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Posts posted by Shift

  1. On the timer, the Song of Reverse Time (play the Song of Time backwards) halves the time of the 3 days, which made it rather easy to do everything you need to do in a cycle. Song of Soaring allows you to get to all the places you need in that cycle quickly, notebook in the remake keeps track of everyone's schedule so you'll only need guides for like, Anju and Kafeki, and the Song of Double Time gets you to those times quicker. The only time you'll feel threatened by the timer is likely during the Great Bay Temple.

    For the 'losing your money' issue, there's a bank where you can deposit your money so it stays next cycle. As for ammo, it's generally easy to come by and arrows are pretty cheap. The only thing money-wise i'm ever worried about was buying mana potions each cycle, which aren't all too expensive anyway.


    I personally loved the timer system. The ways they set it up allowed for each day to feel like an actual, real day - shops were closed on different days, people got progressively more scared as the third day approached, different events and such happened on each day, etc. Clock Town felt so alive, because everybody seemed to be going about their lives as if it was an actual town - you could see the construction work being done (and watch it be finished), you could talk to npcs each day and watch their mental state change (personal favorite is visiting the "fearless" dojo mentor in Clock Town about an hour before impact), go to a band that is only coming on a certain day, fend off an alien invasion before they mindfuck Romani and thus you can do different events on the farm for the next two days... I adore the system and I still do today. The game isn't supposed to feel like Ocarina - a cheery, free, adventurous game. It's supposed to feel macabre, hopeless, and claustrophobic. The timer is probably the biggest reason why it has such a dark atmosphere - it's supposed to make you stressed and hopeless at times, and that's why I love it. Easily my favorite Zelda game.


    Also as for the Souls series - "single mistake screwing up an hour of progress" - i don't really think so. I've played through both Bloodborne and DS3, and they gave you checkpoints generally near each other, and easy to memorize attack patterns/routes so dying once or twice wasn't a big deal. I can understand being anxious about getting your Souls/Blood Echoes back, but in BB I can get about 300k in 15 minutes with chalices and in DS3 there are multiple grinding spots. Can't say anything for DS1 though.

  2. I own both a PS4 and an Xbox One. There are good games on each, and there are disappointing games on each. Nothing about either of those consoles is particularly standout; they're just like the past generation in their respective console lines with relatively better hardware and performance capabilities. That's honestly all they are; which is fine. But when you see very disappointing next gen gaming experiences like Destiny and The Division, it makes them seem all the more... Conventional. Boring.


    Much like tired old discussions about hardware specs and third party support. (The Switch was revealed all of five minutes ago, people.) So far as portable gaming systems go (no, I'm not talking about your phone), it IS the market. Sony's portable is kaput, and Microsoft hasn't shown any interest whatsoever in that particular market. With this one reveal, Nintendo has people who love its first party titles, a chunk of the home console market, and the portable gaming market all to itself; its only direct competition is other Nintendo portables.


    The Wii U was different, but it was awkward-stage different. It was that unfortunate young man in high school trying to grow their hair out, but their bangs exploded and the rest stopped just short of their shoulders. And some people were supportive, "I see what you were going for, and you've got guts for trying. But... You just never quite got there." The Switch looks to be what the Wii U should have been, and it's going to be my next home console purchase. Oh: And next portable purchase. I have precisely ZERO reason to consider the PS4 Pro and Xbox One Scorpio.

    Again, I totally agree with this post in every way! I love my Wii U and PS4, but the PS4 felt run of the mill (don't regret getting it though, Bloodborne is too good), and the Wii U definitely didn't reach half of its potential. Hopefully the Switch will learn from the U's mistakes.
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  3. @@Kyoshi,

    IMO, I think it fares extremely well to the Xbone and the PS4. The graphics look very similar, imo the Switch has better ones, and the Switch is portable to boot. Although I haven't seen the graphics in person so I have no clue if that's what they're actually like. 


    Though, I will admit, the X1 and PS Quadruple (tfw no chad) are past gen systems compared to the Switch, so we'll see how it fares up against the Scorpio later!

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  4. Starter leaks have been confirmed, then? gg denial"""""friends""""" on /vp/


    So far, after looking at the dex, I have to say design-wise, and lore-wise I like Type: Null. Actually, understatement; I LOVE Type:Null. I don't like that thing on the top of Silvally's head, though, but I adore the lore behind it! Probably one of my favorite pokemon released... well, ever so far. And Popplio's evolution is adorable as ever, definitely choosing that.

