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    Sleeping, I love sleeping, and ponies, and Doctor Who, and Star Trek, and Harry Potter, and Lord of the rings, skiing, I used to climb but im pretty much unable to now because I became a fatso, so I finally decided to something about that. I wanna climb again :(
  1. Oh gawd, I remember you waaay back in the early days of the forums, I know you've been off for a year and a half, but still Happy Birthday <3

  2. I absolutely hate all this gay pride bull. I am bisexual myself and in all honesty, the only thing I see these parades and gatherings do is giving ourselves a bad Reputation. USA is a horrid country, with horrid politicians. 99% of their population are a bunch if gullible litte sons of stitches that blarantly believe all their imensely flawed ideologies are the correct thing. Oh wait, my bad, 100% of the world agrees. On the subject if the worlds population. god sake I could stab every single one. and I would be a happy pony.
  3. I know that I am insanely late for this, and people will probably hate me for pulling it back up. but I don't give a flying horsenipple, I will post it anyway. Yes, chat was spammy at times, quite often rather inappropriate, and yes, some of those times I where involved. But here is the thing, moderators are actually the solution to this, but not just any moderators, you need moderators who people respect, not because of their rank, but for who they are. people listen to people they like. possibly even after they have left. When a moderator joined in the chat on this site, people ste
  4. warning. im going to contradict myself a thousand times here. but its all mostly true. but usually under different circumstances. worst: I am highly egocentric, I have very little empathy (although, Im usually good at hiding it) I am an attentionseeker of dimensions. I am incredibly easy jealous, and I mean incredibly easy. If I get angry, Ilk bite your head of, the little empathy I have flies away. I easily joke about things that might hurt someone elses feelings, like suicide, cancer, the sort. And I usually isolate myself from others in some way because I skmply dont like being too soc
  5. It seems about right imo. I am fairly certain I heard some statics sonewhere stating gays actually are much more common than most believe. not sure about bisexuals. but I habe a couple of theoriea the straight people wont enjoy too much amyway did the test too for the lulz. Hetero - 36 Homo - 49 Asexual - 22 Which seem stramgely accurate... Even the high A score.
  6. You forgot the obvious answer to Q2: Sarah Palin becomes president of the united states.
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    Hello all <3

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    this one makes me feel like a troll.
  9. why are radians better than degress? Radians have more pi
  10. well, if anypony wants me and Blaine to define their ancestry, its just to ask.
  11. Guess I have perfectly fine eyes.
  12. You can add me too if you want, name is nightbish.
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    My MLP Forums!

    Squeeee <33 looks amazing.
  14. I would have to say Lapras or slaking. lapras because it is jusy awesome, slaking because its badass.
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