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  2. Active again for the first time since December, wow. What's up everypony? :)

  3. Good on you! i used to get bullied around for my height by this one guy at junior high/intermediate and he started making it physical by pushing and kicking, boy was that the wrong decision... never been bullied since haha
  4. Pony021

    Hiya :D

    l l ll l l l ll ll ll l l l ll l ll l l
  5. Dear Pegasi of New Zealand, please get your act together and clean up these clouds it's summer for Luna's sake!

  6. Pony021

    Hey everyone!

    Welcome to the forums! Make sure you stay active on the forums, and most of all enjoy you enjoy your time here and Motion Spark your signature is amazing!
  7. Pony021


    G'day and welcome to the forums! hope you enjoy your time here, if you have any questions ask away although by no means am i an expert haha
  8. Hey everypony I was just wondering, well if you don't mind... ~Fluttershy xD I'm just starting to get more subs on Youtube (185 and counting!) and i thought that i might need a professional looking background and thumbnail/profile pic. But i do not have the skills to create these (well to a professional standard anyway :3) so i have decided to host a bit of a competition on this forums since bronies are some of the most talented visual artists I know Anyway Let's cut to the chase: *The idea of the competition is to design a suitable Youtube background and profile pic for my channel
  9. 170 subs on youtube :D i'm on my way (mister hopeful colt :P) haha

  10. Ahhh exactly what i was about to say zombies could possibly die off within a week or two due to rotting and just all round falling to pieces, but... There could be a strain of virus similar to the likes of the virus on left4dead (basing my facts off a game like a boss) where the infected gain a mutation through a saliva/blood transmitted virus causing their immune system to become highly rugged and to strip their mind until there is just one urge left... the taste of human flesh... yuck ;P
  11. Welcome to the herd Hope you have a great time here! singing, writing and drawing can all be shared in Octavia's hall
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