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  1. Even if it could, it can't remember what it took.
  2. A camera that can record in ADHD but only has 4K memory.
  3. Legacy mode and the 73th skill is nose picking. (You can pick Guthix's nose at level 99.)
  4. So double xp week is live in RunEscape again. Cant wait to get 99 mining and fibshing. Oh, I also figured out a way to break apart my game's game logic into something way more modular. (Basically a game manager for the game logic and an event system that acts as an intermediary between the logic and ui.)
  5. Yona: Wait, web design has nothing to do with spiders? Sandbar: What do you mean segmentation fault?! Ocellus: Wait, debugging? Gallus: I have to take a memory leak now.
  6. Two ideas right now: 1. Student six dressed up as the God Wars Dungeon bosses (think Kree'arrastream, K'ril Smolder'roth, and so on). Would Crazy Glue be Nex? (I have probably 1500 kril kills, but I ended up getting the giant mole boss pet.) B. Student six book club where they share the books that made them sad. (Think Silverstream with The Fault in our Stars and Yona with Charlotte's Web.)
  7. I have yet to figure out the geological meaning of a segmentation fault, though. Something tells me it'll segfault actual geologlists.
  8. The Fault in our Stars ❌ The Segfault in our OS ✅
  9. I was walking past some leeks in the grocery store and I thought about Silverstream taking one of those, with Gallus asking her why she was taking a leek. I still haven't had to cook a dish that required a leek.
  10. I know I shared this a while ago, but I also messed up Trixiebug's eye colour.
  11. Trixie is best changeling. cHaNGeLiNg mY mINd
  12. So I have this picture of, uhh, Bladdercellus and McSandbar. (As my dad once said, one can't drive-thru going to the bathroom.) Oh yeah, and I got a fire cape. (Meanwhule there are level 3's with fire capes.)
  13. I figured that'd be the case, but how ticklish would a birb be?
  14. He's got toes-toes-toes and a beak-beak-beak, but what about a belly-belly-belly?
  15. I find those awful. If I smell tripe, it'll be too soon... Ocellus: So, can you name a book that made you cry? Silverstream (The Fault in our Stars): I-i... I just can't myself to read any further!! Gem Inukshuk (my blue pony OC) (Software Engineering): This book is the third-biggest reason why I have trust issues. Nova Astrum (my green pony OC) (Organic Chemistry): Opening this again would be too soon. Sandbar (a custom-made potty training book with Sandbar on the cover): It fell on my head when I was, like, five!!
  16. It's almost always having to deallocate memory before you overflow, not having an overloaded operator.
  17. Something tells me this is one of the few things that'll make Smolder self-conscious about her appearance, other than wearing a dress in public.
  18. I could go on about an algorithm that does one extremely specific task because the theory behind it encompasses multiple fields, and the algorithm in question is basically a text generator or a population simulator, and they'd be a small part of an even larger whole. All that for a drop of blood.
  19. are we not gonna talk about how long glimmer just straight up became a thing
  20. Would Ocellus have a hard time programming, and if so, is it because of all the bugs? Yona -> Brute force. Sandbar -> Using "0x0F" instead of "oof". Gallus -> Having to take a memory leak. Silverstream -> ??? Smolder -> ?!!
  21. When you're so far down in programmingland that you have to take a memory leak. Wait... Do not install drivers or operate heavy machinery.
  22. Something tells me if I added "memory leak" to the list of side effects... I already have "don't drink and derive"...
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