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  1. Well, I would have to think about what could be new for Season 4. It seems that the episodes for each season were similar. For Season 1, the episodes were about Twilight discovering friendship. It showed how Twilight was becoming more social and showing how she has become accepted and a leader. Season 2 showed how the characters were bonding. The characters started to grow more than they did in Season 1. It felt as if the connections got stronger. It also showed that friends can solve problems, no matter how hard they may be. It focused a bit on the adventure side (episode wise). The characters seemed to bond much more when they were on there adventures Season 3 showed more character develop and focused more on the slice of life than adventures. It didn't focus much on The Friendship aspect and showed the characters going through troubles that any person can relate to. It showed how Twilight is becoming a leader but still remaining true to who she is. Season 4 will most likely be about how Twilight still remains a Princess and a leader, but still can remain true to her friends. It will focus a bit on how she does overcome things. There will be such a more moving and deeper connection the Mane 6 will gain. Everything will most likely be the same. Now, let's get down to Humans in Equestria. Someone mentioned that it was a possibility. Here is how it would work: My Little Pony over the year has had new brony staff who have taken things from the community. But, there is a limit on how far a show can go within a community. Humans in Equestria is most likely impossible. Maybe there is a rare episode, but I am doubting it. The staff can only go a certain limit. Another thing I want to talk about is music. A lot of people are concerned that the songs are going to not be as great in Season 4. Well, here is the thing. In Season 3, the songs were not the best, because there were not that many. Season 3 is only 13 episodes long. The songs were good, it just was limited. Daniel Ingram is still on the staff and will continue to provide great music until Season 4 is over. It is said that he is leaving after Season 4. What does that mean for Season 5. Many people such as Andy Stein and AcousticBrony could write great music for the series. Sure there might not be Daniel, but we still have talented people within the community that make great music that already fit the show. There are right now a 5th Season confirmed, which brings me to something I want to go over. So, how many Seasons will MLP have. Well, MLP seems that it will be running for awhile. The community is huge and will most likely keep MLP alive. With more adults involved with this franchise, MLP seems that it will keep flowing. This is animation we are talking about. If you look at Bleach, there were more than 500 episodes. Bleach continues to have a huge franchise, and continue cause it is Anime. There are more voice actor options and people who can do almost perfect imitations of the characters they see. So, the series could go on technically how long everyone remains fans. If the community dwindles, the less Seasons we get. But, what if the community spikes and the series ends up getting better? Well, I am guessing the voice actresses will stay the same. If some leave, we have a vast community of adults that can do the entire series, even if all the voice actresses quit. So, if the series runs for more than 10 seasons, you have to wonder when MLP will go bad? Will MLP be so fan-based that it loses audience members and originality. Will the show produce the same content that it did during season 1 and 2? Probably yes. We have so many great writers and animators that the show can continue to be great. Sure, a lot of the stuff was thought of by the fans. But as long as it is good fan content than I have nothing to worry about. Also, will the animation change. I have been seeing a bit of change with the animation (small details). Will ever MLP become 3D (I hope not). Will the animation become greater as the older MLP animators quit and have new jobs. I don't know about this but it is quite debatable. I hope that MLP will never lose its classic animation. That is what I got. I hope to check here often and see what you guys think. Can't wait for Season 4!!!
  2. Which commerical was it. If you have a link, can you give me it so I can watch it. I woke up too late and couldn't watch the episode
  3. Well, this episode made me feel upset at the end CAUSE I DONT KNOW IF TWILIGHT LIVES IN PONYVILLE OR LIVES IN CANTERLOT. Can someone tell me what is going to happen. I hope she still lives in Ponyville and doesn't have to live in canterlot
  4. Read this one: It has gotten good reviews, alright number of likes, sad, and also, is mine. A couple of people think it is good. If you want to read a somewhat long fanfic (well, it is only about 9,000 words) than read this. I tried to make it flow well. It does for most of it.
  5. Top 5 are: 5. ElectricKaplosion He has made me cry a bit and his songs are mainly played on the piano. Some of my favorite songs are Cutie Mark Crusader Conclusion [Remastered] and The Downfall of Harmony 4. Turqouise Splash He post great quality songs about once a month. My favorite song from him is Roseluch. 3. Megaphoric This was hard to place for she almost got second. Megaphoric is a great singer that post beautiful songs with guitar 2. Feather I can't find her channel, but she sang with my #1 artist so that is why. 1. Joaftheloaf Check him out, pieces are stellar and try and find a better artist. Brilliant singer and makes a variety of songs
  6. Alright, it is only for 1 episode, so, it isn't death. Basically, the destineys of all the characters are switched around and Twilight takes Princess Celstias place. Now, I wonder if they make Fluttershy responsible for Sugar Cube Corner. Imagine a hyper active Fluttershy and a Fashion Loving Applejack. I don't mind this for it will be amazing.
  7. For a person that has battled depression, I am accepting of it. I mean, if a guy cries in public, I feel bad. That means you have pushed him to his limit, or even passed the breaking point. Crying is acceptable. If you bottle up your emotions, than you are damaging your health. I don't show much emotion, but I do accept crying. We all have times in our life where we are going through so much stress and pain. Now, please don't be a drama queen like Rarity and cry in public. But you can if you want, I'm not in control of your life.
  8. cool, well, i do hope you can get a lot of help. I want to see this as a good series. You are so dedicated to this, I am just so happy that things are coming along so well
  9. With ADHD, my brain has thousands of thoughts. I normally stay on my phone, except on the weekdays. I go to bed at 2 AM, but it takes minutes for me to fall asleep. It normally takes me about 30 minutes or more. I used to leave my door open, but now I close it. My mom and my sister go to bed at 11 PM every night cause they are on instagram. I really don't like that I can't fall asleep quicker. I want to, but so many things within this fandom distract me, along with my twitter, instagram, youtube, facebook, and fim fiction accounts.
  10. I could try to learn flash animation. I have it, so, why don't I try. By the way. Am I going to be the bully. Just curious. Is the bully a male, and how much does he speak.
  11. I want to get a tattoo when I go to college. I am thinking something neat, that I will love. It will be ponies. I can't decide on which one. It depends. Maybe Rainbow Dash, Applebloom, or Vinyl Scratch. Maybe I will get a rainbow Dash and Vinyl Scratch. Rainbow Dash on the right of my arms, Vinyl Scratch on the left of my arms.
  12. I am a lover of fan music. I do covers and I am a bit busy, but would love to try out the site. I have a few people that should be featured on the site. So, I could help get some good composers onto the site. But I would like to help in any way.
  13. Due to a convention where I live, the city has been pontifices. It is Las Pegasus. Another I can think of is Ponyfield. The second one isn't that good
  14. I am only telling some friends that I know when the time is right. There are reasons why I tell them. Anyways, here is the schedule I go to not weird my friends out and kind of make it easier for them. All have agreed to watch an episode because I told them slowly. Day 1: Talk about how that there is a fandom on the Internet called bronies. Explain that they are a group of people who like the new relaunch of the show. Explain to them that Lauren Faust did powerpuff girls. Explain that MLP is probably as good as the powerpuff girls. Day 2: Explain how big the community is. Explain that bronies are more than just nerds that sit at home with too much free time. Explain a bit about the characters and tell some good stories Day 3: Tell them that you are a Brony. Explain to them that the show is really good. Tell them that they should watch an episode. Send them like to a good episode like Dragonshy and Party of One.
  15. Bleach, Young Justice Leage, Batman, Transformers, Little Pet Shop is huge. A lot of the stuff on the hub is cool. I am watching Batman Beyond right now (just went to a comic shop, now I want to watch some more comic book stuff)