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  1. Mega Thread

    X Gobo x Meh
  2. Spoiler


    Live fast ♠️oh you gotta die young! \m/

  3. How are you Swirls :3?

    1. SparklingSwirls


      Ehh just hangin in there I guess, what's up?

    2. Gone Airbourne

      Gone Airbourne

      I've been well been applying for jobs left and right so much since June.. So tideous 😧

      All in all glad it's Friday though 

    3. SparklingSwirls


      Oh okay, well I hope you get something soon then, looking for anything in particular?

      Yeah me too I guess, though all days feel pretty similar to me in the summer :P 

  4. Mega Thread

    @Woohoo hey buddy you ever heard of these guys? They are awesome back when I found out about Airbourne these guys came out back in 2008
  5. Ladies are lovely, beautiful  and wonderful 😶😘💚

  6. Forums Crush: She knows o///o Real life crush: Same girl that loves frogs Pony Crush um I think you can guess
  7. Heya Misty :3 how are you 💚

  8. Spoiler



    1. Woohoo


      Wonder what Twi's listening to?

    2. Gone Airbourne

      Gone Airbourne

      Probably not this xD

    3. Woohoo


      Wrapped up like a douche, another rubber in the night :P

  9. Hey there
  10. Mega Thread

    Online relationships can be wonderful it depends on both of you and how much you care for each other. Is there someone you really like or have a crush on? Do they know?
  11. Mega Thread

    Do you have good friends here?