  5. @@OmegaBeamOfficial,


    Great post, I agree with pretty much everything you said! Although the Switch may not be as powerful as Scorpio (although I will admit, more power is good), we should wait until we see the quality of games it produces before passing judgement on if it's worth or not. The Skyrim FPS downgrade was also barely noticeable to me at a glance, but that just may be because I don't put much thought on FPS if it isn't a pure multiplayer game like Overwatch.


    Also, as a response to your question on the other post (i didn't want to mention you twice lol), I believe Kyoshi was referring to Wii (U). However, 'terrible home console' all rests on opinion; I thoroughly enjoyed my Wii (U) so I don't think either was a terrible home console. However, at first I thought Kyoshi was referring to the sales of the system, which the Wii U bombed on, but the Wii had far from a 'terrible' sale. 



    As someone said in the twitter comments, that could really indicate anything imo. Bethesda all said that they're bringing games to the Switch, or at least heavily implied it, so we def know we're getting some Bethesda games in there. They never really say anywhere that Skyrim isn't coming either; they're just not confirming any specific titles.


    I get that you're wary of this next system, but i'm not suggesting you give Nintendo a free pass; if anything, I suggest waiting it out and see how the gameplay/games/graphics/whatevs of the Switch fare to others and see if it truly is a 'terrible' system or not. We don't have enough information at this time to determine if the Switch is shit or not, so i'm going to wait to see if it really is or isn't.

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  6. @,
    tbh i'd guess middle 200s. Maybe 250?
    I'm super excited for it, honestly! I know i'm gonna get Zelda for the U, so hopefully it has backwards compatibility, and that Splatoon looks gorgeous! Also, since when could you customize hairstyles? Patch or Splatoon 2? I'll wait until next Christmas the earliest to see if it's worth it. But so far? It looks great, and I love the portability aspect of it!


    First, the games. While we of course seen the staples for Mario and Zelda, we saw nothing of any other franchises that could make a return. Wario, Animal Crossing, Metroid, there are many other Nintendo IP's that were left behind, again. We did see Skyrim on there, but that leads to my next concern...

    Well, to be fair, it is just the release of the system. I would like more release IPs as well, but we can't expect a working demo/teaser of all new Nintendo IPs for the next system on the system release. Maybe they'll release them as time passes and gets closer to the release, or after it. I'm staying hopeful!

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  7. First Game: Celeste was my favorite, but I loved Chihiro and Mukuro.

    Ships: Asahina x Sakura, Celeste x Kirihiri, Taka x Mondo


    Second Game: CHIAKI. Sonia and Gundham were also part of my favorites.

    Ships: Hajime x Nagito, Peko x Mikan, Chiaki x Junko


    Anime: J U Z O and Ryota. Also Seiko.

    Ships: Juzo x Munakata, Candy Girl x Seiko

  8. Well, I have been playing some more in the recent days, and I have to say one thing...

    The gameplay of Conquest is top notch. I have played every single Fire Emblem to date (yes, even the BS Fire Emblem. Yes, there is a Fire Emblem that goes by that name, I am not joking ). Now I am playing it on Lunatic properly (so far I have only played it on Hard Mode, but i've beaten it under numerours challenges, like reclassing all of my units to the opposite sets. Let me tell you though, Strategist Effie=/=fun, but Mercenary Silas=Legit), and so far, it's not too bad. Maybe it will change by the midgame, but up until now, most of my prior strats seem to be as effective as they were before, although maybe it will change on Chapter 10, I've heard it gets absurd in lunatic~


    And yeeah, Birthright is cool, I guesssss. Ryoma cheesed everything. And revelatiooons. It made me for the first time to get paid back for playing a Fire Emblem game, because of how boring it was... c:

    I'm actually playing Conquest on Lunatic and i'm up to the ninja chapter. It's as bad as it sounds. Chapter 10 was insane, thanks based Haitaka, and the only reason i won was because Elise dodged two 90% killing blows. The Asura chapter was annoying as fuck man


    Later in Conq. Lunatic, Iago gets to infinitely spam the Hexing Rod, ninjas get infinite chain which mean debuffs stack (get ready for -30 def, -40 atk, and -20 spd because of this broken ass skill), Takumi practically gets a 100% chance to rend that heaven, the fox chapter is even more stupidly difficult because of buffs, and pretty hilarious rally happy characters (there's a guy duing the great wall of takumi chapter with every rally except spectrum lol)

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  9. This beauty.



    This was honestly such a spectacular fight.


    - A+ intro; the way the dancer slowly untangled herself from the ceiling was chilling. And even more so if you fought her before; I was summoning for Vordt to farm embers and someone went the opposite direction into the dancer. She sure left an impact on me after killing me in one hit. It caused my anticipation for a fair fight with her to rise.

