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  1. I always thought it was a tooth disease/disorder that would have rendered Gummy unfit for survival in the wild. Huh,...
  2. The answer to everything is NOT 42. It's brute force.

  3. Think Rock-Paper-Scissors, except with Earths, Pegasi, and Unicorns. I've seen a few RPS-based interbreeding postulations across deviantART. I don't know what's dominant over what, and I've seen it go both ways (EG, UCN over PGS and vice versa), so my guess is that it may actually be both ways. [ENTER PUNNETT SQUARE MODE]
  4. In come the Integral Calculus classes.

  5. If I were forced to choose between the older generations, I'd say G3/G3.5. They seem to make the most sense out of the first four generations. Just looking at their respective introductory theme songs, and I can already tell that G1 and G2 make less sense. I kinda think G2 made less sense than G1... Then again, I don't like most animations from the 80s and early 90s. G3 is like half-decent; Only thing against it is the anatomy and colour scheme. Then again, G1 did provide the basis for every successive generation, including G4. I look at G1-G3.5 the same way a historian would look at, say,
  6. A somewhat ironic name, and this is coming from a fellow brony who actually shares the opposite sentiments. Welcome to the forums. Enjoy your stay.
  7. I tend to give off subtle hints to my family (and mom; My dad would never understand in a googol years, nor would he ever care). Facebook is a different story, but no one has commented on that.
  8. Once again, sorry for the delayed reply. It's good to know that there are at least a few who can notice things, especially given such delays. With that out of the way,... Full-size view: http://img9.imagesha...aramgembusy.png (WARNING: 2500x1400 px) I'm not that great with fire. Only everything else.
  9. I was going to make a depressive-sounding post, but then I took an arrow to the knee. And by "Arrow" I mean "Thought of reconsidreation", and by "Knee", I mean "My head". So how do I go about this without making it sound depressing? By adding cheese. (Unhide spoiler for more of my backstory. Otherwise, just skip it.) Why am I on MLPForums? Because somepony else was. OK, just like everything else before, I was a bit of a lurker. I joined around the same time I finally got Minecraft (Early December 2011; Merry Christmas to me), but had about a three-week period of inactivit
  10. This isn't working out...

  11. As I previously stated when I made my self-introduction,... First things first, my pony self (the name is Ganaram) and a close friend of his by the name of Gem. Now, I was arguing with myself over which picture of the two to use, but I have one worth using. This was drawn during the Nightmare Night timeframe: "Bear" is a nickname that only Gem uses to refer to Ganaram. It actually dates back to when they were still HTF characters. And here's one that I just drew up recently: I swear, I keep getting better and better at this... Yay for Inkscape. That was merely a test
  12. Pegasus. Which is ironic for someone afraid of falling, but if you have wings to circumvent a gruesome gravitational death, then what's the point of being afraid? Granted, you might not be necessarily fast, but,... Who DOESN'T like viewing things from above? Granted, I'm afraid of both falling and high places, but a typical pegasus would get used to the extra altitude.
  13. I tend to think of their ages being in the range of 17 and 23, with Pinkie being the youngest (Duh!!!) and Applejack being the oldest (Appears to be the most mature of the six), and Rainbow and Twilight in the middle. But that's just how I see things.
  14. Being a person from deviantART, I do see ponies all the time, and it took a while for that to take ahold of me. However, I never realised how strong that influence was on dA itself... Apparently, among the top ten watched groups of 2011 on deviantART, three of them are dedicated to ponies, and one of the top 10 faved deviations is the so-called Pony Creator. Of course, I'd expected SOME influence, but not that much!!! The only other place I could think of was in a number of Minecraft videos. Throughout the let's plays of Skyblock Survival and 4-Pillar Survival by CaptainSparklez and An
  15. Well,... In other words,... This is why I like to leave giant walls of text, among other things; They act as a landmark, and that's the whole point of my cutie mark. It's a sort of "signature" to signify my presence. I've used this symbol to represent myself for the past two years; It used to be just two shapes, but upon bronification, I cut it up further. ----- Now where have I seen you before...?
  16. I'd say it's spot-on accurate.
  17. Sorry for the delayed reply. It tends to take me a while to conjure up one. Looks to me that I'll have an enjoyable time here. (Yay.) I do have a plan for where to go from here. As mentioned, I have my ponysona (Ganaram, not Gem) and his companion (Gem, a really close friend of Ganaram), but I have at least two other characters. With that said, I did find some animation software last night: Synfig Studio. I should be able to use that in conjunction with Inkscape to achieve the very thing that I once thought was unattainable. I just need to figure out how to operate it... A litt
  18. This is GDO29Anagram of deviantART and SC4Devotion speaking. I'm, clearly, just another brony. But enough of the obvious things. Time to explain myself deeper. First, the interwebs, or more specific, its influence. The first online community was deviantART and that was back in January 2009. I was more interested in other things at the time because, well, MLP-FiM didn't exist at the time. Happy Tree Friends was what I was interested at the time. The moment I joined deviantART for the HTF community was when I started a second life of my own: My Internet Life. Next thing that got me int
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