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  1. Shift

    Gender Race

    21 I WON'T LET YOU
  2. Shift

    Gender Race

    @@Dsanders, Honestly, you're supposed to keep goin' until this dies, but that's not up to me. I just sit back and cakcle loudly.
  3. Shift

    Gender Race

    @@Dsanders, N-New round I guess...
  4. Shift

    Gender Race

  5. Shift

    Gender Race

    Updated OP. NEW ROUND GUYS. That is...if you want to... 1002, apparently someone posted already.
  6. Shift

    Gender Race

    1151 I know, but I thought i'd die out.
  7. Shift

    Gender Race

    1161 67 PAGES. 67 PAGES. ...I don't know anymore X.X
  8. Shift

    Gender Race

    Muliply 2 by 2, add it to the current number, then subtract four. (Just pick a gender to support) 996
  9. Shift

    Gender Race

    This is another count game, but with a twist. We start off at 1,000. If you are a female, you add one. For example if the number is 504, and you're a female, post saying 505. If you're a male, you subtract. For example, if the number is 42, post saying 41. The males win if they get to 0, the females win if they get to 2,000. Once a game is over, we start all over again. Okay, so i'll say 1,001 since i'm female. Note: If you don't identify with a specific gender, just pick a gender to support. Victories: Stallions: V Mares: II RECORD TIME: TWO FREAKIN' DAYS. GIRLS ARE SCARY.