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  1. my favorite character in bravely is derosso because after discovering that people thought he was a vampire, he spent literally years learning how to turn into a bat, grow fangs, and even shows up in a puff of smoke every time he appears. what a nerd

    1. Shift


      its even implied he tried to drink blood but didnt because he hated the smell


      why is derosso so extra

  2. Weiss "Punished" Schnee

  3. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. All of them. Except Gates, that was kinda a shitty one. They are so underappreciated; they have great gameplay, godlike plots and characters, and a spectacular postgame.
  4. Jesus, 'Serpent Eating the Ground' may be my new favorite final boss theme. It's so perfect.

    1. Shift


      It has everything; ominous 'latin' chanting, atmosphere, leitmotifs, that one part where it's randomly happy to give a feeling of hope... all my favorites in one song

    2. Pinkazoid


      Bravely Default's soundtrack is pretty great.


      The Ba'Al theme is my favorite

  5. Is FF15 any good? It looks good, but ive heard modern FFs have been iffy.

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    2. Shift


      Cool, how far in are you?

    3. Yamato


      No clue. Chapter 2.


    4. Shift


      I guess that's earlyish. Well, from what ive heard its fun so maybe i'll pick it up.

  6. im reading the pokemon manga and by god is white's tepig a jerk

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    2. Brobocop


      Guzma's theme though. o.o

    3. Shift


      Best theme ingame, well maybe second to the Tapus.

    4. Brobocop


      I think Guzma's is best, second to the Sol/Luna battle.

  7. jangmo-o has literally a 5% chance of appearing in like, 1 area. who approved this

    1. Shift


      same thing goes for mimikyu and boi don't get me STARTED on Dhelmise and Marenie

    2. SolarFlare13


      I've encountered Jangmo-o few times, buut I totally agree with you :) <3 That's why I stuck with my Zygarde 10% form :P

  8. Shift

    Gaming Why I hate Majora's Mask

    On the timer, the Song of Reverse Time (play the Song of Time backwards) halves the time of the 3 days, which made it rather easy to do everything you need to do in a cycle. Song of Soaring allows you to get to all the places you need in that cycle quickly, notebook in the remake keeps track of everyone's schedule so you'll only need guides for like, Anju and Kafeki, and the Song of Double Time gets you to those times quicker. The only time you'll feel threatened by the timer is likely during the Great Bay Temple. For the 'losing your money' issue, there's a bank where you can deposit your mo

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    2. Proton
    3. Shift


      owlet is cool but poppmaid is better imo

    4. duidamasterXD


      Definitely picking Pop when I get the game

  10. this election is a riot, i love it

  11. I DID IT!! I beat Laurence, the First Vicar! he's my hardest boss so far, and he wasn't even a fun hard like Ludwig

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    2. Proton


      I need that game badly.

    3. Shift


      You should get it, it's A+++

    4. Proton


      Eventually I will!