    - She's gorgeous in general; the way she moves, the veil, her sword(s), it's all perfect.

    - Sad, sad lore. I'm a sucker for that.

    - Very, very difficult. All of her attacks do an insane amount of damage, she has a terrifying grab (probably the best in the game), and in her second phase her combos feel almost endless. Her combos look gorgeous as well. You feel so satisfied when you beat her.

    - She's so much fun to fight, though; her combos are just so fun to dodge through, and her aggressiveness in the second phase means you'll be filled with anticipation the whole fight. In her first phase, although she's more subdued, she can unleash some terrifying attacks (aka her grab with that weirdass hitbox)

    - 10/10 boss music; although its very simplistic, it intensifies in the second phase. Also her footsteps echo and you can hear her breath, which adds to the music and makes her feel so graceful. 

    - Gorgeous boss arena; it starts to go on fire in the second phase which I thought was a very nice touch.

    - When you finally defeat her, you get her armor and her weapons (or a miracle). Her armor looks absolutely stunning and her weapons, although not the best, are a blast to use.


    Overall an amazing boss.

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  10. Pokemon Black/White.


    - Introduced infinite TMs.

    - Introduced Hidden Abilities

    - Has some of my favorite Pokemon characters in it, like N, Ghetsis and Elesa.

    - Actually very interesting and intriguing plot, with more than a few plot twists I was genuinely impressed by. These being N being the king of Team Plasma (i thought it was obvious he was a member, but didn't expect him to be the leader), Ghetsis being the biggest asshole ever created, and you and N being the heroes of the dragons. There were a few other welcome surprises as well, such as Caitlin from DPP being a member of the Elite Four, Cynthia, the first gym having three leaders, etc.

    - On another note, Team Plasma had a rad theme and pretty understandable motivations on the surface. 

    - Introduced Triple Battles, and to a lesser extent Rotation Battles

    - Allowed the player to battle the E4 in any order, which is great because I can get the pushovers out of the way before going onto the more difficult ones.

    - Don't lie, the N battle at the end where both of your dragons one-on-oned at the start was badass. You actually got to fight the other half of the legendary duo, which was really cool.

    - Sprite animations.




    Second favorite would be Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness/Time/Sky

    Those games were my childhood. Really got me into storytelling. Ending makes me cry every time. Gameplay's fun too. Grovyle and Celebi still hold a special place inside my heart, and so does Dusknoir after the last special episode. These games are so underrated >_<

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  11. I binged it a few days ago, and it's amazing! My favorite character is probably Shiro right now, there are so many cool directions the writers can take with him based on his backstory and that arm and his relation with the Galra. I'm really interested to see where they take Keith as well; I for one hope the Keith is Lotor/Galra theory is true, it would open up such a cool and interesting plotline.


    Basically it's a great show and I can't wait for season 2/season 1 part 2!

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  12. Favorite is T&T, loved the cases and how story-driven it was. And Godot is such a great prosecutor as well. Final case blew me away, although I think the first game's last case (Ema and Lana Skye's case) was the best.


    Unlike a lot of people, I surprisingly really liked JFA; it's final case in particular was fantastic. And it has my favorite prosecutor in it as well. Turnabout Big Top did kinda stink, though; Regina was such an insufferable brat that I really sympathized with the killer's actions. And I really liked the killer too; (s)he's motive actually made me root for them.


    Although I liked it, Apollo, I felt had the weakest cases; I really disliked the one with the Guitar; was it called Turnabout Serenade? I dunno, I just really disliked that one. And the final case, although amazing, felt a little weaker than the others. The characters were good too, although I kinda missed a prosecutor that hated your guts one way or another.

  13. @@MiniKirby123,

    I'm on episode 10 of S1. I feel like weeb trash, and I never really liked SOL anime, but it's so good I can't stop watching. All of the characters are great, the songs are great,  the app's addicting, and it actually has a lot of intriguing storylines. Why did Silvagunner have to convince me to watch it reee

    umi is best girl with nozomi following closely behind >_<




    Also using the animation team who worked on Korra doesn't hurt either

    Holy shit, really? I didn't know Korra's animators worked on this, yeah, I definitely need to watch it! It did give off a Korra-esque vibe but I didn't know it actually was by the Korra people.


    Also, I don't know who this person is, but she looks really cute!


