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  1. Due to the filesize being so big, I had to upload this offsite: https://derpibooru.org/images/2379847 As copied from link above: Some more notes: No, really; Blender AND Inkscape. I've been tweaking my celshader lately, too. I'm at the point where I'm considering making a brightened version because of how variable the image is showing up on all of my devices (also the crack isn't visible enough); that's something I consider doing if the lighting is annoying enough.
  2. I completed the sad firecracker pic.
  3. I never specified whether it was Ember-Thorax or Smolder-Ocellus.
  4. Bug and dragon are so adorable together, tho.
  5. I went from artist to gamer to 3D modeler to programmer to UI designer to programmer again. Game dev is seldom straightforward when you're the programmer and UI designer at the same time. Also, does Gally-birb know what a yeet is?
  6. I wanna know how much cat I can invoke in Gallus. And bird. And both. I'm slowly gravitating towards the UI style of Parkitect...
  7. Sure, why not? Imagine if Gallus had to get his claws/talons/nails trimmed, but like the cat and bird that he is, he doesn't want to.
  8. As an aside, I found a really elegant and piecemeal solution to setting up a custom grid-based UI. It's basically a custom rewrite of a Unity script made by someone except I have to cut and paste extra code in from someone else improving on the same rewritten script. But now I can have a calendar that can display all the days in the year, from to February 31 to December 37.
  9. Now I have to switch from programmer to UI designer. What am I even doing at this point?
  10. Wait, I think I drew this already...
  11. Or she can face the challenge, screw up at the last second, and get super embarrassed about the whole ordeal.
  12. what if ocellus had to pay a library fine
  13. I have a proposed OC name of "Markov Long"; "Markov" for all the times I've played with or worked on my Markov Text Generator(s), and "Long" for the 64-bit signed integer. Now what?
  14. That scene where Patrick uses his entire house to smash a spider, but it was Spongebob and Patrick was asleep. (Except it's Yona with a a hemispherical boulder and Gallus is the "spider".)
  15. Who would be a better substitute teacher, Maud or Mudbriar? also something something ocellus and sunburst
  16. Is it Yonatara or Katarayona?
  17. Meanwhile... Ocellus: <something something not wanting to participate in Phary-bug's guard practice because it's not in her heart, both before and after changeling reform> Sandbar: <asks Maud what a segmentation fault is>
  18. It'd probably be both shame and depression for poor Gally-birb. Also, his outlook on life was, at one point, "angle of depression".
  19. Gallus with a half-melted snowcone => cone of depression.
  20. I actually just drew Kree'arrastream...
  21. Ganaram Inukshuk

    General Chat Thread

    Uhh I also got 99 fishing, cooking, mining, smithing, and div all within one week.
  22. Why are the birbs so adorable?! Example:
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