  12. Again, I totally agree with this post in every way! I love my Wii U and PS4, but the PS4 felt run of the mill (don't regret getting it though, Bloodborne is too good), and the Wii U definitely didn't reach half of its potential. Hopefully the Switch will learn from the U's mistakes.
  13. @@Kyoshi, IMO, I think it fares extremely well to the Xbone and the PS4. The graphics look very similar, imo the Switch has better ones, and the Switch is portable to boot. Although I haven't seen the graphics in person so I have no clue if that's what they're actually like. Though, I will admit, the X1 and PS Quadruple (tfw no chad) are past gen systems compared to the Switch, so we'll see how it fares up against the Scorpio later!
  14. Starter leaks have been confirmed, then? gg denial"""""friends""""" on /vp/ So far, after looking at the dex, I have to say design-wise, and lore-wise I like Type: Null. Actually, understatement; I LOVE Type:Null. I don't like that thing on the top of Silvally's head, though, but I adore the lore behind it! Probably one of my favorite pokemon released... well, ever so far. And Popplio's evolution is adorable as ever, definitely choosing that.
  15. @@OmegaBeamOfficial, Great post, I agree with pretty much everything you said! Although the Switch may not be as powerful as Scorpio (although I will admit, more power is good), we should wait until we see the quality of games it produces before passing judgement on if it's worth or not. The Skyrim FPS downgrade was also barely noticeable to me at a glance, but that just may be because I don't put much thought on FPS if it isn't a pure multiplayer game like Overwatch. Also, as a response to your question on the other post (i didn't want to mention you twice lol), I believe Kyoshi was r
  16. @, tbh i'd guess middle 200s. Maybe 250? I'm super excited for it, honestly! I know i'm gonna get Zelda for the U, so hopefully it has backwards compatibility, and that Splatoon looks gorgeous! Also, since when could you customize hairstyles? Patch or Splatoon 2? I'll wait until next Christmas the earliest to see if it's worth it. But so far? It looks great, and I love the portability aspect of it! Well, to be fair, it is just the release of the system. I would like more release IPs as well, but we can't expect a working demo/teaser of all new Nintendo IPs for the next system on the
  17. blizzard is such a tease honestly, just release sombra already ffs

    1. Alpharius


      Yes I know right

  18. Shift

    Gaming Dangan Ronpa

    First Game: Celeste was my favorite, but I loved Chihiro and Mukuro. Ships: Asahina x Sakura, Celeste x Kirihiri, Taka x Mondo Second Game: CHIAKI. Sonia and Gundham were also part of my favorites. Ships: Hajime x Nagito, Peko x Mikan, Chiaki x Junko Anime: J U Z O and Ryota. Also Seiko. Ships: Juzo x Munakata, Candy Girl x Seiko
  19. Shift

    Gaming Fire Emblem Fates General

    I'm actually playing Conquest on Lunatic and i'm up to the ninja chapter. It's as bad as it sounds. Chapter 10 was insane, thanks based Haitaka, and the only reason i won was because Elise dodged two 90% killing blows. The Asura chapter was annoying as fuck man Later in Conq. Lunatic, Iago gets to infinitely spam the Hexing Rod, ninjas get infinite chain which mean debuffs stack (get ready for -30 def, -40 atk, and -20 spd because of this broken ass skill), Takumi practically gets a 100% chance to rend that heaven, the fox chapter is even more stupidly difficult because of buffs, and prett
  20. This beauty. This was honestly such a spectacular fight. - A+ intro; the way the dancer slowly untangled herself from the ceiling was chilling. And even more so if you fought her before; I was summoning for Vordt to farm embers and someone went the opposite direction into the dancer. She sure left an impact on me after killing me in one hit. It caused my anticipation for a fair fight with her to rise. - She's gorgeous in general; the way she moves, the veil, her sword(s), it's all perfect. - Sad, sad lore. I'm a sucker for that. - Very, very difficult. All of her attacks do an ins
  21. Bloodbourne's fun but a little creepy, I honestly think everyone is gonna stab me in the back

    1. Shift


      except eileen she seems really chill.

  22. Welp guess the Overwatch PS4 meta is gonna change.
  23. I really hope Popplio's last evo isn't fairy, because if it is half of my team will be fairies

    1. Proton


      Just like you .3.

  24. Pokemon Black/White. - Introduced infinite TMs. - Introduced Hidden Abilities - Has some of my favorite Pokemon characters in it, like N, Ghetsis and Elesa. - Actually very interesting and intriguing plot, with more than a few plot twists I was genuinely impressed by. These being N being the king of Team Plasma (i thought it was obvious he was a member, but didn't expect him to be the leader), Ghetsis being the biggest asshole ever created, and you and N being the heroes of the dragons. There were a few other welcome surprises as well, such as Caitlin from DPP being a member of the Elit
  25. Shift

    Movies/TV Shrek 5 Coming Soon

    IT'S NEVER OGRE Welp I never liked Shrek all that much so it's not a big deal for me.
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