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  14. So I checked my town so I could defeat some gyms today and some guy a team mystic jerk everyone knows valor is the best took over every gym in said town with a CP 478 Pidgeot called BIRD JESUS. gg I'll need to train my CP 356 All Terrain Venomoth a bit more >_<


    Oh, I also got a 10km egg. I've heard people have hatched Dratinis, Aerodactyls, and Laprases from 10kms so hopefully I get a good one.

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  15. Got it, and it's been actually pretty fun. I've already seen a few people walk by my house trying to get a pidgey or someone. So far i've got a Spearow, Rattata, and Pidgey. It's just like the real pokemon games, I keep on getting commons.

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  16. Alright, here i'll suggest a few.


    Madoka: What everyone else said. If you didn't end up watching this, please do. It's been two years and i'm still not over this wild ride. It's also fairly short at 12 episodes, 22 min each.


    Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann: Do you like giant robots fighting other giant robots? If so, this is the show for youuuuu! Obviously, there's some violence, and some swearing, but nothing big enough to warrant an M rating. It's mostly rated T because of this girl called Yoko, who is pretty fanservice-heavy (but don't worry, there is far more to her than that; she is one of the toughest characters in the show). But there is no gore. This is honestly my favorite anime of all time. Basic plot is; because of this monster king unleashing huge robots on the earth, humanity has been driven underground to survive. Diggers are people that constantly dig around their underground home looking to expand, looking for materials, etc. Simon is one of these diggers. Simon's "bro" (best friend), Kamina, has dreams of returning to the surface and kicking out that monster king and making humanity great again. At first, these dreams seem like they'll never be fulfilled, but when Simon's digging, he finds a little, mini mecha that he can pilot. This is good timing because one of those huge robot attacks Simon's underground home. Simon and Kamina hop in that little robot, fight off the big one with the help of a sniper called Yoko who appeared to help them, and then set off on an adventure to defeat the evil king. I suggest getting to at least Episode 9; it starts off very slow but speeds up when it hits Ep. 9. Ep. 9 is when the plot starts to really get engaging. It has a lot of over-the-top action, a lot of drills, and has a really great cast of characters. It also has such a great message/moral.

  17. @@Kyoshi,


    I agree. Death Note was pretty bad character-wise, I could never really get into it. None of the characters felt human, most were unsympathetic, and they all had stupidly complicated plans.


    Mine is probably Kirito from Sword Art Online. Boy, don't even get me started on this series. It has a wonderful concept and some real potential for a great, engaging story. But in order for there to be a great story, there needs to be a passable protagonist. Kirito does not fall under this. Although he's a loner and very closed off to people, this does not hinder him in any way, because literally all of the girls that exist in this show are in love with him. Every one. SAO could pretty much be a harem anime. There isn't one girl in this damn show that doesn't want to take his pants off at one point. Even though in the first arc/season Kirito was "hated" for being a beta tester, you never really see him dealing with those repercussions, because everyone that was a good guy thought Kirito was a perfect angel. Literally the only people that dislike Kirito in any way shape or form are the villains. Also, he isn't a likable character either; he makes stupid decisions all the time that he gets forgiven for like that. He also has stuff that no one else has! In the first arc, Kirito, because he has the highest AGI stat in the game, has the personal ability to dual wield! That's right, Kirito is literally the only person that can dual wield because he is *special*. In the second arc, he gets wings, but apparently he can fly faster than pretty much everyone because... reasons. He's also a solo player. Now, that last point about a solo player may not seem special, but if you die in the game that Kirito is stuck in, you die in real life. This means pretty much everyone is in a guild of some sort. Think of it like going into really tough dungeons alone in WOW or some other MMORPG, and expecting not to die ONCE in any of them. Yeah, that guy is Kirito. He also wins literally every fight. I cannot think of one fight he hasn't lost, because he's juuuuuust that good. He also goes through zero character development. 

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  18. Favorite hero is Tracer, it took a while but I think that I've finally gotten gud with her. Still am perfecting landing that pulse bomb, though. Although she is really fragile if you play her properly you can dodge pretty much every shot that comes her way with blink, and if you do get hit you can recall.  She also does decent damage and is such an overall blast to play.


    Section-wise, best defense hero is a tie between Mei and Junkrat, both are super fun, tank is probably Reinhardt, and support is probably Mercy and Zenyatta.


    Least favorite is Torbjorn. As tracer, since the turret has aimbot, it's disgustingly hard to take down - at least I can blink circles around a bastion to confuse them. It isn't too much trouble with Genji and Widowmaker and Hanzo, but I suck at all 3. Torbjorn on his own does really good damage to me, but thankfully his headshot hitbox is the size of alaska. He's also such a bore to play.

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