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  1. This may or not become a thing depending on many different, well, things. I was originally going to say reviewing, but I don't like to think of myself as review since I'm only talking about bands I already like. therefore I'm not really reviewing, I'm promoting. My post about the artist Sorg Uten Tarer:
  2. I applaud you, good sir. You have treaded into territory few people are even willing to acknowledge the existence of. It seems you are one of the few who truly believe in Love and Tolerance for all. :D

  3. It would taste like blue shit with rocks in it.
  4. Seriously, it looks like a pile of very sparkly and expensive shit. It looks like what I imagine a Golem would shit out.
  5. This game is what demons use to torture people. if there was a hell for demons, this is what it would be. DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME. TRUST ME. Why are you still here? Seriously, you don't want to play this. .... Unless you want to. FYNE http-~~-// Teh link V And here is the second game in the series And here is the third game in the series
  6. Question 1: Sly Cooper, Jak & Daxter or Ratchet & Clank? Sly Question 2: Spyro the Dragon or Crash Bandicoot? (Side question: Old Spyro or New Spyro? Discount Skylanders if you wish) The first three spyro's, oh god, the nostalgia shakes through me. Question 3: Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest? Final Fantasy Question 4: Mario or Sonic? Mario Question 5: Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo? All three Question 6: Resident Evil or Silent Hill? I love horror, but in my opinion, just because something is old does not make it good. Question 7: Megaman, Megaman X, Megaman Zero, Megaman Battle Network or Megaman Starforce? Fuck megaman. Question 8: Zelda, Okami or Darksiders? Even though there was only really one game, Okami. Question 9: Original Castlevania, Metroidvania or 3Dvania? None
  7. * Is too drunk to care about what is happening *
  8. YOU PEOPLE SUCK AT THIS! * pulls a ball of used chewing gum out of his pocket and throws it at molestia *
  9. This just wouldn't be an industrial thread without KMFDM. So I'm going to go on ahead and post a video of them here, yeah, I'll do that.
  10. * does a hip-thrust dance while performing kung-fu kicks in Fubz's direction *
  11. ( Because it's not a serious roleplay, I couldn't put it in roleplays, and it's not a game either, sooo... ) * Sorgklaan guzzles a full barrel of apple cider and proceeds to challenge everybody in the bar to a fight. *
  12. But I'm an american, I don't know what a Bap, Barm, teacake, or Stottie is. and the only cob I know of has corn on it. Can you show me pictures?
  13. What you got? Lately I've been searching around finding as many industrial style groups as possible, and I want to make sure that I didn't miss any awesome bands.