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  1. I told mp parents that i was and they wer totley fine with it or not at first. Wen I told them of cors they wer like waat? So I had to explane it to them.
  2. ime over sleeping like a dog on the flore

  3. wat is woodberning? woodberning is wer u take a smelting tool and then you heat it up then u can make a mes,art,ect. I hope u like it.
  4. awesome powah!! lololol XD

  5. twilight becous ud be at google hq pratickley... (sorey for bad spelling)...ignor this its just to fill the cariter gap
  6. she cleans them with wubs

  7. sell them at a pawn shop computer
  8. btesa2

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    if ur un the us yes wats the next mlp that comen up
  9. ime soo bord

  10. btesa2


  11. 2:30 am central time ben up all night

    1. Derpy Dash

      Derpy Dash

      Same here bro

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