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  1. are we not gonna talk about how long glimmer just straight up became a thing
  2. Would Ocellus have a hard time programming, and if so, is it because of all the bugs? Yona -> Brute force. Sandbar -> Using "0x0F" instead of "oof". Gallus -> Having to take a memory leak. Silverstream -> ??? Smolder -> ?!!
  3. When you're so far down in programmingland that you have to take a memory leak. Wait... Do not install drivers or operate heavy machinery.
  4. Something tells me if I added "memory leak" to the list of side effects... I already have "don't drink and derive"...
  5. The original plan was the other way around: Silvy-birb hospitalized and Gally-birb worrying a lot and doing his best to hide his concern. Meanwhile, I'm being quite cheeky. /// <summary> /// This functions returns the result of f multiplied by n factorial. Using this naively may quickly result in overflow, precision loss, segmentation faults, constipation, dizziness, urinary incontinence, headache, dry mouth, insomnia, infernal bleeding, depressive thoughts, dry eyes, coma, and/or defenestration. /// </summary> public static
  6. I have this idea right now of Gallus being hospitalised with Sandbar not only being the one to comfort Gally-birb but the only one who knows what's happening to the birb because birdie doesn't want the baroo-baroo, firecracker, other birb, or bug to know. If Silvy-birb finded out...
  7. When you scrape data from studentsix.tumblr.com and feed it into a Markov Text Generator. I've gotten lazy with getting the latest data.
  8. That feeling when you ask for help and you don't get help is why I can never consistently rely on any of the art communities for anything.
  9. How come I can recognize the art style in your avatar?
  10. Adam Neely. Also, there's been this meme floating around of Glimmy being, well, elongated. For example, this image:
  11. I need to remember that I have a text substitution browser extension active.
  12. Hmm... public static int Takeaway(int li, int l_) { int l = li; int ll = l_; return 0; }
  13. I just spent the entire day writing an entire library of differential equations related to population growth and decay where the growth/decay is done in discrete steps that can also be randomized.
  14. So apparently the tallest giraffe is taller than any other giraffe.
  15. So I settled on probably the funkiest function I've ever conceived so far: a population growth function where it's a logistic curve whenever it increases and exponential decay when it decreases. And the carrying capacity also changes over time.
  16. I thought you said chocolate pinatas.
  17. The best way to lose sleep is literally researching sigmoid functions.
  18. Great time for me to forget how Runescape chat works.
  19. C#, which, according to legend, is basically a Microsoft competitor to Java.
  20. Wearing a mask to hide who you are ❌ Being a mask because you forgot who you are ✅
  21. So yeah, Long Glimmer. I'm pretty sure that's a perfectly legal piece of code, too. long glimmer = 0;
  22. I have ints instead of floats, so imagine my frustration when I have an array whose values sum up to 1 and it keeps coming back as zero.
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