotten about her hands and they stung by the contact.
  6. (OOC: writing this on my phone so I apologize for any weird language mistakes and such) Wizardmon tried the best he could to help the others with attacking, but since he had stayed in his champion form so long his powers were drained. But then he saw Kyuubimon, then Renamon who finally managed to beat the female devil his partner was desperately clinging to. He hurried over to Alice to catch her when the digimon she hung on to disappeared in pixels. Alice was heavily breathing and her hands looked almost burned, but otherwise she was okay. Wizardmon flew down wih her to the other humans who had circled around Sakura and the egg she held close to her. Putting togheter the pieces she had missed, Alice limped over to Sakura and put a hand on her shoulder in a comforting manner. Wizardmon followed, but looked down on the egg instead. He streched out a hand towards the egg, and a warm green light started to glow. Before any if them could ask, Candlemon once again stood before them. "Don't worry, just gave her a little energy boost." the candle said with a small smile. The least I could with how useless I was in the fight, he continued but only in his head.
  7. "Thank you Sakura" Alice answered with a small smile. She turned her head towards her Digimon partner, who tipped his hat in response, and then turned back to Sakura. "Glad I met you guys." She continued to say while squeezing the other girl's hand a little, before reaching up her opposite hand and getting lifted up in the air by her Digimon partner. Letting go of Sakura's hand, Alice got carried over in a circular motion towards Lady Devimon who was occupied with the other Digimons to notice her. When she arrived right behind the evil Digimon, Wizardmon let go of her hand and she grabbed onto the devil digimon's back and head - obscuring her eyes in the process. Struggling to stay in place, Alice tried to stay so long it was possible for the others to be able to attack.
  8. Alice was so concentrated in watching how Wizardmon was doing that when Sakura screamed Alice almost fell over too. She managed to keep her balance and turned towards Sakura. With concern in her eyes she at last tried to stretch out a hand to comfort the girl next to her, but at that moment Sakura stood up and ran over to Axe. Alice withdrew her hand back to her side. Wizardmon had flew back slightly closer to Alice, keeping both an eye on their enemies and his digimon partner. "Any plan?" "I... I don't know..." Alice answered. She felt so useless, a feeling she had been feeling almost since they came to this world. She looked down at the ground, her glasses moving slightly by the force of gravity and she notices the little scratch she had gotten on them earlier. It disturbed her vision. Wait... if they managed to block Lady Devimons vision for just a little moment, wouldn't they be able to attack all of them without being thrown back?
  9. "I'm doing well, considering the conditions. I just hope Wizardmon knows what he is doing" Alice answered with concern in her voice when she looked over the the Digimons fighting. Her mind was blank for anything that could help them, the only thing she could think about was what could happen to their Digimon partners. "Get your act togheter Alice, figure out something instead" she thought to herself.
  10. Dark Magic is awesome~ You're not the only one obsessing over it~Really happy you like it ^^ Thank you, glad you like it ^^ I see what you mean, the reflection theme may be a bit overdone - but I really like the concept of it which is why I still use it xD Glad you like the picture ^^
  11. (Link to full image - http://mayuen.devian...y-are-338103978) Picture inspired by the Season 3 Premier, didn't get to draw it 'til now though. I really like the idea about dark magic, I surely hope they will develop that more in this new season. Please tell me what you think ^^ I do not think this is much of a spoiler for anyone who haven't watched the episode, but if you find that it needs a spoiler warning please tell me.
  12. Drawing Twilight, don't know whats missing - forgot her horn ...

    1. StingeMuffin


      I forgot to draw a horn once, but it was for someone's OC request XD

    2. Mayuen


      I just feel so stupid it took me so long to notice that detail xD

  13. Drawing Queen Chrysalis for no apparent reason, weei

  14. @ I guess the line would have worked better if I had remembered to shade that part, and I can fully see your point with the pumpkins. Thank you for taking the time to point those things out, and I'm glad you like my picture! ^^