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  1. An undead pony? Um... Also, I'm going to be playing a paladin. I'm not sure how well that's going to work, a paladin and an undead in the same party.
  2. Oooh, I've been wanting to find a game like this for a while now. Count me in. I'll make a character as soon as there's a character sheet I can use to build one.
  3. Wanda was scared out of her wits... and yet her instincts kicked in and she began to run. Not knowing, nor wanting to find out what the creeper would do to her, she ran forward from the way she came, going further down the rabbit hole in the same direction. Fight-or-flight reflexes sent her adrenaline level through the roof, and she ran faster than she had ever run before, screaming in terror all the way...
  4. Wanda continued down the long path and reached a room that was dimly lit in purple. It was difficult to see, but she could just make out a figure on the floor. Hopping over to it, she spoke out. "Just what is this? What can you tell me about--" As she got within a few feet of the creature, the horror of the creature was fully revealed to her. Eyes hanging out by their optic nerves and spine protruding from its back, the creature was staked to the floor by some kind of alien-looking device. Frozen in time, she could only let out a helpless scream of terror.....
  5. Room 1: Wanda watched closely as the crazed human stripped apart the bed with no tools whatsoever. As a metal rod was suddenly flung her way, Wanda jumped to the right in an attempt to dodge the attack. The rod nicked her left back leg. All she had a chance to do was mutter some choice words as the human ran away, flailing wildly. Wanda simply looked in the direction of the door, her head cockeyed. "What the hell was that...?" she asked no one in particular. Looking over, she noticed the red one had apparently lost one of his 'lives.' "Level up..." she said, sarcastically as she headed out the door. "I'm going left. Nobody follow me, got it?" And with that, she put up a magic barrier behind her, around the leftward hallway so no one could follow her. "Hmph..." she trotted off by her lonesome to see what lay beyond...
  6. Room 1: Wanda was tired of all these creatures and things ganging up on her. She didn't care who was fighting for whom; somebody had set her up, she couldn't trust anyone. In particular, this thing that was chewing on her neck was most aggravating. Thinking quickly, Wanda's horn glowed a bright red, and a magic field appeared around the group. The field held still for a moment, then exploded, throwing both the human and the reddish pony away from her long enough so she could slip out from underneath their grasp. Standing up quickly again, she looked at everyone angrily. "Now who's gonna tell me what this is all about?"
  7. Room 1: Noticing that no one had responded to her threats, a most angry expression came over Wanda's face. Looking around to see if anyone would listen to her, she noticed a piece of paper hanging from the ceiling over her bed. She jumped back up onto the bed and casually grabbed it in her teeth. It slipped out of her grasp and fell onto the bed. As she looked down to read it, she noticed it said..........? The cryptic note only fueled her anger. She had an idea who might know what it meant, though. Wanda walked calmly over to the funny-looking creature known as a "human" (Amanda). As she approached it, she eyed it from head to toe. "Pitiful creature," she said coldly. Turning away for a moment, she prepared herself. Without a moment's notice, she whipped her arm around in an attempt to backhoofedly smack the poor creature. She put enough force into her strike to knock the human to the floor, were it to hit...
  8. Wanda woke from her peaceful slumber, still clinging to her warm bed. Not wanting to get up, she flipped over onto her belly, buried her face in the sheets and pulled her pillow up over her head. A muffled voice could be heard from beneath, "Leave me alone! I don't wanna get up!" Then she suddenly realized this wasn't her bed. The sheets were not as soft as the normal high-thread-count luxury ones she was used to. This blanket was anything but the finest goosedown comfortor... Turning back over, she sat up and looked around. This place was like a prison cell, compared with her bedroom, although there were no bars or chains, and the bed was not that bad... fit for a commoner, she supposed. Looking around the room with a mixture of contempt and confusion, she saw there were no cracks in the floor, no seams between the walls, and most eerily, no shadows. The walls themselves seemed to emit light... Wanda then gasped in shock as she looked to the other side of the bed, where only a few feet away stood three upright tanks that each housed a naked copy of herself. Suspended in fluid, none of them appeared to be awake. Somehow, she knew that somebody, somewhere would have her head if they were to see this. But how did she know this, and why? She had no knowledge of even the concept of clones, and yet she knew they were illegal... why? She looked to the other four creatures in the room, each of which had their own set of clone tanks. Jumping out of the bed, Wanda glared at the other four, assuming a defensive stance and ready to defend herself with magic, if necessary. "Which of you set me up? Somebody's gonna pay... who's going first?"
  9. I walked through the aisles, looking for my cherished object of affection to no avail... Wandering aimlessly, searching and searching for my beloved. Where could she be? I thought I left her right here. Was I to search the hallowed halls of Rollbacks for all eternity? Then suddenly, SHE appeared to me. My lovely, how I missed her so... there she sat, in the center of the aisle. Had this been a K-Mart, she would have had a glorious and shining blue light hovering over her, but alas, she stood against a backdrop of the simple beauty of the cardboard sign with the sunny smiling face... The SCREWDRIVER. How I missed her so! How I longed for the glorious twisting of the Phillips head... and she was to be mine, and mine alone, never to leave my toolbox again. ...Long story short, I bought the thing, but it fell out of the back of my truck before I got home. I was sad. The end.
  10. I can see Twilight winning this, since she's very popular... though I always root for the underdog, so all of my votes go to Rarity.
  11. I'ma join with Wanda here: I purposely made her dependent on magic... I am so gonna die in this game.
  12. Somebody


  13. ((OOC: @, not at all! She really is quite the drama queen.)) ********** As the Doctor pulled his hooves out of Flaire's delicate grasp, she continued sobbing. Without thinking, she reached over and held onto him again, this time with considerably more force. Though as her captive spoke to the eavesdropping one, her musician's ears happened to overhear him speak of a "drama queen." "Drama queen?" She suddenly stopped her profuse weeping and stood up. "I'll have you know, I am the drama queen. Have you any idea how many Golden Saddles I have won in my day? Zey are only given out to the finest performers in the theater arts." Keeping a surprisingly cool demeanor, despite having cried a river only moments before, she examined her front hoof as she held it before her eyes. Needs a pedicure again, she thought to herself. Turning only her eyes to meet those of the Doctor's, she stared at him for a few seconds, then smiled mischievously. "Though I am sure you knew all that, Mister..." she looked down at the ground with disappointment, "Smith..." she looked back up at him, her smile restored. "You are quite lovely, yourself, if I may say so, Mister Smith." Flaire said, giggling knowingly at such an obvious and distinctively out-of-place alias.
  14. Yeah, sorry I've been busy guys. If you want to keep going, I'll do it. I'll have a post here for you in the morning.
  15. @, no problem at all! Though I do have a small request of you... would it be possible for you to use a different color for your dialogue? I honestly can't read light aqua on a white background, and it gives me headaches.