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  1. There's like a commemorative plaque in Faladerp Park about the Faladerp Massacre.
  2. I see you're a man of culture as well.
  3. Why am I looking at runes? Side note: I thought I could escape the runes, but RunEscape...
  4. Last time it was Celly-bug with a stuck zipper. Now it's this: Why does this look so vibrant on my new monitor? (I know why: it's an IPS monitor with really good sRGB coverage.)
  5. What if Ocellus was a bug?
  6. Smolder will inevitably outlive her friends. To what extent seeing an embiggened Sandbar (technically a not Sandbar) give her a heart attack?
  7. It's dawned on me that any sustenance is painful if you're allergic enough to it. Also, spicy is probably the most popular form of painful sustenance.
  8. Dumb idea: "Yona not baroo-baroo" while Sandbar's wondering how Ocellus got so little. Alternate idea: my other OC has a coloration similar to Sandbar, so it's instead, "Sandbar, how did you get so big?".
  9. 1. There are solutions for that. B. I keep misreading "indeterminate" as "intermediate".
  10. Note to self: never go to r/hmmm in the middle of class.
  11. Nah, so I can see more of what I'm doing.
  12. If it comes to something like a pre-modeled book or something, then perhaps; it's just that I have to swap out the materials so that it's cel-shaded. What if I just straight-up got a 4K monitor?
  13. I dread the day I have to 3d model cloth. I'm also super tired. Maybe a sleepy dragon...
  14. Assuming I populate even just one corner of the room with enough trinkets to make it passable as a background, what should be the first thing I do with this Blenderp scene? I have in mind Smoldy-woldy and maybe Celly-bug. Of course the long term plan is to populate the entire room to be as show-accurate as possible within the requirements that it be cel-shaded and such.
  15. People tend to talk about how the plural of moose isn't meese, but what about the singular of sheep not being shoop? I got more, too: Gallus -> Galli (plural) Ocellus -> Ocelli (plural) broccoli -> broccolus (singular) macaroni -> macaronus (singular) dang -> danger (comparative) -> dangest (superlative) pi -> pus (singular) deep freeze -> doop frooze
  16. The plural of FedEx is Fedices.
  17. Imagine Dragons Visualize Wyrms Picture Wyverns Lizard I swear, Smoldy-woldy is huggable but the risk of hugging her...
  18. So, uhh, yeah, another ambitious project.
  19. Alright, who misspelled Smolder?
  20. HEaD On apPly diReCTlY tO the foReHeaD I cant believe I forgot that existed.
  21. So, how long until I have a complete 3D model of one of the school's bedrooms?
  22. Told you this image was gonna be enormous.
  23. This bug. I already know the resulting picture is gonna be enormous.
  24. And I drew her jammies with bugs on them. Also, lighting. If we continued this pattern with the rest of the Student Six... Sandbar: turtles Silverstream: stairs (or pipes or both) Smolder: gems Gallus: nothing Yona: Yona (maybe recursively)
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