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  1. I really would dislike to see the show become uber mainstream. Things that become mainstream are affected negativity by it getting too popular and I don't want the show to turn out like that. :S I also like it not being mainstream because I like that feeling that you get when you like something that most don't, it gives me that another way i feel unique,
  2. Thankfully i never have or will read Cupcakes. Still though at least its no Sweet Apple Massacre. I also believe that pretty much all creepypastas about the show are crap anyways, though Luna Game creeped me out playing it.
  3. I would assume the mane 6 are in there 20's and the CMC's are around 8'ish or something around that. I base this idea of my own belief.
  4. I've seen slendermare and smile.pny. Although I would actually like to see Jeff the Killer ponified if he hasn't already been.
  5. I don't see how she can grow wings, Unless all Alicorns are just frauds and there is a spell that give you the ability to grow wings. Other than that I don't see any possibility in that ever happening.
  6. I actually just though that just maybe that neckless Trixe is wearing is probably some sort of remnant of King Sombra, and hes still alive in it. So maybe it could be true. or i 'm just being silly and the neckless is completely irrelevant to King Sombra.
  7. He just kept on calling you queer? Looks like people aren't creative as they used to be anymore, if trolling was ever creative.
  8. Discovering the show has changed SOO much about me. It taught me to 'love and tolerate', and not to mention changing my perspective on how I should view thing. Me getting into the show also makes me more happy than I was before being a brony. So the point is i'm glad i became a brony. It changed my life for the good.
  9. I would want to hug them all, but if I had to chose one it would have to be Pinkie Pie. After Pinkie THEN I would hug every single last pony in Equestria.
  10. Well shit that makes... Perfect sense to be honest, always being random, her ability to break the 4th wall. She's an alien. ._. Eeyup space pony.
  11. Looks like I'm a bit of the love and tolerater, the fanatic, and real life brony. Makes scenes to me since i do those three things as a brony.
  12. I saw this on My Little Brony... I'm not to sure if this is a good thing or not, but it should make finding pony videos easy. Well I wonder what's next for the fandom.
  13. Obvious the pilot, I watched a lot of shorts for the show before i actually started watching it. When it came time for me to watch the show I HAD to start with the pilot,it wouldn't be the same to me if I started with some random episode.
  14. First of all my apology if this isn't the correct section. Okay then. I had it for a while, and I never posted this anywhere. Anyways i really haven't created a story for her soo... yea. http://mlpforums.com/public/style_emoticons/default/dry.png So the point of me posting this to get what you think of her, so I appreciate your criticism. Once again she is a work in progress.