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  1. Taco Horse

    Music Hungover On You

    http://soundcloud.com/nick_rodriguez/hungover-on-you Not really sure about the lyrics to this I was just going along with it as I played.
  2. Taco Horse

    THE NAME-O-CHANGER: Hey everypony! Wanna know your "name"?

    Hmmmmm....so does that make you my arch nemesis?
  3. Taco Horse

    Music Mad World by Gary Jules (NAOR Cover)

    you mean the vocal effect? It was something I was playing around when I was messing with the EQs with so I'll tweak that a bit, thanks.
  4. Taco Horse

    THE NAME-O-CHANGER: Hey everypony! Wanna know your "name"?

    So if I use my screen name I get.......Black Face.............I like this game.
  5. Taco Horse

    Music Gray Life

    http://soundcloud.com/nick_rodriguez/gray-life Okay so I was fixing up my painting area and found these old lyrics that I seem to have written back in Highschool so I figured I would go ahead and write a melody for them, I kind of just but this together her awhile ago so it might be a bit rough.
  6. http://soundcloud.com/nick_rodriguez/madworld-by-gary-jules-naor So finished this earlier today and just looking for some feedback on it, not sure about the synths at the end to be honest but that could just be me.
  7. New video for Outlast, trying to shorten the length of my videos seeing as 15-17 minutes seems to be most optimal than 20+ minute videos
  8. New video for my play through of Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs. I recently got a web cam and added it to my videos, it's a cheap $20 web cam mind you so the quality is meh. I used it at the lowest setting during this video just to test out if I would have any performence issues with my computer.
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RKBt67jGfiY&feature=c4-overview&list=UU1oJAJoq1mAimmFNRHmd5ig here is a cover I did a while back of Bloc Party's Modern Love, one of my favoitre songs by the band. Had a bit of trouble with the drums couldn't really find a kit that I liked but I found this one and I feel like it fit more.
  10. Taco Horse

    Gaming Anyone else Played Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs yet?

    I just started a series for it Tuesday and I have to say dispite others being disappointed by it I still like this game a lot.
  11. Taco Horse

    Brony Musicians, radioshows and fanfic readers!

    I joined the Soudcloud group as well as sent an email, wasn't sure which was more apporiate for an actually submission. I have MLP related music as well as a few non MLP related songs on my soundcloud account, so feel free to use whatever you feel is sutable for use.
  12. Taco Horse

    Clash For A Cure 2013

    Okay with only about two months to go I thought I would help spread the word of the local charity event that my tabletop group runs. It's called Clash For A Cure and all proceeds go to the National Cancer Society, this will be our third year hosting the event. If you are close to the Central Texas area come on down, you don't need to play Warmachine/Hordes as we will be apart of WaCon, the first full fledged convention for Waco,TX. WaCon will be offering Magic The Gathering, Warhammer 40k/Fantasy, various tabletop board games, as well as special guest from around the geekdom. Also what kind of Con would it be without venders we will have various venders from Bombshell Babes, Arcane Wonders, Steve Jackson Games, Dreamscarred Press, and many others. You can check out both Clash For A Cure and WaCon's website and Facebook pages linked below. Also if you are a painter of Steampunk minis feel free to enter into The Cog event for Clash, this is second year for the painting competion and I hope to reclaim one of the first place spots again this year so wish me luck and hope to see some of you there. : ) http://www.clashforacure.org/ https://www.facebook.com/ClashForACure http://www.wacogamecon.com/ https://www.facebook.com/Wacogamecon
  13. Taco Horse

    Descent To Madness

    Off and on maybe close to about 9 months or so. As far as original music goes though I have been doing that since maybe early May or so given a song or two from about a year ago.
  14. Taco Horse

    Descent To Madness

    Okay so got a new keyboard earlier and managed to squezze out four new songs. The four songs from today actually go with another song I had finished two days ago which all five make up a bit of a concept album (not really the right word for this but the closest I can think of). The five songs sort of tell the story of Princess Luna's transformation into Nightmare Moon and Celestia's banshing her to the moon. I put all five songs into a set down below for convienece, please let me now what you think. : ) http://soundcloud.com/pj_pony/sets/descent-to-madness
  15. Taco Horse

    How They See Me Now

    yeah originally it was going to be more sad but then as I started adding other things into it, it became something deifferent interally, so that maybe why it's a bit confusing. Thanks for the feedback and as for other videos I have more on my youtube channel.