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Blog Comments posted by Shift

  1. I'm more of an idealist than anything, but even I can get cynical every now and then. In my life i try to keep a balance in between the two, but leaning more towards idealism; I acknowledge the bad things that are happening in my life and try to tackle them as best as I can, keeping an optimistic outlook on the result of my efforts.


    If you think that everything is fine and dandy and refuse to acknowledge your failures or the bad things that are happening in your life, that's not good, because that's denial and you are unable to improve off of those failures. If you are completely focused on your failures and refuse to look past them, then that's not good either because ultimately you're not striving to improve off of your failures, and thus you never will, which means you're going to have the same failures picking at your mind for a very long time.


    Aanalogy; Let's say that you're an artist. You paint a picture. The picture has a lot of flaws, but then again, it has a lot of positives going for it. Pure idealists will distract themselves from the flaws in the pictures, the things they could improve on, and only look at the positives. That's not going to help. Cynics look at all of the flaws and refuse to look at the positives of the picture, only focusing on the flaws, thinking that 'they'll never improve, the flaws are too prevalent, they have no talent as an artist and they're never going to be good ever. why even bother trying'. That's not going to help.


    TL;DR; pure cynicism is bad. pure idealism is bad. a balance between the two is good.

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  2. Yeah, I feel the same way sometimes. I've been here since the ye olde age of 2012, and I was pretty popular... 2013ish. Now i'm just kinda here. Sometimes it gets to me, but what Silver Stream said is some of the best advice I can give you; just try not to let it bother you too much. Popularity isn't everything, hey, we're all human here. But I can totally sympathize about it bothering you sometimes. Even if you aren't popular, you can still make friends who will care about you and listen to you. Friendship is the best medicine! ...I think that's how the saying went.


    Also, happy new year. To everything 2016 is going to give us (which is hopefully something good)!

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  3. Dude, I believe it was supposed to be humor. What are you, a normal person going about their everyday lives, going to say to 'Columbus is a genocidal psychopath'? If I was in that fellow's position, I would've said much the same thing as he did; he's not writing off everything that Columbus did (hey, even though he was a jerk, he did do some great things for this world!) but he/I am pretty thankful for the day off though.

    I'm pretty sure that's like passing Thanksgiving off as "The day where we began to turn against the Native Americans and nab their land after they helped us to survive". Saying "at least I have a day off" is a perfectly reasonable thing to say, especially if you don't want to sound like a raving lunatic.



    Also, it's really daft of you to say that his response was nonsensical and immoral, considering that you made yourself sound like an ass by ranting about a holiday's name.

    Pretty much hit the bullseye for me.

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  4. I have never seen such detailed, drawn out Twilicorn hatemail before. I applaud you for writing a 7,992 word essay about cartoon ponies, when you could've been doing something else that's more productive and healthy, such as improving your abilities with your Smash main or grinding on Final Fantasy.


    I'd say more, but like someone said, i'd get a warning.

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  5. Honestly one of the most stupid things of all time GF has done. It negates the type effectiveness against Fire AND Ground whereas Kyogre's version of the move is useless because Fire is already ineffective and making it not even hit a Water-type is sort of useless. Unless Kyogre becomes like, Water/Ice, it's pretty much the stupidest ability skill.

    Plus I just hate Megas in general SO. XD


    Well, it does balance Groudons 4X WEAKNESS TO THE OTHER LEGENDARY. Kyogre can just wait a turn before mega evolving and the ability Cloud Nine can negate Desolate Land.

  6. This has driven me even further away than Desolate Land ;~;



    Desolate Land drew you further away? Why?



    No trainer customization either. GF WHY U DO DIS? :(


    Eh, I'm fine with no trainer customization, since it's a remake and the originals didn't have trainer customization but two set characters.

  7. Your teacher is an arse.


    Well, i'm glad you love it here. In school i'm one of those nerdy kids that is an active member of the debate club, art club, and gaming club. Surprisingly, I don't get picked on that much. It's probably because War & Peace is very heavy and i'm sure I could give someone a concussion by attempting to hit them with it. But i'm glad that you are able to express your craziness. Screw bullies! Hit them with a big-ass book!

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  8. Nobody here hates you, mate. Everyone makes mistakes. But seriously, stay, please, if there's one thing television taught me it's that don't bottle up your feelings and slam the door. It always ends in the apocalypse.

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